Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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Thirty One

We had spent the evening at a diner, the moral was low but none of us wanted to admit it. Realising that Zara soon would be mateless and Jake and Aria fatherless. It was heart-breaking. Evan was adamant that we would speak about something else and remain positive, no point dwelling on something we can’t personally change.

By the time we got back to the house it was late and everyone was in bed, I had no idea if I should go in to see Jake or let him be. My stomach growling with nerves, hesitating outside my door and looking down the hall towards Jake’s room.

Taking a deep breath and taking slow and steady steps as I reach his door, my knuckles brushing against the wood and cracking the handle gently. My eyes peek inside, the room completely swarmed in darkness. Jake’s body was wrapped up in his duvet facing towards the window and away from me, he doesn’t move but I could tell he wasn’t asleep.

“Can I come in?” I whisper so quietly that barely I could hear it. “It’s okay if you want to be alone.”

A few moments tick by and Jake remains silent, my body rushing over with sadness but I knew it was my cue to leave. “Okay,” I say quietly. “I’m here if you need.”

My fingers pull back the handle slowly, almost clicking back in place. “Myla,” Jake’s voice calls out for me and I instantly stop, pushing the door back open again.

He was now sat up in his bed, a hand against his head. “I don’t want to be alone,” he murmurs and I swallow softly.

“Okay,” I say quietly as I take a step inside and closing the door behind me firmly. Tip toeing around the random pieces of clothing dotted around the floor and pulling back the duvet cover, slipping inside the sheets. Jake was laying facing the ceiling, not once turning to look at me.

So I let the silence swarm us, moving closer to him as I slip my hand into his and give him a supportive squeeze. My other hand brushing against his soft skin soothingly, watching as Jake keeps his eyes open and remains on a specific spot above him.

“I’m here for you no matter what,” I whisper pressing a kiss to the outside of his arm. “If you need time to yourself just let me know and I’ll give you space.”

Jake’s throat swallows for a second. “I thought I wanted space,” he breathes out. “But I realised that I don’t, I hate the thought of being alone. Of being stuck with my thoughts.”

My eyes drop to my hand as I continue to caress his skin. “Well you don’t have to worry about that,” I smile. “I’m not going anywhere if you don’t want me to.”

He doesn’t respond for a minute or two so I remain quiet, worried that I would say the wrong thing. Eventually he rotates and turns to me, sliding his hand under the pillow on my side of the bed, our legs entwining together.

“Tell me a story,” he says, his voice deep and croaky.

“A story?” I repeat as I look up at him through my lashes.

His eyes looked tired but so tired that he couldn’t sleep, restless. “Yeah,” he mumbles. “Tell me a story that will distract me from my thoughts.”

“Okay,” I nod as I quickly ponder for a second, trying to wrack my brain with something fun to tell but then remembering that my life has been pretty boring. Jake watches me patiently as I take my time thinking of something to say. “Drake blocked me on twitter once.”

Jake cracks a small smile. “He blocked you?” He repeats.

I hum instantly and nod my head. “Yup, childhood ruined.”

“What did you get blocked for?” He asks as his hand pushes away a strand of red hair from my face.

“Well,” I start as I clear my throat. “When I was like fifteen I remember he was trending on twitter and I wanted to know why, think there was an argument between people about him saying something in an interview. I can’t even remember.”

Jake stares back at me waiting for me to continue. “And I remember replying to someone who was a clear die hard Drake fan typing like a keyboard warrior trying to belittle someone else so I said ‘why do you care this much?’ and then the person started coming at me.”

“They tagged Drake in the thread and I said that Drake was overrated just to get under their skin and the next think I know he blocked me.” I say with a slight eyeroll.

A small laugh passes Jake’s lips. “Well maybe you shouldn’t have said he was overrated,” he shakes his head at me. “Drake is amazing.”

“Yeah,” I chew on the inside of my lip. “I realise I was just as bad saying that to him but at the time I felt like it was harmless. Everyone is entitled to their own music taste, he just wasn’t mine at the time.”

“I like that you’re not into mainstream stuff,” Jake exhales as he cups the side of my face.

“But remember things only become mainstream because they become popular. Someone could release a song that is so different from the rest and when it begins to become popular people automatically assume the artist or band is mainstream because it’s in the charts.” I let out and Jake digests my words.

“Mainstream doesn’t necessarily mean it’s shitty or not unique, it’s just taste I guess. I like some music in the charts but I also like music from the 80s, I’m never set on one genre or style of music.” My voice comes out quietly as Jake listens patiently.

“That is true,” Jake nods towards me. “We make it popular by listening to it, if no one discovered them I suppose they wouldn’t be classed as mainstream.”

“Exactly,” I say watching as Jake’s eyes begin to flutter shut slowly. “Are you tired?”

Jake’s lips purse before humming. “Okay,” I smile following his lead. “Goodnight Jake.”

His arms wrap around me tightly and my head settles in the crook of his neck. “Night,” he mumbles into the top of my head.

. . .

The next few weeks were excruciatingly painful, Felix’s condition worsened over the last couple of days. He had a fit whilst out on a walk, luckily Caleb was there to help him but ever since he’s not been in a good way.

Felix was taken to the hospital where he has been for a few nights, Jake was worried sick, he was there day in day out. Caleb was trying to keep our family together knowing that he had to be strong for everyone in the house.

The letter I received a few weeks ago has been kept a secret, never finding a good time to let anyone know what I had been sent. Jake wasn’t in any state to think about anything else right now which is completely understandable and I knew Caleb and Evan couldn’t deal with anymore bad news.

I didn’t want anyone thinking that I was being selfish or unfair by making this about me, it was a strange time to be living in the pack house. Like I was constantly walking on egg-shells, worried that I would say something that seemed insensitive and any mention of the letter might trigger something amongst us.

Whilst I sit at the dinner table alone, pushing around a vegetable soup that Evan had made for all of us earlier in the day. The sound of the door opening rings in my ears and I instantly turn my attention to Jake as he stands in the doorway, his backpack slumped over his shoulder.

“Hey,” I call out softly as I drop my spoon into my bowl and push the chair out from underneath me.

Jake’s eyes don’t meet mine but I could see they were bloodshot and his bags were heavy. Even though we had been sleeping together in the same bed most nights, I still knew that he wasn’t sleeping, petrified that he would wake up to awful news. I don’t blame him, the agony he must be feeling is visible, picturing how he felt inside scared me.

“Hi,” his throat sounds dry.

“Can I get you something to eat?” I offer as I clasp my hands together in front of me.

Jake shakes his head almost instantly as he slowly makes his way over to me. “No,” he says quietly. “I’m not hungry.”

My lips fall at his words but I nod. “That’s okay, maybe we could make something later.” I suggest.

He continues to nod but I couldn’t tell if he was listening to me. Eventually he stops directly in front of my feet, his hollow eyes finding mine before he wraps his arms around me securely and holds me tightly.

Quickly following his lead and folding my arms behind his back and breathing in deeply. This moment feeling wholesome but so incredibly heart-breaking, I could hear his breathing become slightly louder. “I don’t know what I would have done without you by my side through this,” he mumbles to me.

I smile into his shoulder and squeeze him slightly harder. “Like I said, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Thank you for being understanding with how blunt and standoffish I’ve been, I know I haven’t been the kindest lately.” His voice dips like these words hurt him to say.

He reluctantly pulls away from me but my hands stay latched onto him. “You don’t need to thank me, I know what you’re going through right now is hard. I’m not going to take anything to heart, I just want to be here to support you.”

His dark eyes land on mine and he sighs, defeated in his head. Raising his hands to cup either sides of my head pulling his lips down to meet mine in a delicate kiss, enough to send my stomach into a hurricane.

“How have I been so lucky to have met you?” He breathes out slowly, our lips still touching.

A genuine smile etches it’s way onto my face with easy. “Maybe it’s not luck,” I tell him confidently. “Maybe it’s fate.”

The corners of Jake’s eyes crinkle faintly at my words. “I’ve missed you,” he says quietly, his finger brushing over my cheekbone softly. “I’ve missed being with you.”

“I’ve missed you too,” I admit, knowing we hadn’t been spending an awful lot of time together these past couple of weeks. “But, I don’t want to be the one to tell you this but I think you need a shower.”

Jake looks down to his clothes and laughs silently to himself. “Right, I’ve worn these clothes for three days straight.”

“Not for three days,” I gasp jokingly and Jake smiles at me.

“Come take a shower with me,” he says catching me off guard.

“Really?” I say as my head pulls back to look at him better.

He nods instantly. “Yes,” he smiles as he reaches down to take a hold of my little fingers. “I think I’m in need of some company.”

My eyebrows raise at his words. “Okay,” I say with a bright grin.

“Lets go,” Jake says as he takes my hand and leads us upstairs. Walking into his bathroom and watching as he instantly turns on the shower.

“You’re the first person I’ve ever showered with,” I admit as I begin to pull off my jumper.

Jake smiles as he pulls his t-shirt off his body effortlessly. “Me too,” he says. “Guess it’s a first time for everything.”

Once all my clothes had been removed, my hands attempted to cover my body as I stepped into the shower. Feeling somewhat insecure that I could be seen at all angles and in the light. My hair begins to get damp as I step backwards allowing for Jake to slide in beside me.

His hands grasp onto mine and he pulls them away from my body, he doesn’t say anything but I knew that he was thinking. Obviously hiding myself from him when he had seen it all before.

Staring up at him not realising how much my hands were actually shaking. Jake’s lip turns into a slight smile at how I still felt when I was around him, it was so blatant he made me nervous but I was never going to admit that.

His head dips down to my lips and he kisses me deeply, his tongue wasting no time in invading my mouth. Holding onto his arms as he held me by the cheeks, pulling me impossibly closer to him as we both become drenched with the warm water.

Jake’s lips claim mine softly, an unexpected moan escaping from my mouth as he holds me tighter. Reaching his hands down my legs and hoisting me up around his waist and pinning me to the wall, becoming hot and flustered from how easily he could throw me around and pick me up. My core ached at his strength and confidence.

Breaking the kiss from my lips to my neck, his teeth nipping me gently before peppering kisses against my hot skin. “Jake,” I whimper out not being able to take this any longer.

His lips find mine again as he presses his chest up against mine, my nipples rubbing against his skin causing me to pant out, desperate to be touched. Jake opens his eyes softly and we clock each other, a feeling of desire and need between us.

Something that we both needed to feel sane again.

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