Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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"Are you feeling okay?" Evan, my dad turns in the front seat to look at me.

I shrug as I look back at him, my eyes drooping slightly. "I'm fine, why wouldn't I be?"

Evan sighs and turns to Caleb, my other dad. "I know you're a tough cookie Myla but sometimes it's okay to admit when you're feeling a little nervous or anxious."

Forcing myself to resist the urge to roll my eyes because both my dads believe that I have a severe attitude problem. I have no idea how many times we've sat down and spoke about how I can better myself and not come across as cold as I do. I've been working on it but it's almost like it isn't me, I was born to be a cold hearted bitch and they both knew that.

Sometimes people can't change and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that's me, right now.

"The more you go on about it, the more it's gonna shut me out," I mumble before staring out of the window.

Caleb reaches over to grip Evan by the knee and he squeezes gently. I can see out the corner of my eye how Evan's shoulders slump slightly at my words and he eventually turns around.

I would be a liar if I said hurting or upsetting my dads was something I wanted to do because it isn't. I never want to hurt them, the thought makes me feel sick. Trust me, I hated myself for it but Caleb tells me it's good I have a backbone. He tells me that he knows I would be able to stand up for myself in a fight, verbally and physically.

Evan screamed at Caleb for telling me this. They're so different that sometimes I can't believe that they are together. Not that they don't work well together but their views on life and actions are at completely different ends of the spectrum.

Caleb has always wanted to toughen me up, give me self-defence classes and allows me to get away with swearing. Evan on the other hand, practically at the side lines with the first aid kid, the constant worrier and expected the worst. He never wanted me to get hurt because sometimes Caleb could be too rough with me and I'd end up with carpet burn.

They'd argue but only because Evan thought I would be at breaking point. I hated listening to them argue because they would get so upset, Evan would cry and Caleb would shout. But every time they'd come back together, apologise to each other and make an active choice to apologise to me.

They wouldn't argue a lot but it's mostly over something they didn't agree on because of me. I understood because I am their first and only child, I know I'm difficult because of my past.

Both Evan and Caleb were protective over me, they wanted to make sure that I was safe at all times. If I knew for one thing, I knew that they loved me with their whole hearts. Sometimes I felt like I take it for granted, they practically saved me from living a life in foster care. My heart pangs with guilt for all the times I've been nasty to them for no reason.

The car slows down and Caleb pulls into a long gravel drive with black metal gates. I was far too young to remember the last time I lived here, nothing at all stood out. We drive slowly up to the white house in front of us, I never knew it was this big. My eyes struggled to look at it all at once, so instead I quickly glance at every inch slowly.

Caleb raises the hand break and stops directly beside a few other cars. "Let's go," he declares as he pops the door open and steps outside the driver side.

Unbuckling my seatbelt and following their lead. They both instantly loop round to the trunk of the car and pull out our suitcases. As soon as I shut the car door, the feeling of warm, fluffy fur is dragged around the bottom of my legs.

Glancing down towards my feet, my eyes are met with a pure white cat with one blue eye and the other green. Its mouth opens to let out a quiet meow, my heart almost melts as it rubs up against me again.

"Myla?" Caleb calls me and I instantly snap my eyes to him. "You ready?"

My lips hum towards it, the cat glued to my legs. "Whose cat is this?" I question as I lean down to run my hand through its fur.

Caleb slams the trunk shut harshly and grabs my stuff. "I don't know," he says as he passes by me. "And quite frankly I don't care."

I almost gasp at his words. "You don't care?" I repeat. "What if it's lost and can't find its way home?"

Evan stops to look at me but Caleb places his hand on his back and continues him to the front door. "If you forgot, we are werewolves. Cats and us don't mix,"

A deep huff exhales out of my lungs as I drag my feet towards their front door. Evan offers me a smile and slows down to my speed. "He's right," he says softly. "A cat will not be a good idea, us creatures shouldn't mix."

"But it's a tiny little cat, you guys don't ever shift in the house?" I question feeling confused.

Evan instantly shakes his head towards me. "I don't expect you to understand Myla, it's almost like a territory thing. It's best that it stays outside and besides, it probably is just going on a little adventure and going home tonight."

I decide not to say anything because I hated being told that 'I don't understand'. I've know my whole life that I will never understand but sometimes I want to feel like I am apart of their family and not their little add-on because they felt sorry for me.

As Caleb reaches the door, he jams in the keys and pushes the door open with his foot. Taking in our bags and luggage as Evan attempts to help him.

The smell of burning firewood and freshly baked cookies filled my nose, it reminded me so much of Christmas except it was the start of summer and there was no fireplace. I've never smelt such a delicious house in my life. I almost wanted to eat it.

"Welcome home champ," Caleb says as he drops our bags at the bottom of the stairs and wraps one arm around my shoulder.

My eyes wander across the living room and towards the kitchen. "You guys didn't tell me you were fucking rich,"

"Myla please, stop with the swearing," Evan speaks from beside me, his eyes full of concern like I'm going to turn out bad. But I was already eighteen and it would be too late to be anything other than 'bad'.

I felt like I was in the Great Gatsby or something, the decor was perfect and precise. Stunning. My eyes almost couldn't get enough, the colour pallet of neutrals. The way the furniture matched the rugs and the rugs matched the ceiling lights. The walls looked like the perfect shade of grey and even to me that sounded absolutely stupid. But it was true, this place was utterly divine.

"Remember much?" Caleb asks as he drops his hand from my shoulder and pulls our luggage further out of the way.

"No but I love it," I admit.

"I told you she would," Evan smiles towards Caleb, it looked like a wash of relief over his face.

Two people emerge from down the hall, their smiles beaming the second that they see all of us. I recognise them from the pictures, Felix and Zara.

Zara rushes over to me instantly, her black heeled boots clicking against the hard floor. "Oh my goodness, look at you," she says as she holds out her arms to me. "I remember when you were such a little one."

I wasn't a fan of affection I have to say, as she swarms me with her embrace I politely accept and hug her back gently. Out the corner of my eye I watch as Felix hugs Caleb tightly, bright smiles on both of their faces.

Zara pulls me away to arms length and I force an awkward smile. Felix is soon in front of me as he also brings me into a hug, a tight one at that.

"Hi Myla, welcome," he says gently into my ear.

"Thank you," I reply politely.

Felix and Zara mould into each other in front of me, my eyes quickly scan them. They looked perfect together and when I say perfect, like they were sculpted by the Gods.

"What kind of food do you like Myla?" Zara asks which brings me back to their attention.

I shrug quickly and latch my fingers together. "I like anything, sushi and Thai food mainly,"

Zara flashes me a struggling look as she places one hand on her hip. "Well I haven't quite mastered the techniques of sushi yet but my other cooking is phenomenal, if I do say so myself,"

"She's right," Evan says next to me. "I don't know what I would have done without Zara's cooking all these years,"

"Sounds good," I tell her.

"I've got a bit of a feast going on today," Zara's eyes light up towards me. "So you best be hungry,"

Caleb's hand moves to press against my back. "Myla doesn't like big portions, she likes to eat little and often,"

I nod to his words as Zara and Felix stare back at me. "Yeah, I'm more of a grazer than a big eater so it's best to just plate me up something small,"

Zara shakes her head. "No worries at all my love, nothing will go to waste in this house."

Just as Caleb begins to speak, the sound of the front door opening and slamming in a angry fashion interrupts him. All of our attention is turned towards the noise, my eyes latch onto a tall boy with a backpack slung over his shoulder. His eyes don't meet any of ours and instead he darts straight for the stairs.

"Erm, Jake?" Felix shouts over to him.

Jake stops on the fourth step and turns to us slowly. "Don't be so rude, we have guests,"

My feet begin to shuffle as he slumps down the stairs. Our eyes meet and for a quick moment I take in his appearance, I couldn't work out if he was fourteen or twenty-eight.

His shoulders firm and broad but his face innocent and sweet, like a baby. His lips looked deliciously plump and his dark eyes a desire of mystery. Even the way he dressed captured my attention, his light blue jeans baggy but rolled up at the ankles with white socks on show and a pair of black converse. A white t-shirt clung to his muscly frame with red tie-dye effect across the chest.

"Who aren't really guests anymore because they are moving back to the pack house," Felix finally finishes off.

Jake stands in front of us and greets Caleb and Evan, not quite the same chirpy greeting I got from his parents. "This is our daughter Myla," Caleb introduces me next and I stare back at him as his eyes find mine.

"Hi," he mumbles.

"Hi," I mumble back.

I quickly advert my gaze now feeling severely uninterested. A weird feeling inside me making me feel like I've met my match. For bluntness.

"You here for dinner?" Zara asks quickly.

Jake shrugs. "Dunno, might go out."

"Well it will be nice to have you and Aria for dinner tonight," she tries again.

He lets out a strained sigh and nods eventually at her words. "Fine, I'll be there,"

"Brilliant news, I'll be a perfect family night together," she muses as she claps her hands together happily. "I'll ask Aria if she's around."

"Can't wait," he says flatly before turning sharply and walking up the stairs.

"Please don't mind him," Zara says as he steps out of view. "He's been so stressed recently. They've just finished school and now planning on what they want to do for the future,"

Evan nods at her. "That's completely understandable,"

"We can discuss it over dinner, we'd love to hear what things you have planned now you're back in Michigan and the career paths you'd want to take," Zara continues and I didn't realise how intense she could be.

I feel my face begin to pale further because realistically I have no clue what direction I wanted to take my life in, I wanted to settle down first and think through my options.

All I knew was, this dinner would be a ball of laughs. Not.
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