Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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Twenty Nine

On Friday we meet up with the gang, considering we hadn’t seen each other since the weekend, I’m pretty sure everyone had a crazy night. I was intrigued into knowing what happened to everyone else but none of us had the chance to chat.

Remy invited us over to her house, chilling in her shed as usual. Emily and Carter were sat together, his arm over the back of the couch as her hand rests on his leg. “Hey guys,” Emily smiles as Jake and I enter together.

“Hey,” I wave as Jake shuts the door behind me and we waltz over to the couch beside them.

Remy runs from one side of the room with a bag of chocolate and catapults herself onto one of the bean bags, Zack drags a chair over and sits. All of us sitting facing each other in the circle.

“Right,” Remy says loudly, tearing open the bag and picking out a handful. “We need a debrief of what the fuck happened last weekend because all of you have been MIA this week and I am not here for it.”

My eyes dart to Carter, noticing that he had a slight cut on his lip. “Well I got mugged if you didn’t already know,” he says as he turns to Jake.

His eyes shooting wide as he sits down onto the couch and I perch beside him. “What?” He says in disbelief.

“You didn’t tell him?” Remy directs to me but I shake my head.

“We had other matters to attend to,” I sigh out before all the attention is turned back to Carter.

“What the fuck happened?” Jake asks in shock.

“Zack and I went to get some more weed from our usual guy, he’s sweet we get along.” He shrugs. “But when we got there it was someone else, probably one of his runners. Instead of giving us the weed he stole my wallet and my phone, Zack made a run for it but he had another guy with him. Pushed my head into the curb and drove off.”

“Fuck Carter,” Jake curses out, his eyes wide. “Holy shit, were you okay?”

Carter nods. “Yeah it just fucking sucks,” he grounds out angrily. “Fucking cunts.”

Emily turns to Zack. “Why didn’t you stay and try help him?” Her voice coming out harshly.

Zack blinks back at her before leaning forward on his knees. “Oh I’m sorry Em, imagine being in my position. What would you have done? Stuck around so you also could have been mugged and beaten up?” He snaps back at her.

“Guys,” Carter says as he raises his hands to his shoulders. “Lets chill out, okay? Zack running was just a defence mechanism that anyone would have done. It’s fight or flight, who knew if any of them had guns or weapons. They’re already criminals for gods sake. Let’s just be pleased that neither of us are dead or severely hurt.”

Emily settles back into the couch at his response, running her arm along Carter’s in attempt to calm him.

“Fuck those guys,” Remy turns her nose up at the conversation. “Carter is right, neither of you were hurt and that’s what matters.”

“So what else happened?” Zack pipes up, changing the conversation.

“What the fuck happened with you?” Carter turns his head to Jake who was looking around at everyone slowly. “You were fucked by like seven o’clock, what happened?”

“I had to ring Myla,” Remy says with a mouth full of chocolate. “Jake you were not okay in the slightest.”

“I was just being stupid,” Jake shakes his head. “But basically Myla found me upstairs.”

My mouth gapes open as I realise he was about to tell everyone happened and I knew that this would be a lot for him to express how he was feeling, considering what happened.

“What were you doing upstairs?” Emily questions as she leans forward to grab the bag Remy was holding.

“Roxi took me upstairs,” Jake starts.

“Oh yeah! I saw you guys.” She nods as she chews on the caramel bites.

Remy turns to me with weary eyes. “She tried to sexually assault me.” He says shortly.

The room turning silent. “She what?!” Emily shouts.

Carter and Zack stare back at him completely dumbfounded. “Shit,” Zack curses, his hand sliding down the edge of his face.

“I passed out on the bed and she tried to take off my pants,” Jake grumbles, his throat struggling with the conversation.

“How do you know?” Carter asks, his voice dipping with concern.

“Myla saw and then came in and punched her.” He says suddenly, he really doesn’t know how to build up suspense in a story.

I don’t miss the way that Emily gasps and Carter and Zack’s mouths fall open at Jake’s words.

“Myla is a badass,” Remy says with a grin as she repositions herself on the beanbag. “There was blood smeared across the floor and everything.”

“No way,” Zack says with a wide grin, leaning back in the chair and folding his arms across his chest. “She gets what she deserves I guess.”

“Holy shit,” Emily’s mouth falls open in shock. “Jake I feel so bad, I should have known. Fuck, I should have checked up on you. I saw you go upstairs with her but I didn’t think anything of it.” Her eyes water over with guilt but Carter squeezes her side.

“Thank God I called you,” Remy sighs out as she shakes her head.

“Lucky you did,” Jake nods towards her as he grips onto my little fingers and gives me a squeeze, our hands continuing to be entwined. His head dipping to kiss the edge of my shoulder gently, sending my stomach through my ass.

They all stare back at our actions, shocked by the affection between us. “Did I miss something else?” Remy asks, not blinking once. “Are you guys together and you didn’t tell us?”

Jake and I turn to each other and smile, I let out a shaky breath. “Yeah,” I say with a smile. “Jake and I are together.”

“Woo congrats guys,” Zack cheers from across the room. “I have to say that I did call it like two weeks ago.”

Remy swats his leg causing him to moan in non-existent pain. “Shut up,” she mumbles. “You did not, you’re so oblivious to everything.”

Emily’s mouth falls open. “Oh my God Myla, I feel awful I remember what I said to you at the party about Roxi.” She rushes, becoming flustered. “Fuck, you must have thought I was such a fucking bitch.”

I shake my head towards her. “It’s okay, no one really knew anyway.”

“Well I’m happy for you guys,” Remy nods towards us enthusiastically, a genuine smile plastered across her lips.

“Me too,” Carter agrees.

“Long live your relationship.” Emily beams towards us. “It was about time Jake got a girlfriend anyway. I was starting to lose hope.”

Laughter fills the room and Remy agrees. “It was only a matter of time I guess,” she nods towards us. “Myla just clearly was the right one.”

“Most definitely,” Jake pulls me to his side and I finally felt at ease, knowing we could be us in front of them without it being weird.

The rest of the night breezes by, Jake and I became tired around ten and decided to make our way home. Grateful we had this time today to chat and share memories, feeling like I had really found my own friendship group.

We fall into a slow paced walk, neither of us desperate to get home knowing that’s where our parents would be. “Do you think we should tell them that we are together?” I question as Jake’s hand slips into mine, holding me tightly.

Jake’s mind wanders because he doesn’t say anything for a few moments. “I want to,” he says eventually, his thumb flicking over the skin on the back of my hand. “But I’m not prepared for the screaming matches again.”

“I think my dads will be okay with it now,” I nod to the floor. “Especially how my dad spoke to me, he doesn’t really have a leg to stand on right now.”

“Yeah,” he agrees. “I’m just worried about my dad, it’s either going to go one of two ways.”

“Well whatever we can do so I can sleep in your bed again,” I look up to him with a wide smile.

His eyes glance down at me, stealing a quick kiss from my lips catching me by sweet surprise. “We’re still going to do that, no matter what they say. I never want to wake up alone again, how did I do that shit for eighteen years?”

I can’t help but laugh, it was true but I loved how dramatic Jake took things. “Have you never had a cuddle before?” I question.

“Not really,” he says. “Only forced ones from my mom.”

A smile remains on my face. “Same, my dads used to squish me with affection when I was a baby. Especially Evan, they turned me all soft.”

“But still hard as nails on the inside,” Jake says as he squeezes my hand.

“Hard enough to punch a bitch, that’s for sure.” I say light-heartedly, Jake laughs and begins to shake his head.

By the time we get back to the house, to our surprise all four of our parents were sat around the kitchen table. When we entered it sounded like we were interrupting a deep conversation because they all turn to us suddenly, like they were caught in headlights.

“Hi?” I say cautiously as Jake and I take a few steps closer to them.

“Hey my love,” Evan smiles instantly.

“What’s going on?” Jake questions as he throws his arms over his chest, realising that they weren’t eating or drinking. This was some strict conversation.

“Nothing,” Caleb shakes his head and offers us a smile.

“Okay,” Jake trails off as he looks between each of them suspiciously. “Well Myla and I wanted to tell you guys something.” His voice come out bravely and I really applauded him for that.

“We’re listening,” Felix says from the other side of the table.

Jake turns to me for consolidation for a second before turning back to them. “Myla and I are together, we get that it might not sit well with you guys but this is what I want. This is my life and I don’t want anyone else telling me what I should and shouldn’t be doing.”

I couldn’t help but smile at how confident he sounded. My eyes float to Caleb who is looking back at us. “It’s what we both want,” I pitch in. “We enjoy each others company and we make each other happy.”

Evan smiles and nods. “I respect whatever you guys want to do,” he says openly.

Caleb then clears his throat. “I agree,” he says, shocking me. “You guys are old enough to know what you’re doing.”

The corners of my lips turn up at the edges, glad that Caleb had finally come to his senses and let us get on with our lives.

“But as long as Myla doesn’t get hurt,” Caleb leans forward in his chair to point a finger at Jake. “Otherwise it’ll be between you and me.”

Evan sighs and grabs onto Caleb’s arm to try and relax him but Jake smiles and nods. “I won’t hurt her, I know what I want.”

His hand slips into mine and squeezes me for support. Zara stands from the chair catching our attention. “Jake, all I want is for you to be happy and if this makes you happy then who am I to tell you otherwise?”

“Thanks mom,” he nods towards her. Felix on the other hand was sat his hands clutched in front of him on the table. “Anything to say dad?”

The tension in the air was enough to suffocate me, I didn’t want this to end up like the other day. I knew how much it hurts Jake to have to speak about how his wolf feels inside of him, if he has to keep repeating himself then I know it’s going to take it’s toll on him.

“I just can’t agree with it,” Felix shrugs eventually.

Jake groans aloud. “I’ve told you this a million times dad, my wolf is dying. What do you want me to do? Just sit around and be sad for the rest of my life because my mate doesn’t exist?”

“You don’t know that!” Felix shouts back.

“I do,” Jake stands his ground.

“Not until you’ve seen the elders and we’ve discussed what can be done.”

“We?!” Jake says in disbelief. “Why can’t you just be happy for us?”

“I don’t want you to make a mistake.”

“I’m not making a mistake.” Jake spits out, anger bubbling up inside him.

Before anyone can say another word Jake takes my hand and leads me up the stairs, the sound of silence ringing in my ears. Knowing that Felix wouldn’t come around, it impacted Jake’s emotions and not having your fathers approval must be hard. Especially when he doesn’t want to listen to you.

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