Sweet Dreaming

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When Myla is adopted into a new loving family after she was neglected by her mother at six years old, she grows up with two werewolf fathers. Having moved away from her dads werewolf lives until she was eighteen, they move back to their pack house for Myla to discover what she truly wants in life now she is an adult. Although Myla struggles to show emotion, her past constantly having a hold on her, she refuses to let it define her. Having found it difficult to maintain any friendships as a child and growing up feeling lonely, she wants to take a step out of her comfort zone. Myla's personality cold and sassy, she doesn't take shit from anyone. Holding her head up high and not letting anyone bring her down, she opens up to the idea of letting people in, having blocked out all of her emotions since childhood. Spending the summer with the Alpha's werewolf son, there is a first for everything. Her first party, her first kiss, her first love. It just shouldn't be this complicated being so young. - This book includes: - Strong Language - Mature Themes - Descriptions of physical and emotional abuse - Drug Use

Romance / Fantasy
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No one prepared me for the life I was about to live.

I had no idea how complicated and confusing everything would turn out to be. My life constantly taking sharp turns, ups and downs like there was no tomorrow. I had no idea what the next day would bring because everyday I learnt something new in this crazy world.

But I knew one thing for sure, I was blessed. Blessed with a new life after spending a year in foster care and five years with my biological mother.

No one talks about my past, I don't even talk about it with my dads. I should, I know I should because sometimes it catches up with me but right now I wanted to live my life. I wanted to forget about the scars of my past and find my future for myself and no one else.

When Caleb and Evan first brought me home, I remember feeling terrified. Terrified of a new beginning, what if this was going to be like last time?

I was wrong, so very, very wrong. Caleb and Evan gave me absolutely everything. They were patient with me when I needed support the most and never ridiculed me for the irrational personality I had.

They never gave up on me and to this day, I have no idea why or how because I knew I wasn't a pleasant child. I had a lot of issues and built up anger, I'm surprised they didn't send me straight back to foster care. But they were persistent and now I appreciate it more than ever.

The hardest thing to adjust to was when they told me about their lives, the fact that they are werewolves. Actual shifters. To me, this was the most shocking thing to discover because who would believe it? I don't know how long it took me to become used to their news.

But I didn't have anything to fear because they protected me like their own, my parent's pack would watch over me like a hawk. Constantly checking that I was okay and safe. Their love for one another was something I never experienced, it was an alien feeling. Not that I remember much but Caleb and Evan told me constantly how loved I was by them.

After being adopted Caleb and Evan moved us away, for me to grow up being a normal human. Caleb gave his Alpha title to Felix and let us have our own family time.

I grew up like any other teenage kid with an attitude problem. When I turned eighteen, my dads decided it was time to move back to the pack house and find my calling in life. The thought was daunting knowing we would be going back to their family but I knew I had to embrace it, this was my livelihood now.

And I had no idea what I was getting myself in for.

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