Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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As I sit by my window, glancing out at the warm day. I wished I could just go and chill in the sun, play frisbee or whatever people with tanned skin do. To say I was jealous of them would be an understatement, I was unbelievably envious.

A knock at my door alerts me from the window, having it already open ajar, Jake steps inside before I have a chance to say anything. He looked sheepish as he stood in the doorway, his head very close to the door hinge.

“Hey,” I say as I release my legs down onto the floor.

“Hey,” he smiles at me. “I was just wondering how you are?”

I nod and stretch my arms up and above my head. “Yeah I’m okay, I slept so well. Literally was out like a light.”

Jake cracks a smile and nods at me. “Yeah, weed can make you pass out instantly.”

“You okay?” I question, feeling slightly overwhelmed at the fact he had come into my room unprovoked.

He hums and leans onto the door. “You wanna go for a walk?”

“Today?” I say before shaking my head at my stupidity.

He narrows my eyes at my naivety. “Yes today,” he confirms.

I let out a breath and smile, needing to be sure because I didn’t want to make an idiot out of myself in front of him.

“Okay sure,” I agree. “But can we take a shade route, it looks about a thousand degrees outside and I don’t want another trip to the hospital.”

Jake drops his hand onto the door handle. “Yes we’ll protect you from the sun, don’t you worry.”

“Great,” I say as I push myself up from the window ledge. “Give me ten minutes and I’ll meet you downstairs?”

“Meet you downstairs,” he nods once before pulling the door shut.

My eyes instantly start darting around the room in attempt to find something to wear, wanting to make an effort around Jake. Hating that I cared about this now but I didn’t want him to think I dressed scruffy everyday, I did have some form of fashion sense.

So I settle on some denim shorts, my legs almost reflecting off my eyes they were so pale but I had to deal with it. Throwing on a long sleeved white t-shirt and tucking it into my shorts, this was the best it was gonna get.

Drawing my long hair up into a ponytail, knowing how much I would be sweating, at least I’d be somewhat cooler.

Jake was already waiting for me by the door, his eyes trained on his phone in front of him. My presence alarms him and he instantly leans off of the wall and tucks his phone away. I don’t miss how his eyes rake over my attire, wishing I had something better to wear in this weather but quite frankly, I didn’t want to die.

“Hey,” he smiles, cracking open the front door with his hands.

“Hey,” I say before pursing my lips quickly, following his lead. Giving Oakley a quick stroke before leaving the porch. He was happily sunbathing, if only I could relate.

“You wanna go grab some snacks?”

“How far are we walking?” I laugh as I step beside him, looking down to the floor so the sun didn’t scold my eyeballs.

“I mean I don’t know,” he tells me. “I could take you on one of our wolf walks but that’s literally in the middle of the woods. Could just stick to the road, I know there is a nice path by a stream nearby.”

My head nods as I manage to take shield under some shade. “Yeah, sounds good to me.” I finally look up to him and smile.

He glances down at me, his eyes falling as a smile remains on his lips. “Hope your edible experience wasn’t too worrying.”

“Na,” I shake my head at his words. “I quite enjoyed it, I mean I’ve realised now I did it far too late but still it was fun.”

“I’m glad, Carter seems to think everyone can handle his weed brownies. They’re so fucking strong, they almost paralysed me once.” He jokes.

“Well I’m glad you told me to only take half, I don’t even want to know what would have happened if I took more.” My foot kicks a rock along the road as we turn left.

Jake’s shoulders bounce and I notice he’s laughing. “Some of the stuff you were saying man, you were killing me.”

His words didn’t even phase me or embarrass me, I had a good time and I’m glad I wasn’t a nightmare and actually a bit of fun. “Don’t repeat it to me though,” I say with a side smile.

Jake grins back at me. “Don’t worry, your words are safe with me.”

“Thanks for looking after me,” I breathe out, my arm lightly brushing against his. “For telling me to leave when I did.”

“I just know what they’re like, always trying to get the party started. Never know when to leave, I know for a fact Carter would have offered you more and I hate the thought of you leaving at 3AM alone.” He begins to shake his head, eyes glassing over like he could imagine what might of happened.

“I wouldn’t have been stupid enough to leave alone, I probably would have crashed at Remy’s. But it’s nice of you to look out for me.” I say as my heart warms at the thought.

He so easily could have just left and not bothered about how we got home but we are way past that point. Having no clue what was going on between us, our make out sessions but yet still so blunt. In a weird way I liked it, it felt different and not forced.

“It’s okay,” Jake nods. “I know you’re still pretty new to the town and I know some nasty people hang around at night.”

We stop by a shop and buy some light snacks, Jake opts for Mountain Dew but I settle for water knowing I’m going to need it. Sweat beading across my neck but I needed something to cool me down instantly.

Jake then leads us to an open space, kids playing and adults having picnics. We settle between some trees, Jake already knowing that I needed the protection.

“Have you ever thought of having a career in wood working?” Jake questions as he digs into his sandwich, laying back on his arm.

I shrug and pick at some crisps in front of me. “Not really,” I say. “It’s more of a hobby than anything else. I’m still stumped with what I want to do with my life but I guess I am only eighteen. Still have my whole life ahead of me.”

“Your pots are looking good,” he smiles at me, dusting off his hands from crumbs. “You should put some bonsai trees in them.”

“Oh yeah?” I quirk an eyebrow at his suggestion.

Jake hums. “Yeah, they’re literally perfect for those little pots. And besides bonsai trees are so cool.”

Never would I think I’d see the day where Jake expressed how any tree was cool, but here we are and I was living for it.

“What did you want to do after high school?” I say as I draw my legs up to my chest, watching as Jake ponders for a second. Intrigued to know more about what he had planned for life.

Resting his arms down onto his knees, biceps perfectly fitted out against his white t-shirt. My eyes not being able to look away. “Mom wanted me to go to college but I’m not the most academic person in the world, I struggled in high school as it is and I didn’t think I could hack another three or four years of education.”

“Yeah, I get you.” I agree. “College is kind of pushed on you and I’m not sure why. Not everyone is going to like it.”

“I used to play football in school but I was never passionate enough to take it further.” He sighs like he should have taken advantage of the opportunity. “Maybe it would have been something I was good at in college but would have needed a scholarship.”

“Well not everyone who goes to college succeeds. Taking time out to find out what you want to do is wise, especially when you have no clue what step to take next.” I say honestly.

Jake’s lips part for a moment before he looks me directly in the eye. “My parents were so set on Aria and I getting jobs and having other things to fall back on, knowing that the werewolf world isn’t like what it was before. Now it’s like I’m just meant to change my course of life and it feels unnatural.”

“Then do what makes you happy,” I lean forward slightly, our ankles touching. “There’s no harm in trying things, if you enjoy it then carry on. If you don’t then move onto something else, there will be something in this world which is perfect for you.”

The corners of his mouth twitch up as he begins to pick at the grass on the ground. “Yeah, I’d like to think so.”

My eyes peer over across the green, landing on a mini golf course. “Can we go play?” I suggest, Jake following where my eyes were currently looking.

“I didn’t even know that was here,” he mumbles over his shoulder. “Must be new.”

“Wanna go?”

I couldn’t remember when I had played mini golf last, a time when I was younger that was for sure.

“Let’s go,” Jake says instantly, pushing himself up and wiping his hands on his t-shirt. His legs covered in dry grass.

“Here,” I say, leaning forward to brush off the strands, falling to the floor with every swipe. Trying not to focus on the fact I was touching his legs, close to his backside.

“Come on,” he beckons me to stand up. “I can’t wait to beat your ass.”

Shaking my head towards him as I stand. “Try me.”

. . .

Jake and I had been out all day, just as the sun started to set, we decided it would be best to go home. Knowing Caleb might just tear my head off if he knew I was out this whole time with Jake.

Luckily when we walked through the front door, Zara and Felix were cleaning up the kitchen. “Oh hey guys,” Zara welcomes us warmly.

“Hey,” I smile as Jake holds the door open for me.

“Where have you guys been?” Felix questions before checking the watch on his wrist.

“At Remy’s,” Jake lies instantly, my head turning to him as he speaks. “Just been out with the guys, decided to come home a little early.”

“How was it?” Zara beams up at us, placing a couple of bowls away.

“Fun,” I pitch in with a stern nod. “Remy and I weren’t working so was nice to just chill.”

“Well I’m so glad you’ve settled in well Myla,” she grins over at me. “Seems like you’ve really found good friendships with these guys.”

“Yeah I have,” I say confidently. “It’s made moving here all that bit easier.”

Felix stands close to Zara and reaches for her shoulder. “I’m pleased for you Myla, I’m glad Jake has been taking care of you.”

Jake rolls his eyes at his fathers comment. “Thanks dad,” he mumbles.

“Well we’re going to bed, it’s been a long day.” Zara declares with a deep sigh. “Goodnight my loves.”

“Night mom, night dad,” Jake waves them off as they proceed to the stairs.

“Night guys,” I call after them before they reach the top.

My eyes settle on Jake, not wanting to be away from his company. In fact I wanted to stay up with him and talk and kiss and do everything else. Still not over how much of a good day we had together, it really felt like a proper date. Even though that was never specified.

“You wanna watch The Dark Knight Rises?” Jake suggests as he leans onto the kitchen island.

Attempting not to let my excitement show. “Yeah,” I say causally. “Sure.”

“You’ve seen the first one right?”

“Duh,” I exhale. “Who hasn’t seen Batman? It’s such an elite film.”

“I’m so glad you have taste,” he laughs before taking a step back and walking towards the front room.

My feet follow his and I shut the door behind us, privacy something that I needed with him right now. “I’m flattered,” I say as I place a palm to my chest. “I’ve got so many films you have to see! Do you like to read subtitles?”

Jake’s face twists at the word ‘subtitles’ as he collapses onto the couch beside me, reaching for the TV remote. “I don’t have a problem with movies in other languages, I’m just not always quick enough to read them and I lose what’s going on.”

I nod and draw my legs up to my chest. “Fair enough,” I say. “Maybe no subtitles then.”

Jake’s fingers click away at the remote, finding Batman within a few seconds and pressing play. The sound from the movie echoing off the walls, worried that it would be too loud for everyone trying to sleep.

My head rests back against the pillows, Jake’s shoulder extremely close to mine. Thirty minutes of the movie tick by, I was interested, so interested. But Jake was sitting about three inches from me and I knew that we didn’t come in here to watch the movie, unless I’m reading his signs severely wrong.

Nudging my elbow against his, his eyes meeting mine for a millisecond. Neither of us look back to the screen but I glance down quickly, until I look back up at him.

He leans forward and I meet him in the middle, pressing our lips together. He grabs the back of my neck and pulls me closer to him, sitting on his lap, legs either side of his thighs.

His hands drop to grip either side of my waist, our lips kissing slowly but strongly. Gripping onto the hem of his t-shirt and fumbling to get it off. Jake breaks from the kiss and glances up at me, his eyes looking confused from my gesture.

Guiding his own hands down to my shorts, pulling my tucked in top out and pulling it up and over my head. Jake’s eyes look at my burn scars which were directly in front of him. His fingers reaching up to grip the back of my hair as he presses his lips to my arms. Kissing slowly up my skin, tilting my neck as he reaches my collar bone.

Perfectly plump and agonisingly slow, panting out as he continues to kiss my skin. Leaving me breathless and needing more. My own hands exploring his shoulders and chest.

Reaching behind my chest and unclipping my bra, the material falling off in front of him. Our eyes remain on each other’s as he looks up at me. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

My hands grab his jaw and I pull our lips together. “Positive,” I breathe out against him before be flips us down onto the couch, his strong arms leaving an aching pain between my thighs.

Desperate to feel him close, to feel our skin against each others. I’ve never been so sure of something in my life.

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