Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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Listening to werewolves talk was exhausting, they never knew when to take a breath. Speaking incredibly fast and enthusiastic, I've never seen anything like it. Caleb tells Zara and Felix not to specifically target me with questions as he wants me to settle down comfortably, sometimes I believe that he really understands me. But other times he can be such an ass.

When dinner comes around I have the pleasure of meeting Aria, Zara and Felix's daughter. I wasn't sure who was older but they both looked mature, fresh skin and thick hair. Me on the other hand, pasty and hair as dry as a bone.

Zara plates us up and I sit between my two fathers, making me feel like a child again and I needed the support

Aria and Jake sat in front of me with their parents either side. Feeling grateful that the dinner was a 'help yourself' kind of dinner so I could pick and choose what I wanted. Everyone begun to dig in, listening to Zara talk about what has been going on since Caleb and Evan left.

I don't listen because quite frankly I cannot understand or grasp what they're talking about but this is why they brought me back, so I could be apart of their werewolf lives and traditions.

"So Myla," Aria says as she slides her teeth against her fork and chews what is in her mouth. "Do you like R&B music?"

My eyes flick up to meet hers. "Urm," I pause. "It's okay I guess,"

"Then what music do you like?" She asks as she reaches forward for her cup of water.

"I like music from the 80s and 90s mostly," I explain. "I'm into jazz and soul music."

Aria stares back at me like I just spoke a foreign language, even noticing how Jake looks to me like I was born in a completely different era. "Really?" She says eventually. "I don't know anyone in the 21st century that likes that kind of music."

My shoulders shrug instantly. "I can't stand that shit on the radio, it's all the same and unoriginal,"

Evan sighs sharply from beside me at my swearing but I know he wouldn't say anything to embarrass me in front of everyone. Aria flexes one of her eyebrows before shoving more food into her mouth. "Well I guess everyone is different in some way,"

"Myla honey, you should take off your jumper. It is so warm in here, you must be sweltering!" Zara says from across the table.

Everything instantly heats up as I crank my neck towards her. I wasn't sure what to say because she was right, it was absolutely boiling and I wanted nothing more than to just sit here in my underwear but that wouldn't be socially acceptable.

"She's fine," Caleb says quickly. "She's got poor circulation so struggles to get warm."

When I turn to face him I mentally thank him for covering for me, not that I had anything to hide that wasn't apart of my life. I just didn't want the questions and the endless stares with something I never had control over.

"Oh," Zara says as she shakes her head. "Sorry dear, I'm always doing too much."

I shake my head at her. "Not at all," I force a smile. "This is delicious by the way."

"Oh thank you," she pats her mouth with her napkin. "So, what do you want to do now you've left high school?

My fingers push my fork around my plate, knowing that this question was coming and mentally preparing for it. "I'm not entirely sure yet," I admit. "I enjoyed designing things in the workshop but unsure if I could make a career out of it,"

"You should have seen the wooden table that she made for our house," Evan's voice raises slightly to catch everyones attention. "It was unbelievable, you'll see it when the moving truck comes on Tuesday."

I find myself nodding towards Evan, completely forgetting that I had made that. "Yeah actually, that was pretty good," I say and Evan smiles widely at me.

"Well that sounds amazing Myla, I can't wait to see what else you could make," Zara beams at me. "We've encouraged Aria and Jake to look into careers and possibly college."

Caleb clears his throat loudly from beside me. "Oh really, how comes?" He asks curiously.

Felix leans his elbows on the table and clasps his hands together. "Well honestly, these last ten years the werewolf world has been slowing down and there isn't a lot going on right now."

Zara nods towards him as she listens to every word. "Yeah completely," she agrees. "It's mostly turning into protecting ourselves from people finding out and not other werewolf packs. The numbers are slowly going down and things aren't as competitive as they once were."

Both Caleb and Evan seem shocked but listen patiently. "Obviously we all still train together and keep ourselves fit but we want Jake and Aria to have something to fall back on, grow their own human strengths and skills. We want them to live life and enjoy what they want." Felix explains clearly.

"Yeah I completely get that," Caleb says after a few moments.

"Wanting them to find their mates of course and continue that tradition but other than that, we are letting them get on with it themselves," Zara continues before taking a sip of wine.

"Well of course," Evan comments. "At least keep that part of the werewolf world close with them."

Aria rolls her eyes and drops her fork onto her plate causing a loud crash. "Ugh mom, you know that we probably aren't going to find our so called 'mates'. I haven't even met a wolf from another pack."

"Oh Aria stop being so pessimistic, they might come at the time you least expect it," Zara replies with a convincing smile.

"So what do you guys want to do?" Caleb asks as he changes the subject.

Jake raises his head and then I realise he hasn't said one word. "Was thinking of going to college but then I didn't know what I'd want to study," he says first.

"Well I'm thinking of becoming a teacher of some kind, I just love the idea of working with kids," Aria gushes like she has her whole life sorted out.

"They're planning on taking the summer out and enjoying the last few weeks with their friends before they go off to college and start doing placements," Felix says towards Caleb directly. "There is no rush and we've told them that, they have the rest of their lives to decide what they want to do."

"And the same with Myla," Caleb says as he grips my shoulder between his fingers and gently squeezes.

"Speaking of the summer, you guys should invite Myla out to somethings with your friends. Help her settle in and enjoy it,"

Jakes eyes look amused, the look of 'that is the worst idea in the world'. Aria nods back at her mom and smiles. "Yeah of course, that sounds fun," she agrees. "You'll absolutely love my friends!"

I force a smile at her, my lips becoming dry from the excessive extending of my skin. "Sound good," I say back but completely lacking enthusiasm.

Aria studies me for a moment as I study her, I couldn't tell if we would get on. I felt like our personalities clashed slightly. She was the loud and bubbly girl everyone loved and I'm the straight to the point and moody bitch everyone struggles to get along with. But I guess I had to try, no matter how hard I found it to be energetic and animated.

By the time dinner is finished, I help clear away knowing Caleb will be on me about my manners. Evan smiles to Caleb and they act like I couldn't see but I knew what they were thinking. I was actually helping.

"I'm going out," Jake says as he shoves his phone into his pocket.

"Where you going?" Zara responds as she turns around from the sink.

"Come on mom, I'm eighteen and an adult,"

"Well any drinking activities is twenty-one, don't test us son," Felix responds but his voice sounds like he's partially joking.

Aria slams her hands down onto the table that is holding her phone. "Come on guys, you know that we drink. Let's move past it." She says like she's sick of hearing this on a loop.

"Right," Jake says snapping the attention back to him. "Glad we cleared that up, I'm going out now. I'll mindlink you later, okay mom?"

Zara sighs deeply knowing that this was the best she was going to get out of her son and I didn't blame him. Keeping things secret from your parents is the way forward, the less they know the better. No sticking their noses in telling you what to do or how to feel. The whole part of growing up is making mistakes yourself and learning from them.

"Are you going to Carter's?" Aria calls as Jake reaches the door.

He stops and rotates towards her. "Yeah, you coming?"

She shakes her head, her eyes glued to her phone. "Maybe later, see what the girls are doing,"

"Alright, catch you later," he says before shutting the door firmly behind him.

"Oh Myla, you should go with them tonight," Zara suggests.

Aria's eyes peek up at me slightly as I shake my head. "Na, it's okay. I just want to chill tonight and yeah—"

"You're probably tired from the drive," Evan pitches in, feeling grateful he understands that the last thing I'd want is to go to a gathering and meet a bunch of random people.

"Yeah, I want to crash soon," I say and Zara eventually nods towards me.

"Another time then, for sure," she smiles.

"Shall we take your stuff up to your room?" Caleb suggests as he pushes his chair out from underneath the table.

I nod eagerly at him, wanting nothing more than a boiling hot shower and a goodnights sleep. Following my dads lead as he carries my suitcase up the stairs effortlessly. I always wondered what it felt like to be so naturally strong, the things that they have been able to do which have amazed me. Sometimes I'd love to be able to punch a wall and not break my wrist.

Caleb barges through a wooden door and drops the suitcase onto the floor, along with my bag. The room was clean, simple. Big windows with blinds, a double bed and a white desk. Like I said simple.

"You can do whatever you like with it," he says as he swipes the edge of the desk. "Paint it, stick stickers to it, rip it up. I don't care, it's yours now."

A small smile creeps up on my face from his bluntness. "Thanks," I say as I take a few steps further into the room. "Only if you'll help because I am the worst at decorating."

Caleb exhales a sharp breath through his nose. "You're asking the wrong parent," he laughs softly. "Everything I touch breaks, your dad will be able to help with the decorating. He's a perfectionist."

My eyebrows shoot down at him. "But you paint?"

"I paint canvases, not walls,"

"How the fuck are you an actual adult?" I ask feeling completely dumbfounded. "Walls are pretty much blank canvases,"

"I know," Caleb shrugs with a small smile on his lips. "I'm just trying to get out of it."

My hand reaches up to push his shoulder but he doesn't budge an inch. "How did social services let you get a child with this kind of neglect?" My voice says playfully.

"You are the adult now my girl," he places two hands onto my shoulder and leans forward to press a kiss to my forehead. "Best start getting your life in check."
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