Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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Twenty Three

My throat burns as acidic liquid shoots up from my stomach and out into the toilet bowl. I don’t know what I was expecting from tonight but considering I’ve only ever drunk once before, this definitely wasn’t off the cards.

Coughing up aggressively, gripping onto the side of the toilet. My mind swirling in different directions, feeling incredibly unstable.

“It’s okay,” Jake tells me as he rubs up and down my back.

Vomiting over and over, my stomach convulsing violently. Never have I seen so much sick in my life, it was making me feel even worse. “Here,” he says softly, holding out a cup of water for me to take.

My shaky hand raises to take the cup but Jake has to help guide it to my mouth, I felt so weak I couldn’t even hold it. Taking slow but gentle sips, swirling the water around my mouth and spitting it out into the bowl.

I groan, the feeling of lightning bolts shooting through my stomach. My heavy eyes look at Jake who was crouched down beside me, his lips falling into a sad frown. He picks up his hand and slides it across the top of my head softly. “What are we going to do with you, hm?” He sighs, my eyes falling down to the floor again.

“I’m a mess,” I mumble out as I wipe the corner of my mouth with my wrist.

Jake hands me a lid of mouthwash which I gratefully take, even with my shaky hands. Washing the menthol taste around my mouth aggressively, ridding myself of the taste of vomit.

“Shall we go home?” Jake suggests. “Your bed is going to be a million times more comfy than the bathroom floor.”

I grunt again, incapable of words.

“I’ll call a taxi,” he says as he quickly swipes his phone from his pocket.

Instantly shaking my head. “No-not the car,” I manage to get out.


“Sick, car,” I mumble, my eyes closing. “Not sick.”

Jake sighs and locks his phone. “Right well then you’re gonna have to co-operate with me to get you out of here.” He says as he sits up on his knees and takes pulls me up from the floor, my whole body limp and weak.

He pulls me to his side and we exit Remy’s parents en-suite, making our way downstairs slowly and making an escape without being stopped. I really wasn’t in any frame of mind to have a conversation right now, I just wanted to go home.

As we walk out onto the front of Remy’s house, Jake stops in front of me and bends down. “Grab onto my neck,” he tells me, my hands slowly raising up his arms.

He grips onto my hands and pulls me up onto his back, clutching his hands underneath my thighs. “Hold on,” he says as I rest my head down onto his shoulder. “I don’t want you slipping off.”

Jake hoists me up higher and carries me with ease, taking large steps down the pavement and towards our house. My eyes flutter shut, holding onto him for dear life but I felt comfortable and safe, even if I did feel nauseous.

Only ten minutes later we arrive at our front door, Jake tries his hardest to keep quiet as he walks us through the house. Not having a clue what the time was or if our parents would still be awake, I couldn’t be bothered for any confrontation right now.

Jake drops me down onto the couch, my eyes prying open slightly as I watch him fall to his knees in front of me. Undoing the laces on my converse and pulling them off quickly, I wanted to say thank you but I physically couldn’t bring myself to say anything.

I watch as he moves to stand out but I shake my head. “No,” I breathe out. “Don’t leave me.”

His eyes glance back at me. “I’m not going anywhere, I just want to get you some water.”

Opening my mouth to speak but instead I just nod my head, a dull ache beginning to form in the centre of my forehead. Fuck, I’m going to feel like ass tomorrow.

Jake instantly come back over with a fresh bottle of water, having already cracked the neck of the lid for me to drink. “Do you want some?”

I hum towards him and he guides the water to my mouth again, taking gentle sips. Not enough to make me feel like I needed to throw up again. “Thanks,” I whisper as I drop it from my hands, Jake catching it quickly.

“You scared me tonight,” he tells me as he moves to sit on the couch next to me.

Peeking my weary eyes up to him, I knew this was not a good impression at all but I still couldn’t believe what Caleb had said about me. No matter how drunk I was right now, that still didn’t replace the burning hole in my heart. Increasing by the second as I think about his cruel words.

I never asked to be adopted by them, hell I never even asked to be born.

“Caleb told Evan that adopting me was a mistake,” I blurt out, my chest tight like I needed to let out the most awful cry. But I don’t, I stop myself because tears aren’t worth anything.

“What?” Jake says in disbelief. “He wouldn’t say that. He loves you.”

“He might love me but I think he thinks that he’s made a big mistake,” I grumble, pulling my knees tightly into my chest. “I’ve not made their lives easier. That’s what he said.”

Jake watches me, his eyes falling sad. He rests his hand on the back of my head and gently strokes my hair. “He’s wrong,” he whispers. “You might be difficult but who isn’t? Look at Aria and I, you’re far better than the pair of us.”

“But they adopted me when they knew I had a troubled past, it’s like buying an apple and then being confused when it tastes like an apple.” My eyes shut in defeat, feeling stupid with my comparison but my brain couldn’t think of anything else right now.

“Come here,” Jake says instantly, pulling me into him. My head resting against his warm chest, his arm around the side of my body. “I think you’re great.”

“Thanks,” I say with a short laugh. “I think I’m pretty great too. But not when I get smashed and throw up everywhere.”

“Fuck Caleb,” Jake squeezes my shoulder. “I’m sure Evan thinks the world of you.”

I turn to look up at him and smile. “He does,” I slur slightly, a small bit of warmth growing through my chest. “He proper stood up for me, he feels like my biological father, he understands me and he lets me have my moments.”

“Then focus on him and what he says,” he tells me confidently. “Don’t let Caleb get to you, his opinion is wrong and disgusting to say to his daughter.”

“Will you stay with me?” I question up to him.


Snuggling my head further into his chest, his arms holding onto me with a firm grip. Feeling content that I could talk to Jake about my emotions, knowing I was never one to express how I felt. Yet confiding in Jake felt so easy and that made me feel happy.

. . .


My eyes open suddenly, Jake’s body jolting from behind me. His arms still firmly wrapped around my body, realising that we had both fallen asleep on the couch downstairs.

The pounding in my head wanted me to run from this current situation before I even knew what was happening. Jake moves my body slightly and stands from the couch, rubbing his tired eyes.

“Dad,” he breathes out.

Oh fuck.

Pushing my hair from my face and rolling off the comfy couch and standing next to Jake, feeling like Chucky’s Bride.

Felix was stood with his arms folded across his chest, nose flared angrily. “Are you kidding me right now?” He asks lowly, flicking his eyes between us.

My hands begin to fumble in front of me, not managing to produce any words.

“Caleb told me,” Felix shakes his head in disbelief. “He told me something was going on between you guys but I said no way my son would do that. Especially someone that isn’t his mate.”

Just when I thought this situation couldn’t get any worse. It does, when I hear Caleb bounding down the stairs like he wanted to shove in my face he was right. But looking at him hurt, especially after what he said about me last night. His eyes are instantly glued to us, stomping aggressively against the floor.

“What did I fucking say?!” Caleb roars as he approaches Felix. “This is not your place to interfere with Jake’s life, a werewolves life at that matter!”

I bite my tongue before I call him out about last night, knowing that I wouldn’t win this argument no matter how hard I tried. It would be best to ignore him.

“I am my own person,” Jake yells back. “I am an adult and I am capable of making my own decisions.”

Felix seems taken back when Jake stands up for himself. “Not when you’re going to destroy the best thing that could happen to you.”

“You know nothing dad.” Jake grits down on his teeth, his jaw shaking.

“Oh don’t I?” He shouts back.

“No dad, you don’t!”

Felix remains quiet for a few moments, the feeling of Caleb’s stare burning into the side of my sore head. “And like you have a leg to stand on.” He tells me from across the room.

“And what the fuck is that supposed to mean?” I screw my face up in his direction at his disrespectful tone.

“That you have no care what you’re doing to him! How you’re jeopardising the werewolf world thinking you have a chance in it!” He exclaims before letting out the rudest laugh.

“Go fuck yourself,” I shake my head at him angrily.

Caleb’s eyes burn red at my comment. “Don’t you dare speak to me like that.”

“I’ll speak to you how I like, you’re not my fucking dad.”

Even Jake winces at my words, the tension in the air enough to be cut by a knife. But I wanted Caleb to hurt as much as he hurt me, that he thinks he can get away with treating me like shit.

Removing myself from the living room and taking myself up the stairs. “Yeah you better stay up there I don’t even want to see you for the rest of the day!” Caleb screams, his voice echoing off the walls.

Managing to slam the door loud enough to make the room shake. The second I’m surrounded by these silent four walls, shouting continues downstairs before Jake takes the same lead as me, marching down the corridor to his room.

Pacing back and forth between the corners of my room, irritation building up inside my body. I wanted to scream and I wanted to punch the walls over and over until my knuckles begun to bleed. That doesn’t even explain how infuriated I felt, I wanted to go downstairs and give Caleb a fat piece of my mind. But that would end up doing far worse damage than just staying in my room.

Glancing out of my window and then back to my door, quickly locking the inside and placing a chair up against the doorknob. Grabbing some money, a jacket and my phone. Shoving my bedroom window open and silently attempting to climb down a waterpipe. Jumping to reach the floor before darting off out of of complex quickly, so that no one could witness me leaving.

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