Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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Worked seemed to drag especially without Remy being by my side. I hadn’t really made many close connections to anyone else who worked at the alley, none of them there to socialise. Luckily my shift wasn’t a long one, I was walking home by two o’clock and the sun was out. Attempting to shield from the burning flames that hit my skin, my all black outfit not helping one bit.

Oakley was out on the porch sunbathing in the warmth, good for him I thought. At least one of us doesn’t mind that deathly thing in the sky.

Jamming my keys into the front door and taking an instant breath as soon as I enter the shade, my body partially sweating.

My eyes dart around the room, looking towards the kitchen were Jake stood with a cereal bowl in one hand. But that isn’t what mattered, what mattered was that he was topless. Again.

Did he realise what he was doing to me when he stood like that?

Too much for my virgin ass.

His eyes catch mine as I shut the door behind me, he doesn’t look away or seem phased. Instead he smiles and I trudge over to the island where I dump my bag and pour myself some ice cold water.

“Hey,” he says as he crunches on his late breakfast.

I take a big gulp of water not realising the liquid had seeped down my chin and neck. “Hey,” I say as I suddenly gasp for air.

He watches me with a concerned look. “You alright?” He asks as I wipe away the water from my face.

“Yeah just dying from the sun,” I say as I fill my cup up once more.

“Oh yes,” he nods before placing his spoon into his mouth again. “I forgot you don’t do well in hot weather.”

My head falls slightly at his comment. “You forgot that I was pale as fuck?” I raise an eyebrow at him.

Jake cracks a smile at my response and then laughs. “Guess I see past your paleness,” he shrugs, lifting the bowl up to his lips and drinking the contents.

I had no idea what his comment meant but I didn’t want to ask and seem like an idiot, so I ignore and move on. “You missed breakfast or what?” I question as I track his actions.

“It’s a Sunday,” he states. “Sunday’s have no timeline.”

“Not for me,” I breathe out as I lean forward on my hands.

“How was work?”



The corners of my mouth twitch up, as does his as he places his bowl into the sink and pulls out one of the stools to sit. Jake takes out his phone and starts to scroll, his eyes settling on some text in front of him.

I pull away to drink the rest of my water, putting it on the side once I felt fully hydrated. “Right well I’m going to shower,” I declare as I take a quick glance at Jake who was still attached to his phone.

Unsure why I had to announce my departure but I wanted to say something. He doesn’t reply and I sigh as I pass him, aiming for the stairs.

“What the fuck?” He curses out from behind me.

I instantly whip my head to the direction of his voice. “What?” I ask, my heart racing harshly at the tone of his voice.

His eyes slowly trail up to mine and beckons me over to his phone. “What is this?” He questions as he shows me his phone.

Fixating my eyes on what he was showing me, quickly trying to take it all in.

His phone on Instagram and a picture of me and Remy outside the abortion clinic, my arms are wrapped around Remy’s shoulders as we left. Her face fallen and sad. Darting my eyes to look at who had posted it.


With the caption, hoes be hoes.

My mouth opens at the post, my eyes almost deceiving me. My body telling me that this can’t be real. “That fucking bitch,” I spit out angrily.

“Remy had an abortion?” Jake asks as he pulls back his phone.

I recoil from his words. “And so what if she did,” I say harshly. “But that’s not the fucking problem, your sister is the fucking problem. That was none of her business and women are free to do what ever they want. Not be ridiculed for it, misogyny is still alive and well today and it fucking shouldn’t be! Especially not by other women.”

Jake blinks back at my sudden outburst. “Yeah that was pretty low from her,” he shakes his head in disbelief.

“Fuck,” I sigh, closing my eyes for a moment. “I need to call her and see if she knows about this.”

As I reach for my phone, out the corner of my eyes I see Jake glance up and take a deep breath. Turning my head to the stairs, Aria bounding her way down like she was on America’s Next Top Model.

Instantly I storm over to her. “Myla,” Jake calls out for me but I don’t stop, I know he was trying to warn me but no one does this to my friends.

Aria glances in my direction once before she shows me a smile, an evil smile that screamed she knows what she’s done. “You’ve fucking crossed the line,” I shout at her as she stops at the bottom of the stairs.

“Have I?” She retracts slightly, pretending to not know what was going on.

My fists tighten beside me as I watch her admire her freshly painted nails. “You know what Aria?” I say to grasp her attention.

She rolls her eyes into the back of her head, my words clearly boring her. “What?”

“I feel sorry for you,” my voice dips, no longer shouting or getting angry. “You must be living some real shitty life to do this to someone else. It’s just embarrassing, so embarrassing. Everyone just sees you for how desperate you are.”

My words hit a nerve as she twitches her mouth and throws her arms over her chest. “You don’t know what you’re talking about,” she mumbles like a spoilt brat.

“Yeah I do,” I breathe out with a pitiful laugh. “You’re so repressed in your own mind. I mean you have like no friends and that’s because no one wants to be friends with you. Honestly your whole life is a mess and I’m just embarrassed for you.”

“Shut the fuck up bitch,” she snarls in my direction.

“No,” I stand my ground. “I’m never going to shut the fuck up, I’m going to stand up for myself and for my friends. You’re not going to bring any of us down, all of this just says so much about you. And it’s really not a good look.”

Aria’s brown eyes narrow at me, her hands shaking against her chest. “You know what Myla?” She says loudly, mocking what I said earlier.

I tilt my head towards her waiting for what shit she had to say. “You can’t just come here thinking you run the place because you don’t. I don’t know what people see in you, with your stupid fucking hair and your mutated skin, disgusting fucking sk—”

“Don’t talk to my daughter like that,” Caleb roars as he stands at the top of the stairs.

I’m glad he was here because we would have gone for round two and I’m sure there would have been more blood, on her body and not mine.

Aria seems startled by Caleb’s appearance as he looks up to him. “Apologise to her,” Caleb says harshly as he takes a few steps down the stairs.

“No,” she snaps towards him. “You can’t tell me what to do.”

“You know your parents are about two seconds away from just letting you go?” He says as he crosses his large arms over his chest.

“No they’re not,” she mumbles to herself, her eyes narrowing in his direction.

“Yeah they are,” he shouts. “They’re sick of this shit you’re giving everyone and you’re an adult now. Technically you are none of their responsibility.”

Aria’s eyes roll as they look around the room, presumably trying to find some witty comeback. “Whatever,” she grumbles, turning her back on all of us and walking out of the front door with ultimate sass. That irked me more than I imagined.

Caleb sighs out. “Wow, that girl needs taking down a notch or two,” he says as meets me on the ground.

“Tell me about it,” I shake my head, my teeth gritting together slightly.

“I’m proud of you kiddo,” he says with a soft smile. “That was the mature way to handle an argument. You really make her second guess herself.”

I nod towards him confidently. “I know,” I say as I look at my phone. “I’ve got to call my friend. Aria has done something horrific to her.”

“Oh God,” Caleb mumbles out. “Do I even want to know?”

“No,” I shake my head to him and he agrees. “You don’t.”

Taking myself upstairs for the privacy and ringing Remy’s number. Long story short, she had already seen and reported the picture on multiple accounts. She was upset but realised that it was something she had to deal with now.

I told her over and over that I would be there for her and would fight anyone that wanted to say nasty things to her. This made her laugh, the only time she seemed positive. But I realised it isn’t something you just get over, especially now a lot of people know.

In a months time this probably won’t matter to anyone, they would have forgotten and thats what I kept reminding her. This won’t last forever and the only people she should care about knowing is her friends. Because none of us would give her stick for what happened, it would all be support and that’s what she needed to focus on.

. . .

It was past eleven, my favourite time to have a shower and get ready for bed. A week of nothing expect a couple of shifts in the week, absolutely could not wait for Monday. Note the sarcasm.

Nighttime was the only time I felt free and true to myself, sleeping in a short sleeved top and little shorts. Feeling like my skin needed a moment to breathe from fabrics and detergents.

Towel drying my hair from the walk between my bedroom and the bathroom, the sound of soft piano notes ringing in my ears. I stop dead in my tracks and listen, trying to find where the music was coming from. My curiosity getting the better of me as I walk back up the hall and towards Jakes door, never have I been this close to his bedroom before.

Stopping outside the wooden door and raising my ear to listen, whatever he was playing was slow and beautiful. I had no idea that he played piano or listened to ballads. This was a complete shock as I never knew he had a softer side to him.

The sounds comforted me as I listen quietly, not wanting him to realise that I was stood at the door eaves dropping. Although this went out of the window the second the music stopped and Jake swings open the door.

My body stumbling slightly into his room as he stands looking down at me. “You know I can smell you?” He states instantly as I shoot up and smile at him, caught red handed.

His brown eyes narrow down to me like I was completely invading his privacy but I couldn’t help it, he had talent and I wanted to hear more. “Sorry,” I apologise. “I couldn’t help but listen.”

Jake throws his arms over his chest, a signal to say that I had crossed the line. This was obviously a big deal to him but it shouldn’t be, I loved it.

My eyes peek behind him, his piano sat against his wall. Carrying myself into his room uninvited but Jake doesn’t say anything or try to stop me. Instead I sit down at his piano and run my fingers along the keys gently. “I had no idea you played,” I breathe out.

“It’s just something I do, no big deal,” he mumbles from the side of me.

I look up to him and smile. “I used to play piano when I was like nine, got to like grade two piano. You remember this one?”

Cracking my knuckles in attempt to wrack my brain for memory of a song that lives in my head rent free continuously. Pressing my fingers fully down to the keys and playing seven seconds of the song I was imagining. It didn’t sound nowhere near as good as what Jake was playing but at least I could play a couple of notes.

Jake smiles and nods, sliding onto the seat down beside me. “Yeah,” he says quickly. “Everyone knows that song, it’s like the easiest to play on piano.”

“Sorry I didn’t realise you were the pro,” I throw my hands up in defence.

He shakes his head at me and pulls the lid down on the piano. “Far from it. I’m amateur at best.”

“Well it sounded good to me,” I say truthfully as I watch his facial expressions.

Jake turns to me slowly, licking his lips slightly. “Can we talk about last night?” He asks before scratching the back of his head awkwardly.

I purse my lips and nod. “Okay, sure.”

His eyes wander over the room before he looks to me, noticing how they run down my bare arms and my chest. Not phased by the idea of him looking at my scars again now that we had crossed that bridge.

“Saying the kiss was an experiment was wrong and I was selfish to say that to you, like you’re some experiment because you’re not.” He furrows his eyebrows deeply, guilt splattered across his face.

My shoulders shrug in his direction. “Well it wasn’t bad for a first kiss.”

His eyes shoot wide at me as he inches closer. “That was your first kiss?” He questions in disbelief, his mouth hanging open slightly.

“Yeah,” I say confidently. “I wouldn’t have agreed if I didn’t want to do it. It’s fine.”

Jake’s eyes flick between mine, an uncertain look on his face. “If that was your first kiss then I need to make up for it.”


I don’t even have time to question his comment, his lips are on mine without question. His hand cupping the side of my cheek as he pulls me closer to him, our chests almost touching.

Kissing him back slowly, his lips devouring mine softly. His thumb flicking against the skin on my cheek as I grip onto his toned arms for support. Jake pulls away for a second to take a breath but this doesn’t stop him, he opens his mouth wider and grazes his tongue against mine.

The feeling completely alien to me but I liked it, especially with Jake as he guided me how to kiss. Following his lead and giving him as much as he gave me.

My head was light by the time we pull away, panting slightly as I remove my hands from his arms. His warm eyes continue to look at me, his hands clutched onto my face, holding me tightly.

After a few moments he lets go and drops his hands to his lap. “Goodnight Jake,” I whisper, standing from the chair.

“Goodnight Myla,” he replies as he watches me leave, shutting his door on the way out.

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