Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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I woke up in the best mood, who knew a boy could have such an influence on your emotions? As the sun beamed into my room stupidly early, my body laid in my bed and thought over this weekends events.

Kissing Jake twice, feeling closer to him than ever. I guess this is what feeling like one of those giddy teenagers in romance movies feels like, the butterflies and everything. It was real and honestly, I couldn’t believe it.

Dragging myself out of bed and throwing on an oversized jumper and leggings, taking myself downstairs to the delicious smell of waffle mix and fresh strawberries. No surprise both my dads were up early making breakfast at stupid o’clock on a Monday.

“Hello my love,” Evan beams as he notices me walk down the stairs.

“Good morning guys,”

“Nice to see you up so early,” Caleb comments as I meet them by the island.

“Yeah the sun woke me up, as per usual.” I say leaning down onto my forearms.

“Well maybe we need to get you some better blinds,” Evan nods towards me. “Or we coul—”

“What is that smell?” Caleb says instantly, turning his nose up in the air.

My face falls into confusion, not being able to smell anything but the amazing food they were currently making. The sound of my stomach gargling was out of hand and I wanted nothing more than to dig in with them.

Caleb drops the knife down onto the side and walks round the island, towards me. He leans over and sniffs me deeply. “Erm, dad?” I say, recoiling from his strange behaviour.

“I knew it!” He shouts, pulling away from me. His eyes turning heavy, a look of anger on his face. “You think you can hide shit like this from us?”

“What are you talking about?!” I exclaim as I take a step away from him.

He points an accusing finger at me. “Jake’s scent that is over every inch of you.”

“What?” My mouth gapes open. “Are you kidding me right now?”

“No Myla, I am not kidding you.” His thick brows furrow towards me in irritation.

“Jake and I are friends, I’ve been hanging out with his friendship group. Is that such a crime? I’m so sorry if I smell of him because I’ve been hanging out with him and his friends!” My voice raises, Evan stands on the other side of the kitchen with concern all over his face.

“I’m not an idiot,” he folds his arms over his chest. “I know for a fact no scent is rubbed off with that much extent from ‘hanging out’.”

“Well you’re wrong,” I stand my ground.

“Guys please,” Evan pleads as he stands beside me. “Lets not get into an argument over this.”

“Don’t you think that I know when you come home at god knows what time in the morning with him?” He grounds out, deep frown lines on his face. “I hear you laughing and chatting and staying up doing whatever teenagers your age do. I’m not stupid Myla.”

My teeth grit at his sudden outburst. There was no need for this right now, especially not so early in the morning. “You don’t know anything,” I breathe out harshly.

“Can I remind you that he has a mate out there Myla!” His hands expand beside his body in an exaggerated gesture. “Do you know how this could end? How this could effect you in the end?”

“Dad, this is pointless.” I mumble as I rub my fingers into my eyes.

“This is not pointless, this is important. You should not be getting involved with each other, it will cause way more bad than good. And I know how strongly Felix and Zara feel about Jake finding a mate. They want him to take over the pack one day and he’s going to need his mate there.”

“If Myla says there is nothing going on, then there is nothing going on,” Evan says from beside me as he wraps his arms around my shoulder.

Caleb’s eyes flick between us, clearly annoyed that Evan took my side. A slight pang of guilt hits me in the gut but I knew if I admitted we had kissed, Caleb would have hit the roof and moved me to Hawaii.

Slight exaggeration but I knew how much this meant to their werewolf world and maybe I was coming in the way of it. It was just such a hard thing to understand when I didn’t know what it felt like to be a wolf or have a mate. Feeling left in the dark for most of my life, never being able to relate to them.

“Whatever,” Caleb sighs eventually. “I just don’t want any funny business between you. Not now, not ever. Got it?”

“Yes,” I hiss out as Evan’s arms drop from my shoulder slightly. “I got it.”

“Great,” he smiles sarcastically. “Breakfast?”

“Can’t wait.”

. . .

After work, Remy and I go back to hers. Not surprised when the gang are already in her shed and doing what they do best. Jake offers me a smile and I return the gesture, shrugging off my jacket as I join them at the table.

“How was work?” Emily asks as she sips on her straw.

“Boring,” I reply, turning to Remy who is fixing herself a drink over at her bar. “But it’s money I guess.”

“True,” Emily nods in my direction. “Right, are we going to play something or what?”

“Not with you, you thicko,” Zack jokes and pushes Emily’s shoulder.

Her face falls instantly and Carter’s eyebrows narrow towards Zack. “Don’t call her a thicko,” he says loudly, causing everyone to stop and focus their attention on him.

“It was a joke man,” Zack everts his eyes quickly. “Let’s play shithead.”

“Myla taught me how to play and I understand so suck my fucking clit,” Emily shouts in response, earning a laugh from me.

Carter watches Emily and smiles, a look in his eyes that proved he liked her. I mean anyone could see it, they liked each other but no one wanted to admit it.

Zack passes a spliff to Jake and I watch as he inhales the smoke, his lips plumped as he takes a deep toke. “Can I have some?” I ask, the words falling out of my mouth quicker than I intended.

Jake turns to me, his eyes slightly wide. “What?” He says in shock.

“Can I have some?” I ask again, motioning towards the spliff between his fingers.

Carter takes it from Jake and puffs on it first. “Really?” He breathes out, a wash of concern covering his face. “Is that a good idea? I mean after what you’ve said before.”

“Well I’m not going to turn into a maniac with one toke am I?” I respond with a raised eyebrow.

I don’t know why I wanted to try it but I just did. Curiosity getting the better of me as I watched them share it between each other.

“Let her try some man,” Carter says as he holds it out for me to take. “I mean if you’ve never smoked before, I’m not sure you’re gonna like the first try.”

Zack laughs at his and nods. “Yeah your throat is gonna be burnt as hell.”

I shrug and take it from Carter, raising it to my lips and inhaling lightly. Jake peers at me from the corner of my eye, his finger resting on his lip as he watches me carefully.

The smoke releases into my mouth and I attempt to inhale it properly, the inside of my throat burning instantly. My lungs cough sharply, the taste even worse. Beginning to lick my lips in attempt to rid my mouth of the taste.

Carter and Zack laugh at my failed effort of trying drugs for the first time. Jake takes the spliff from my fingers and shakes his head, like he knew this would happen.

“That shit is gross,” I mumble before grabbing my water bottle from my bag, rising my mouth out with the liquid. “Do you guys actually enjoy that?”

“Yeah,” Zack replies with a wide smile. “We are just used to it now. Once you get past inhaling it, it doesn’t hurt.”

“I’ve got some edibles if you wanna try,” Carter says with a causal shrug.

“Carter,” Jake says in a warning tone but I ignore him, his eyes trained on Carter intensely.

“Edibles?” I repeat.

“Yeah, it’s weed but you don’t smoke it. You just eat it.”

“Really?” I say. “That sounds so much easier, why don’t you guys just do that?”

“Takes longer to hit you,” Zack says as he stubs out the end of the spliff. “And besides, I like smoking.”

I move my eyes back to Carter as he rummages through his backpack, pulling out a plastic tupperware pot, full of brownies.

My eyes instantly light up as he rips off the lid and shoves them in front of me. “Take one,” he offers.

Reaching my hand out to grab the tasty treats, Jake grips onto my wrist. His eyes settling on Carter. “You know they’re strong, she doesn’t need a whole one.” He mumbles, irritation in his voice.

“Fine,” Carter rolls his eyes like Jake was ruining his fun. “Have half, you’ll be having a good time that’s for sure.”

Jake reluctantly lets go of my wrist and I break a piece of brownie in half. Shoving it into my mouth and humming at the pleasant taste, even licking the crumbs off my fingers.

Everyone watches me make love to this piece of browning, Emily finally snapping everyone back into the room. “Right let’s play shithead before Myla is too fucked to function.”

“What?” I say suddenly, her words sticking into my brain.

“She’s exaggerating,” Carter reassures me. “Half is literally perfect, you’ll be fine. Maybe a bit giddy and giggly but you’ll be great.”

Jake sighs loudly and leans back in his chair. Emily deals out the cards and we settle into a game, not sure how I was so awake after a shift at the alley. Especially Friday nights, they were a complete killer.

An hour passes and I felt no different than I did before, although I knew I didn’t want to take anymore. That was enough for me tonight.

Jake’s chair loudly scrapes against the wooden floor as he stands up. “Right I’m gonna head home,” he announces.

“What?” Remy throws her cards down onto the table. “Why you leaving so early?”

“Because I’m tired and I just want to go home.” He says as he throws on his jacket and shoves his hands into his pockets. “I’ll see you guys soon.”

“Okay,” Remy shrugs in his direction.

My eyes look up at him. “Let’s go,” he says and I look around frantically, realising he was talking to me.


“You’re coming with me,” he says bluntly. “I’m not leaving you here to walk by yourself when I know you’ve taken an edible.”

“But I feel fine,” I say simply.

“I’m not leaving without you,” he tells me, his eyebrow raising.

I sigh out and stand up. “Guess I’m going,” I say to them, Remy’s face falls slightly. “Bye guys. Thanks for the weed brownie.”

Carter smiles. “No worries, see ya later.”

Collecting my belongings and opening the door to Remy’s shed, saying goodbye to everyone. Jake and I fall into a silent walk down the road, not liking that we left early.

“I didn’t want to leave,” I tell him as my arms fold over my chest.

“And I didn’t want you leaving by yourself,” he replies quickly.

“Well why didn’t we stay a bit longer?”

“Because I wanted to go home.”

“And I had to too?”

“Yes Myla, I know what it’s like around here. This area isn’t safe at night, I’d rather you come home with me early than knowing you’ve left by yourself an—” Jake stops and turns to me. “Why are you laughing?”

My chest rumbles as I look ahead of me, the road moving quick beneath my feet. “Man those clouds are moving fast,” I comment.

“The clouds aren’t moving Myla,” Jake tells me as he looks up to the dark sky.

I can’t help but giggle, looking up at a large tree beside me. “Oh my God,” I breathe out. “That tree has shopping bags. Holy shit, is that Gucci prints? Oh wait, they’re just leaves.”

“Oh God,” Jake mumbles, his eyes examining me. “It’s kicking in now.”

“Can you see how swirly the floor is?” I grin up at him. “Do you see those little rocks, they’re turning and turning and then they’re just like one big rock! Have you ever seen such big, little rocks?”

“What?” Jake’s voice is laced with confusion, but he laughs slightly.

“I feel like I’m walking on a cloud,” I say as I look at my arms, covered with my pink jacket. “Do my arms look like cotton candy to you?”

Jake takes a hold of my arm and pulls me out of the way of a parked car. “There might be a lot going on but you still need to use your eyes.” He says as we walk on the deserted street.

“Holy moly, is this what tripping is?” I say suddenly, my mind feeling like fireworks were being set off.

His eyes watch me and he smiles. “Yeah you’re tripping.”

“Amazing,” I say with wide eyes, looking up into the world.

Blubbering rubbish to Jake on the whole journey home, he answers my worries but then I laugh and tell him what I had seen. He didn’t seem to mind, in fact he laughs and asks me to describe in detail what I’m tripping.

He made me feel safe when I knew for a fact, I could do nothing in this current situation if we were in danger. Or if I randomly passed out, I knew I would be in good hands.

By the time we get home, I was reaching my peak. Touching things that moved in my mind, textures and smells felt so bizarre to me.

“Let me get you some water,” Jake says as he closes the door behind me.

I collapse down onto the couch and look up at the white painted ceiling, no patterns yet my mind still wandered. My whole body vibrated in a subtle way, I felt calm even though there was an art show going on in my brain.

“Here,” Jake says as he drops down beside me, offering me some fresh water.

“Thanks,” I beam as I take the glass in my hand. The feeling of coldness was strange, it made me raise in goosebumps.

“Don’t drop it you idiot,” Jake guides it to my mouth, neither of us trusting my stoned hands.

“Thanks,” I laugh as I attempt to sip on the water. Little drops missing my mouth and dribbling down my chin. My stomach rumbling out a giggle as Jake takes the cup away from me.

He leans on the back of the couch with his arm, resting his head onto his flat palm. “Wow,” I say, my eyes glassed over. “I really feel strange.”

“Strange how?”



“It’s a good strange,” I nod my head towards him.

“Okay, well that’s a good thing.” He says, shuffling closer to me.

“I really like your company,” I blurt out, my eyes burning from how stoned I currently was. “You know that right?”

Jake’s lips purse slightly before he smiles. “I feel the same,” he admits which relaxes my erratic heartbeat.

“Well I hope so,” I run a hand through my hair. “We spend a lot of time together and I’d be surprised if you didn’t.”

He lowers his head, smiling to the couch slightly. “Yeah I guess that’s true,” he says, his hand sliding across the back of the couch, almost touching my shoulder.

“I want to kiss you,” I say aloud, needing the feeling of human interaction. Some form of affection, to bring me back to earth somehow.

“Then kiss me,” Jake says straight before parting his lips.

Sitting up on my knees and gripping Jake between his cheeks, pressing my lips to his in a soft and delicate kiss. His skin feeling surreal on mine, pins and needles tingling in my lips as I open my mouth wider.

Jake grips my waist and throws me down onto my back, his body hovering over mine. Our lips never losing contact once. He deepens the kiss and grips onto me harder as my hands explore his back, under his shirt.

He pants into my mouth at the touch, lowering his crotch down to mine, raising my knees to graze the outside of his ribs.

My lips reluctantly pull away and I turn my head slightly. “What?” Jake breathes out.

“Am I being selfish?” I ask him, my eyes fixating back on his face.

He shoots me a confused look before falling back onto his knees. “Selfish?” He repeats, like he doesn’t follow.

“Doing this with you when I know you’ve got a mate?” I question, my vision swirling in pretty patterns but trying my hardest to focus on Jake.

The word mate doesn’t sit well with Jake as he groans and rubs his eyes. “No you’re not selfish Myla,” he shakes his head.

Pushing myself up from the couch and leaning back onto my arms. “I just don’t want to get in the way of things if you’re waiting for her or whatever.” I chew down onto my bottom lip.

Jake sighs harshly. “I wouldn’t be doing this with you if I was waiting for her Myla.”

“So you’re not waiting for her?”

“I don’t even think about it. There’s a part of me that is rotting inside, I can’t even fathom what a mate would feel like or how I would know if I have one. It’s like my wolf is dead inside of me and I have no connection to the werewolf world.” Jake’s hands rest against his forehead, this conversation clearly hard for him.

“I’m sorry for bringing it up,” I say quickly, my heart racing at how I had just ruined everything.

Jake turns to me and shakes his head. “No don’t start panicking,” he grips onto my hand. “That’s the worst possible thing you could do when you’re stoned.”

My eyes keep on his and I nod, attempting to calm myself down. “Okay,” I swallow harshly, enjoying how Jake clutches onto my hand gently. “I just didn’t mean to upset you or ruin the moment when I said that. I just get concerned that I’m fucking things up for you.”

“Trust me,” he levels our eyes. “You are ruining absolutely nothing.”

“Okay,” I say eventually. “When is this going to wear off?”

Jake cracks a soft smile in my direction. “You’ve probably got a few more hours to go.”

“A few more hours?!” I yell out. “Shit, will you stay with me?”

“Of course,” he says as he pushes a strand of hair away from my face. “We can watch a movie or something.”


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