Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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Thirty Five


“Stop it!” I yell out with a small laugh, reaching up to take the batch of eggs in Jake’s hand as he dangles them over my head. “Give me those fucking eggs.”

Jake smirks towards me, standing on my tip toes as I try and jump to grab the box. “If you want them just take them,” he says with a simple shrug.

I roll my eyes and breathe out. “You’re so annoying,” I comment but Jake continues to grin down at me. My hands reaching forward to squeeze against his ribs, tickling his skin. He jolts opening the box with his hand somehow, as he squirms the eggs roll from the box and towards the floor. A scream leaves my lips as I look up, an egg falling directly onto my head. “You dick!”

Jake cackles loudly, the egg whites rolling down the side of my clean hair. “You did that to yourself, shouldn’t have tickled me.” He says as he closes the box and puts them to the side.

“Because you wouldn’t give them to me,” I huff out as I run my hand over my hair, covering my skin in the slimy food. Reaching forward to wipe it across Jake’s face quickly.

He gasps and catches my wrists instantly, holding me in place. “Now that’s just not nice,” he shakes his head towards me and I attempt to shake from his hold.

“Fuck,” I curse out. “Why are you still so fucking strong?”

Jake lets a breath out of his nose as he removes his hands from my wrists, reaches round to my waist and pulls me off the floor. My arms automatically wrapping around his neck as he squeezes me. “Jake,” I choke out as he holds me tightly.

“I’m always going to be strong,” he comments in my ear, his breath tickling the side of my face.

A laugh rumbles from my chest and his face finds mine, planting kisses across my cheeks to my forehead. My heart bursting into flames as his affectionate side is wilder than ever. He stops and levels our noses together, looking directly into my eyes and taking my breath away. He leans forward and kisses me softly, opening his lips so they can capture mine.

My hands pressing to the back of his neck, our chests flush against each other. Holding me firmly in his arms, his hands clenched around the sides of my ribs. Eventually he stops kissing me and lets me down, my toes touching the cold floor, releasing our arms.

“Right,” I say as I catch my breath, a hand running through my eggy hair. “Are we going to make these cakes or what?”

Jake stares back at me with what I could class as adoration, I wish I could know what he was thinking inside but he definitely showed it in physical affection. “Yeah,” he nods, his eyes glistening in the process. “Let’s hope we don’t burn the house down.”

“I’m sure we are more than capable of putting some cakes in the oven,” I say before playfully shoving him.

His eyes roll towards me and he grabs onto some flour, his eyes scanning over the back of the packet. “So how much are we using of this?”

My eyes continue to watch him as his brows furrow and he pulls the flour away from him. “The measurements are in this book, not on the packet.” I say with a slight laugh.

He blinks back at me and pushes my shoulder just like I did to him. “Whatever, ” he murmurs. “Tell me what I need to do.”

. . .

“You guys did not make these,” Remy sighs as she takes a huge bite of her cupcake, buttercream smeared across her cheeks.

Zack hum in approval. “Literally,” he comments, his mouth full. “I’ve never known you to bake Jake.”

Jake shrugs as he peels off the cake holder and swipes his finger across the cream and sticks it in his mouth. “Myla and I are just trying a few things out,” he says with a smile.

“He was an ass about it though,” I comment, my eyes looking up to the ceiling.

“Why?” Emily asks as she picks out a chunk from her cupcake.

“Because he dumped eggs on me, that shit is so hard to get out of your hair.” I grumble out, giving Jake the side eye.

He shoots me a deathly glare. “I didn’t do it on purpose, you tickled me and my hand slipped.”

“Whatever,” I mumble out as I fold my finished cake holder into a tiny ball.

“Wow,” Emily breathes out as she falls back onto Carter’s lap. “That was amazing, thanks for bringing them over guys.”

Remy sits up on her knees and nods towards us. “Yeah thanks guys, nice surprise.”

“No worries,” Jake shrugs it off like it was nothing.

“You seem so much happier Jake,” Zack adds causing everyone to turn towards Jake. “You just seem different, it’s really nice to see.”

Jake nods back at them enthusiastically. “I feel different,” he smiles as he draws his knees to his chest. “Obviously my dad dying was shit and that still plays on my mind but I’m just grateful for everything, for you guys.”

“Awww,” Remy grins over to him. “Jake, look at you being all soppy!”

“Shut up,” he grumbles, the look on his face proving how much he hated everyone fussing over him. “I’m just lucky I have friends that have never given up on me no matter how many times I’ve been difficult and late to things.”

Emily giggles. “Jake, let’s be real. You being late to things is never going to change.”

My hand moves to slide up the edge of his back slowly, watching as he nods back at her words. “This is true,” he nods with a gorgeous smile.

“You don’t need to thank us for being there for you,” Carter pitches in. “We’re just glad you’re happier now, whatever was going on with you.”

“Thanks guys,” Jake says enthusiastically. “Let’s change the subject before I vomit all over the floor.”

Remy fake retches, her throat sounding like a dying cat. “Yep,” she cries out. “I’m already off.”

Jake’s laugh rings in my ears, my skin raising in goose bumps just listening to him. Watching as warmth and happiness radiates from him, anyone could physically see it and I was so relieved he could finally live in peace with himself.

“What’s the plan for today then?” Zack asks as he leans back in his chair.

“Could go on another road trip?” Carter suggests.

“Yeah,” Emily leans up from him. “It’s proper nice out today.

Remy nods and stands from the floor. “Cool with me,” she smiles.

Jake turns to me and grips onto my fingers, ready for a day of mischief.

. . .

We don’t get home too late, just in time for dinner cooked by Evan and Caleb. They really had been helping Zara out, keeping her company but giving her space if she needed it.

“Hi guys!” Evan greets us as we walk through the front door, Zara and Aria were sat around the kitchen island. “Come join us, dinner is just about ready.”

“Thanks dad,” I smile as I approach them, Jake closely by my side. “What have you made?”

“Lobster pasta,” he smiles towards me. “Zara taught me a while ago and I reckon I’m almost up to her standard.”

Zara smiles towards him. “I’ll be the judge of that,” she says quietly.

Jake loops round the kitchen island and hugs his mom from behind, pressing a kiss to the back of her head. Her fingers latch onto his arm and hold him close, her eyes shutting for a brief moment.

Tearing my eyes away from them to give them their moment, my eyes fixate on Aria who smiles. “Hi,” I say.

She nods back. “Hey,” she says before looking away, letting out a deep sigh.

“Right guys, sit sit.” Evan shouts as he begins to plate up, pouring the creamy deliciousness in front of us. Jake slides in beside me and rests his hand on my leg gently, the small gestures making me feel hot. “Hope you all enjoy.”

“Thanks dad,” I smile towards him gratefully.

“What about me?” Caleb says in defence.

My eyebrows raise at him. “Did you really help?”

“A little,” he recoils from my words before picking up his fork.

“Then thanks dad.”

“You’re welcome,” he says before smiling towards me.

Dinner was calm and civil, no swearing, no shouting, no conflict. For once I felt like we could act like normal families, get along and be happy.

Caleb, Evan and I had been down to the police station a couple of times because of the letters that I had received from my mother. They managed to trace back where they were sent from and found out where she was staying, they then arrested her because she broke her restraining order and for her empty threats.

In a way I was relieved but deep down I knew that Caleb and Evan would never let anyone harm me, she wouldn’t come anywhere close before Caleb snapped her body in two.

Jake would always be there for me when I got home and it was everything that I needed from a boyfriend, supportive and understanding. My life might not have started out in the best of ways, but I’ve really got a lot to be grateful for. Especially now that we can be close as a family without any tension.

We could finally just be us, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Once everyone finishes Caleb clears his throat, catching everyone’s attention. “So Evan and I have created a memorial outside for Felix. We thought that now we are all together, it would be nice if we lit some candles and said some words.”

“That sounds great dad,” I say enthusiastically.

“Thank you,” Zara whispers, her voice almost getting caught in her throat.

“We just wanted to do something as a family,” Evan says as he begins to collect our plates.

“That’s kind of you,” Jake says, his voice honest.

As Evan clears away the plates, Caleb directs everyone outside. On the edge of our patio was sat photos, candles, flowers and distributed parts of a poem in big letters for everyone to read.

Jake clutches to my side as I look up at him, his eyes glassing over with tears. No one says anything, they admire and take a moment for themselves.

Zara cries to Aria as Caleb begins to read the poem aloud, it was about love and loss. About the journey of life, what we stand for and how we progress.

To not think negatively but to look back on Felix’s life and celebrate everything that he has been through, what he achieved in his short lived life.

Caleb reads perfectly, not once stuttering but pronounces each word with meaning. My hand laced through Jake’s as we listen to Caleb in silence, kissing his arm for support.

Zara chokes out a sob. “Thank you Caleb,” she mumbles as she wipes her nose. “Felix would have loved that.”

Caleb smiles back at her, nodding in appreciation. Evan than hands around candles and lights each one, listening as everyone says a few words about what it was like to know Felix.

It was touching for us to come together and remember him, knowing how much this would have meant to Zara, Aria and Jake.

Everyone else filters through the kitchen, Jake staying by my side as we look at the memorial in front of us.

“This will be a new beginning for us,” Jake says as he squeezes my shoulder. Turning my attention to him as I peek my eyes up at him. “Dad might have not been happy with my decision but he would have wanted for me to be happy.”

“Exactly,” I nod towards him. “Look at you now, you’re thriving as a perfectly normal human.”

Jake smiles down to me and quickly wipes his eye. “There is so much I want to do with you Myla,” he says as he holds me close.

“Then let’s go do it,” I state. “No one is going to hold us back, we deserve to do what we wish, together.”

His neck bends down to press our lips together gently. “I am so in love with you,” he expresses, my heart leaping out of my chest.

“I’m in love with you too.” I smile against him before pushing our lips together.

He catches my head with the back of his hand and holds me perfectly in place. Pulling back ever so slightly to admire my face. “Have I ever told you how beautiful I think you are?” He whispers.

My brow raises in his direction. “I don’t think you have,” I say with a smile.

“Well then,” he shakes his head. “I need to catch up, my boyfriend duties are slacking.”

“They are slacking,” I poke his shoulder jokingly.

He cracks the most perfect smile before leaning his head back down to my lips. As our lips touch my stomach erupts into endless amounts of butterflies, eventually we part gently and look up into each others eyes.

We still might have a lot to go through in our relationship, helping Jake come to terms with his newfound emotions. But at least we would be together and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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