Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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Twenty Seven

Remy helped me get Jake into the taxi, the journey no longer than a couple of minutes but I physically couldn’t carry him, his large height enough to send anyone over. By the time we pull up outside our house Jake starts grunting loudly, I could tell that his body was uncomfortable with whatever was going on inside of him.

The taxi driver asks if we are okay and I nod, throwing Jake’s bodyweight over my shoulder and dragging him to the front door. Praying that none of our parents were still up, I couldn’t be bothered for a million questions. He starts to slip down my body and I huff out. “Jake please, try and co-operate with me.” My voice strains as I grip onto his hand for dear life.

Pushing open the front door and guiding Jake over to the couches, taking a lot longer than expected but eventually I let him down. His body falling straight onto the pillows, head deep into the material. He groans out and shuffles ever so slightly, it felt like the roles had reversed. Only a week ago Jake was looking after me, typical teenagers I think to myself.

Fetching him a bottle of water and a bucket in case he needed to vomit, Jake looked severely uncomfortable against the couch. Lifting up his arms so that I could peel his denim jacket from him, laying him on his side with the bucket directly in front of him.

His eyes were firmly shut, my hand wrapping around his wrist. “What are we gonna do with you, hmm?” I say softly, repeating what Jake had said to me last week as I puked up in the toilet.

The corner of Jake’s lips curve up, he could hear me. Maybe not interact with me but at least he could hear what I was saying. For an hour or so I let him sleep, not leaving his side once. Remy texts me asking if everything is okay, I wasn’t sure what to say because I had no idea what was up with Jake or if he was just stupidly drunk.

When it reaches midnight Jake begins to twitch and I instantly sit up on my knees to look at him. Noticing how he now cracks one of his eyes open, looking rather spaced out and confused. “Hey,” I whisper softly to him.

He looks around the room slowly, I could literally feel how he was feeling and I would rather be me than him right now. His eyes gravitate to the bottle of water in my hands and I quickly rip off the lid to hand it to him, taking gradual sips.

“Are you okay?” I question as his head falls back to the pillow with force.

“No,” he groans out and my lips fall into a small frown.

“Did you take something tonight?”

Jake’s eyes almost roll into the back of his head, scaring me for a second before they open and look directly at me. He was still completely wasted and the only thing that could cure this right now was sleep.

“I don’t know,” he gets out slowly, his voice dry as hell.

“Do you remember anything?” I ask as I shuffle forwards on my ass so I was now sitting directly in front of him.

His brows furrow as he begins to think, his brain working extra time to figure his shit out. But in the end he sighs and shakes his head. “What a-are you doing here?” He questions, sounding confused.

“Remy rung me to say you were really intoxicated and I was worried about you.”

Jake’s eyes fall and he attempts to push himself up from the couch but he didn’t have the strength. “Here let me help you,” I rush to my knees and hold up his body so he can rest it on the back of the couch. “Better?”

He shrugs and I fall down bedside him, gripping onto a pillow in front of me for comfort. “Why do you care?” His words slur as he clenches his eyes shut and presses his hand against his forehead.

“What do you mean?”

His bloodshot eyes turn to me, his lids extremely heavy. “After last week,” he mumbles out barely audible. “You said this was done, so why care?”

“I’m not going to just stop caring about you Jake,” I say my voice slightly harsh. “I know what I did was a shitty thing but it felt like the right thing to do between us.”

“Y-You made that decision for me,” his lips move subtly as he speaks, his eyes lowering to the floor. “We didn’t even talk about how I felt about it.”

“Do you want to talk about it now?” I say eventually, Jake’s eyes roaming around my face slowly.

His eyes glass over with something I couldn’t recognise, like he was going back and forth in his mind with what to say. In hindsight this probably wasn’t the best time to talk when he was smashed but I didn’t want it to seem like I was blocking him out.

“I really thought we had something special between us,” he slurs again.

“We do,” I say as I move closer to him, my hand resting on the side of his shoulder. “I just felt like maybe I was taking a part of you away by taking you from your werewolf world.”

“I don’t even want to be part of the werewolf world!” He shouts, his frustration growing inside. “God, I hate having a wolf. It fucking hurts inside because nothing feels right! You’re the only thing that feels right to me Myla, every time I’m with you that pain goes away.”

My heart aches as I listen to him talk, my veins clogging as I hold my breath. Waiting for his every last word, not wanting to interrupt him.

“I’ve not met anyone who remotely makes me feel the way you do, you distract me from everything that goes on in this shitty world. And I don’t want it to stop, I want it to be us. It feels so right.”

“Jake,” I whisper.

He shakes his head, telling me that he wasn’t done. “You managed to get it all out of me in the space of a month and a half, no one has ever made me want to share my emotions like you have. I trust you so much, I trust that whatever you have to say will make me feel better because I feel like we were meant to meet.”

My eyes stare back at him as he leads himself into a story, not stopping for anyone. “You might not be my mate but you’ve sparked something inside me that no one has ever managed to do before, and to me that feels a million times more special than a bond. You’ve managed to get me out of a dark place I didn’t even really know I was in.”

“That’s because you’ve completely opened my eyes,” he mumbles, gripping onto his kneecaps. His breathing becomes harsher and he turns to me suddenly. “Myla, I think I love you.”

My whole body turns rigid at his words, not expecting them to come out of his mouth this early on. Nothing forming in my mouth, or not knowing what to say. My heart falling cold at the look on his face, vulnerable and sad. It broke me into a million pieces.

“Y-You might think it’s too soon but I do, I must do. I’ve never felt like this before and I have only one guess of what it could be.”

“Jake,” I say again shaking my head. “You’re drunk an—”

“I know how I feel Myla,” he states seriously, our eyes meeting. My chest stops breathing for a second, looking into the emotion in his eyes. How raw and genuine it looked. “I know how I feel.”

My eyes blink back at him, parting my lips slightly but having no idea what to say or how to react to this situation. “I-I need to tell you something,” I breathe out as I pick at the skin around my fingers.

Jake’s lazy eyes finding mine. Gulping slowly and taking a slow breath. “At the party, I found you upstairs.” I start, Jake staring back at me waiting to continue. “Roxi had taken you upstairs into one of the bedrooms and she,” I pause for a moment, not realising how this could impact him. “She was trying to take off your pants.”

“She what?” He says instantly, shaking his head in disbelief. Moving his body so now his back was upright, resting his elbows down onto his knees.

“The second that I saw her do that I came in the room and sorted her out.” I say quickly, not realising that my hands were trembling slightly.

Jake’s eyebrow flexes in a confused glance. “Sorted her out?”

“I punched her.”

His eyes widen, as does his mouth. “So you’re telling me this to try and change my mind on how I feel about you? Because quite honestly, it’s going the other way.”

“No,” I say. “I just felt like you had the right to know what happened, she tried to take advantage of you Jake. She’s a fucking bitch, I wish I ripped out her teeth or something.”

Jake cracks a beautiful smile, even though his eyes were so hooded that he looked high. “Well thanks for being there to stop her, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t remember.”

“Maybe,” I agree with him.

His hand slides across the couch to link through my fingers, squeezing down on my skin slightly. “If you found me at that moment in time upstairs, then you cannot tell me that we aren’t meant to give this a go.”

“Remy did call me to say you were pretty fucked,” I comment, as I move closer to him and rest my head on the back of the couch.

“Of course she did,” he says to himself as he shuts his eyes. “I’m still convinced you were there for a reason, it’s the world telling us something.”

I smile to myself knowing that he was chatting so much shit but in a way the thought comforted me, maybe somewhere the universe was trying to get us together in subtle movements. But because Jake was still severely intoxicated, I convinced myself it was just him believing nonsense.

Listening to him talk was calming, like he had solved the meaning of life and why we are here. He talks and talks until I think he can’t speak anymore but he does. He was completely offloading and I enjoyed listening, it was like I was in a part of his brain that no one had ever been to before.

“Are you tired?” I whisper to him as he eventually stops talking.

“Sorry,” he mumbles to himself. “I’ve just been talking nonstop.”

“It’s good,” I smile. “Getting all of that alcohol and what not out of your body.”

“Why did I pull a you?”

A laugh passes my lips, he really did do exactly what I did last weekend but in fact worse. “We do stupid things when we’re hurting and I’m sorry I hurt you.”

Jake’s head rotates towards me, his eyes barely open. “Please can we attempt at fixing what we had?”

“Nothing needs fixing,” I exhale. “We just should take things slow between us, do you think?”

A smile is plastered across his face. “I’ll do whatever you want to do.”

“Lets get you to bed,” I say as I push myself up from the couch and hold my hands out for him to take.

His hands slip into mine gently and we walk up the stairs, Jake’s balance slightly off but we manage to get there without either of us falling to the floor. I assist him to his door, worried that he would pass out in the bathroom before we got a chance to get to his bed.

Grabbing onto his door handle and switching on the light, Jake sighs as he looks around his messy room. A lot messier than I remembered it being. “Good night Jake,” I say as I lean up onto my tip toes and press a delicate kiss to his cheek. “Sleep well, I hope you feel alright in the morning.” I say as I gently pull away.

Jake looks down to me and he smiles. “Thanks for tonight Myla,” he tells me.

“Don’t need to thank me.”

After a few moments he looks away from me and trudges into his bedroom door, slowly closing it behind him. Taking two steps back and walking down to my room, praying that he sleeps well and doesn’t regret what he said in the morning. That’s if he can remember what he said or how he got home...

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