Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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Jake and I lay under his duvet, neither us say anything considering what happened downstairs about ten minutes ago. His eyes are focused on a point on my shoulder, his finger gently flicking over my pink, blotchy scar burns.

“What are you thinking?” I breathe out, trying to catch his attention.

Eventually he drags his eyes up to me as he shakes his head once. “Nothing,” he sighs. “I just hate this family shit.”

“It sucks your dad isn’t listening to you,” my lips pull down into a frown, my hand reaching up to cup the side of his face.

“I don’t know why he’s acting like this,” Jake mumbles as be buries the side of his head into his pillow further.

My lips purse for a moment, a burning question waiting to come out of my mouth. “Would you go and see the elders?” I ask quietly.

Jake’s eyes snapping to mine quickly, an unreadable expression across his face. “I don’t know,” he says, the words a struggle for him. “I’m worried it’s going to do more harm than good.”

“How’d you mean?”

“I’m worried about what they’re going to say,” he breathes out. “I’m worried I’ve made up these scenarios in my head that might not even be remotely true. What if something is wrong with my wolf, that it will sooner or later kill me?”

My heart pangs painfully. “Don’t say that,” I shake my head to him. “I’m sure that isn’t the case.”

“Something doesn’t feel right inside me,” he whispers like he’s given up.

“Then you should go,” I say instantly, my thumb flicking across the skin on his cheek. Moving closer so our noses are almost touching. “You deserve to know the truth rather than be sad for the rest of your life. You can’t live like this Jake, they must be able to do something or tell you something.”

Jake shrugs, I could sense he wanted this conversation to be let go but I couldn’t see him like this anymore, it was killing me. “I just don’t want to focus on that right now,” he mumbles. “I just want to spend time with you.”

I smile towards him and snuggle closer into his chest. “Same,” I whisper. “I’m so glad I met you.”

His arms wrap around my body, holding me tightly. I could lay here forever and I would be content. Just anywhere with Jake I’d be happy and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

. . .

The next week in the house felt strange, there was obvious tension between Jake and his father and I could tell that Evan was hating the current atmosphere in the air.

Caleb has been hanging around a lot more than usual, spending time with Evan and I. Clearly trying to make up for what happened the other night. In a way I liked being around him and spending time with both my parents together, knowing that we had drifted but now things between us seemed calm. The only thing that was upsetting me was seeing Jake so low.

We had spent a lot of time together these last couple of days, attempting to take his mind off everything. We hung out with the gang one evening and I took him out to the cinema, watching a movie that I know he would love. I could tell that he was grateful even though he had a hard time expressing himself.

I loved that I could understand him even though he can come across as difficult, but he’s not difficult. He’s the purest person I’ve ever met, his mind just blocks him from his best abilities. I wish I could take it all away but all I want to do is be there for him.

Jake was downstairs talking to Zara and Felix currently, I didn’t want to know what was going on because I know they needed their time alone to discuss this without me sticking my nose in.

So I spent the time tidying my room, like I had anything better to do. Being on standby in case Jake stormed out of the house or it all kicks off again, but I pray that it doesn’t. I hope this time they can see eye to eye and try and rekindle their relationship without tearing each others heads off.

As I clear away a bunch of objects on my desk, my hands sliding over a letter that was delivered a few days ago, I had completely forgotten about. No one knew I moved here and I couldn’t imagine who it was from, the front of the letter written by hand but it was extremely messy.

Furrowing my eyebrows as I dig my finger through the envelope and pulling the crumpled piece of paper out. A waft of cigarette smoke lifts up into my nose as I fold open the stained paper, my eyes roaming over the words.

One strike of a lightning bolt shoots through my body as I take in the letter, my breath shakes as do my hands. Gulping in attempt to moisten my dry throat, a strange and unknown feeling washing over me as I try to read the letter again.

Hi sweetie...

I wonder if you have missed me, but ive found you. ive finally found you and im coming bck for you. ive realised that youre a danger to the world like i am and now we need to do the beter thing and end it all.

i will come for you my sweet ellie. our time will come, we will leeve this creul world together.

ill be there for you soon, dont worry

mother dearest

Bile rises up in my throat at the sight of the letter, how the fuck had she found me?

Maybe it was some kind of prank that someone was trying to play on me. I knew my case was all over the internet, searching me up wasn’t hard considering how many articles there are on what happened. Although my birth name was changed for my protection and none of our other details are disclosed online, I had no idea how anyone knew that I lived here.

But I couldn’t ignore it if it was true, she almost killed me once, she clearly wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. Whatever her intentions were now, there was no way she could come back into my life and try and take everything away from me.

Folding the letter between my hands and making my way downstairs, needing to tell someone about this before things get out of hand. Knowing that neither of my parents would be happy, already worried about how Evan would react.

When I take a few steps down the stairs I watch as Zara has her arms wrapped around Felix whilst they sit at the kitchen table. Jake and Aria sat next to each other, Evan and Caleb stood with their backs to me.

Something serious was going on and I didn’t miss the way Zara was sobbing lightly. My eyes instantly dart to Jake, tears streaming down his face and I started to panic. What had happened?

“So-so,” Aria’s voice croaks. “You’re saying that you don’t have much longer to live?”

Her words strike me and I stand in my tracks, listening in. “I don’t know Aria,” Felix says, his voice sounding tired. “They said my life expectancy could be a few months to a year. They’re not sure. They’ve never seen this type of tumour before.”

My throat clenches tightly and I quickly fold the letter in my hand and shove it into my pocket. Caleb turns slightly and finds me stood behind him, his eyes were red and his lips pulled down into a deep frown. His arm touches the small of my back as he brings me into the conversation.

Zara’s head collapses into Felix’s side, her cries hurting my heart. “B-But surely they can do something?” Aria says suddenly, her eyes flooding out tears.

Felix’s head shakes. “They said that they can’t. It’s incurable.”

“You’re a werewolf dad, surely you can heal from this?” She breathes out desperately.

In a way it felt touching to see Aria this sincere, I thought that she was incapable of emotions but here she is crying. Never thought I would see her look so vulnerable but at the same time, her dad is dying. Anyone would feel like that.

“I can’t,” he mumbles out, wiping a stray tear that hit. “It’s beyond the point of curing, it’s caused too much damage.”

“Well what about Lucy?” Jake suggests as he turns to Evan. “She heals people right?”

Evan nods towards him but he didn’t seem sure like this could work, Caleb wrapping his over arm over his shoulder whilst still keeping me close to his side.

“It won’t work,” Felix tells them.

“Or-or what about Caleb?” Jake’s arm extends towards us but his watery eyes don’t meet mine. “He has that mind control thing.

“Jake,” Felix shakes his head. “It won’t work.”

“But you have to try!” Jake lets out, frustration crawling over his body.

“I have Jake,” he sighs towards the table.

“How long have you known?” He asks towards him, his voice coming off harsh.

Felix’s eyes turn to Zara for a brief second before turning back to his children. “A couple of days, we wanted to try everything we could before we spoke to you guys. But I promise you that we have tried everything that we’ve thought of, nothing seems to work.”

The look on Jake’s face broke me, the look that couldn’t even be described. Pain, that’s all I could see. Pain and fear. I wanted to reach over and give him a massive hug but I refrain and allow them to have this moment.

My eyes turn to Caleb who glances down at me, his eyes bloodshot and red. Evan was crying silently on the other side. I didn’t even know what to say, if there would be anything to say.

Zara has just found out her mate is going to die and Aria and Jake will soon be without a father, it felt like a knife had cut through my heart. Knowing that all of them are in agony because they can’t do anything about this situation.

“But I don’t want you guys to be upset and moping, I want to spend this time with you as a family. Make sure that the remainder of our memories together are happy ones, knowing that we spent it together.” Felix reaches out to grab onto Jake and Aria’s arms.

Caleb removes himself from me and walks around the side of the dinner table, reaching his hand out to Felix’s shoulder. “Just know that we are here for you, whatever you need. We will be there regardless.”

Felix’s hand moves to cup Caleb’s hand as he smiles gratefully up to him. “I know,” he tells him before pursing his lips. “You’ve been the bestest friend I could ever ask for Caleb.”

Caleb’s throat clenches at Felix’s words and I turn to Evan, it was too hard to watch. “We’ll give you some time alone,” Caleb breathes out as he motions his head to Evan and I.

Evan takes my hand and we walk towards the front door, Caleb shuts it behind us and we stroll out of our gates, none of us uttering a word. “What’s wrong with him?” I breathe out.

My eyes look between my fathers as Caleb scratches the back of his head. “They found a tumour inside his brain, a rare type that chemo won’t be able to help. It’s deathly.” His head shakes towards the floor.

“God,” I breathe out feeling a lump in my throat. “That’s awful.”

“I feel for all of them,” Evan says, his eyes glassing over. “I couldn’t imagine what they’re going through.”

“Which is why it is best to leave them be,” Caleb nods towards us. “Lets not force anything on them, give them time to come to terms with the news. We help where we can and we do nothing but remain positive that he lives the maximum life expectancy.”

My arms fold across my chest, hugging my cardigan to me. “Yeah,” I say. “I think that’s important, they don’t need anyone being pessimistic.”

Evan smiles towards me and rubs my arm. “I think Jake really might need you right now,” he tells me. “But make sure you don’t suffocate him, if he needs time alone then leave him be. But be there for him as best as you can.”

“I know dad, I will.” I say as my hand slips into my pocket, my fingers brushing the letter that I received earlier. My eyes shooting wide that I had completely forgotten for a moment.

Caleb begins to talk about Felix and what they had been through as children, growing up together and being best friends. Now wasn’t the time to bring up the letter, we didn’t need any more bad news. Convincing myself that the letter was nothing more than a stupid prank, I couldn’t be as selfish to make this about me right now.

Felix was about to going to lose his life, I think we could save the letter for another day.

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