Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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No matter how much I wanted to sleep in, the second the light touched my window, my eyes pinned right open. The room was so plain that there wasn't even anything aesthetically pleasing to look at, meaning I got bored within three minutes.

Throwing the covers off myself and walking towards my window, twisting the blinds open slightly. It was far too sunny for me, my skin and the warmth doesn't mix. Especially when I end up looking like a lobster with third degree burns, it's best to stay away.

Glancing out at the bright day and down at the drive below me, my eyes instantly gravitate towards the white cat from yesterday sat by Caleb's car. The cat looks around, almost like it was looking for someone to give it attention.

Throwing on a cardigan and shoving my feet into a pair of shoes, I make my way downstairs quietly. It was eerily silent in the house, clearly no one wakes up at the crack of dawn like I do.

As I reach the bottom of the stairs and open the front door, the cat turns its head in my direction and leaps up onto its four feet and runs to me. With one hand I wrap my cardigan around my body and shut the door with the other.

"Hi little guy," I say as I bend down to its level. "Or girl."

It's multicoloured eyes look up to me and it meows. "Are you lost?" I ask in my animal voice as I run my fingers through its soft fur.

"Hmmm, what should we call you?" My voice dips as it nuzzles it's head into my lap. Moving so that I'm now sitting on the step, its little paws kneading back and forth.

"What about a gender neutral name like, Brooklyn or Oakley,"

It meows at me again, its eyes glistening towards me. "Oakley it is,"

Oakley perches on the step next to me, it's fur slightly touching my leg. "I hope you're not miles and miles from home and you don't know how to get back because that makes me sad." I say but the cat doesn't look in my direction.

"What are you doing?" The front door opens quietly as Evan steps out and stands behind me.

My head whips around to my dad as he leans on the door frame, his eyes flicking to Oakley who was beside me.

"The cat came back dad," I explain as it nuzzles its head against my arm. "It must be lost or a stray, we can't leave it by itself now. This is a sign."

Evan sighs loudly and I watch as he rubs his eyes. "Myla you know that we can't keep a cat here,"

"But why not?" I shoot back. "Oakley isn't hissing at you or growling, in fact it's very friendly."

"Jesus," Evan mumbles. "You've already named him?"

"It could be a girl," I shrug as I stoke through its incredibly soft fur. "But this will help me settle in dad, it's almost like a good luck charm. It came back and how can we leave it?"

I watch as he shifts his eyes between mine, unsure how to feel. "It's so innocent, we can't give up on it now. Just like you guys didn't give up on me."

"Fine," Evan says eventually which earns a smile from me. "But you better ask your father."

Scooping Oakley up into my arms I shrug towards Evan. "Trust me, I can win him over,"

He exhales a sharp breath of air at my statement, shaking his head as I walk through the door. "Good luck with that." He mumbles as he shuts the door.

Oakley snuggles into my arms, not scratching or attempting to bite me once. Instead it looks up at me with its big eyes and I wanted to melt. Never have I seen anything cuter.

Loud footsteps shoot down the stairs and before I know it Caleb is in front of me. "Take that thing outside," he demands as he points his finger dramatically towards the door. "I can smell it from a mile away."


Caleb's eyes snap back to mine, I can almost see them rising with rage but he settles. Not letting his emotions get the better of him. "What did you just say?"

Holding Oakley impossibly closer to my chest. "I said no because dad already said yes," I say as I tilt my head over to Evan.

Evan becomes hesitant. "Well no I didn't say yes," he says quietly. "I said see what your father says."

"Yeah and I said no," Caleb bites back, his arms now folder across his chest.

Turning my attention back to Evan. "Why can't you ever just speak your mind rather than letting someone else say it for you?" My voice snaps towards Evan.

His eyes flinch at my tone which sends my heart into a pang of guilt. "Don't speak to your dad like that," Caleb intervenes, noticing Evan's slight distress.

"What like how you speak to me?" I say in disbelief knowing that Caleb is blunt and rude to me. Like he has never learnt how to parent.

"It's a fucking cat Myla, do not make this into a big thing,"

Evan's hands begin to fumble with themselves. "Guys please lets not argue about this,"

Caleb and I continue to have a stand off no matter what Evan says. "Why can't you let me have this one thing?" I question. "I've never asked for anything in my life."

"Because we don't mix Myla, how many times do I have to tell you this?"

"Oakley isn't bothered in the slightest," I say as I hoist him up in my arms. "Never have I seen a cat that is so chilled."

"No," Caleb shakes his head. "No, no. That's final."

"Fine," my voice becomes loud.

"Guys, please lets stop this," Evan pleads with us.

"Oakley and I will be outside until we can come to some kind of agreement," turning sharply on my heel and approaching the door.

"Fine," Caleb yells back. "Starve to death, see if I care."

Evan gasps instantly. "Caleb, you do not mean that," his voice full of hurt.

"Let her do her own thing," he grumbles under his breath.

I slam the door behind me, the house almost shaking in the process. Exaggeration on the shaking but I felt like it did. Blood was pumping round my body aggressively, how could someone be so annoyed about a cat?

Letting Oakley down onto the stairs, staying firmly beside me. "Don't worry," I say. "You can stay with us."

Oakley meows before nuzzling my arm again, convincing me to stroke it. Holding its arms and pulling it up on it's back legs, getting a quick glance of the below. "Oh," I say as I instantly but it back down. "So you are a boy."

"Might have to get you neutered, if you aren't already," I say in my cat voice, scratching underneath his chin.

We watch the sun rise together and not once does Oakley leave me, it was like he was my little companion. I felt bad because he might have been hungry or thirsty but I didn't want to rummage through their fridge, not before Caleb ripped my hands off.

"I'll get you some water in a bit," I tell Oakley as he moves in front of me. "You little cutie, yes you ar—"

"Who are you talking to?"

My mouth instantly slaps together when I hear a deep voice behind me, not even realising that the front door had opened. Turning my head slowly to Jake who is about to shove headphones into his ears, dressed in gym gear.

Oakley rushes to his voice and meows up to him, rubbing around his legs affectionately. Jake's eyebrows furrow at the cat before flicking his eyes to me, looking completely dumbfounded. "You do know we are werewolves right?"

I resist the urge to scrunch my face up at him like I hadn't heard it a million times before. "Yeah," I reply bluntly. "We're all mammals so what does it matter?"

Jake studies me for a few moments before looking back down to Oakley who is beaming up at him, sitting politely by his feet. "We're wolves, that's a cat,"

"Wow," I say sarcastically. "Thank you so much for enlightening me, I had no idea what a cat looked like!" My eyes flash him a look, a look to say that I wasn't stupid.

He pulls the door firmly shut and walks past me. "Whatever," he sighs before running out of the front garden.

"Whatever." I mumble under my breath.

Time passed and my ass became numb but I refused to push Oakley away and give up on him now. He naps beside me in the sun, having to shield in the shade because my skin was about to burn off.

The front door swings open but this time I don't turn to look. "Myla, please come inside. We'd like to speak." Evan says, his voice dipping in concern.

I fold my arms over my chest and turn my head sharply to him. "Can Oakley come in?"

"Leave him outside for a second, I don't think he's going anywhere," he says motioning to his sleeping body.

"Fine," I say as I push myself up from the floor and make my way into the house.

Caleb is stood by the kitchen, his eyes train on me as I enter. "So he can stay?" I ask as I stop a few feet in front of him.

"You're just lucky your dad is a nicer person than I am," he grumbles and Evan leans on the kitchen island beside him. Smiling up to him like he was proud he could overcome his own emotions.

"The cat can stay," Evan says as he holds onto Caleb's arm.

"But," Caleb instantly cuts in, his voice louder than both of ours put together. "Only if we take it to the vets to see if it's microchipped and if it is, we take it back. If it's not we can keep it but get it vaccinated and everything under the sun, okay?"

My lips curve up into a smile. "And—" he continues. "It stays mostly outside, we can build some shitty cat house if you want."

"Thanks dad," I say as I walk towards him and wrap my arms around his large frame. "This is honestly going to help me settle in, I hope you know that."

Caleb sighs and hugs me tightly into him. "I know kiddo," he mumbles quietly.

"So when we going to the vets?" I ask as I beam up to him, his eyelids hung like he knew I was going to ask straight away.

Pulling away from him and looking towards Evan. "We can go now if it would make you less crazy," Caleb says and I reach up to slap his elbow.

"Can you be a nice dad for five seconds?"

"I let you keep the cat, didn't I?" He says in a high pitched voice of annoyance.

"Come on," Evan steps forward to grasp my shoulder. "Lets find something to put him in for the journey."

I force a sarcastic smile towards Caleb as he watches Evan help me with this situation. He hated being outnumbered and I loved to rub it in his face.

Sometimes I feel like I really am his daughter, in ways we are so alike. Sassy, blunt and stubborn. God knows how Evan has ever put up with him but I suppose Caleb is nice to him and mean to everyone else, including me. In a tough love kind of way.

"I'll take Myla," Evan steps forward to him. "You stay here and spend time with Felix, I know you guys probably have so much to catch up on."

"Thanks," Caleb nods towards him before pressing a kiss to his lips.

"Ew guys please stop," I say as I shield my face. "There is a time and a place and it isn't here."

"Suck it up," Caleb mumbles and I can sense that he rolled his eyes. He always does.

Evan sighs at the constant bickering, I know that he gets tired of it and quite frankly so do I. He tries to get us to see eye to eye more but I tell him that is Caleb's comments that egg me on, we knew how to wind each other up.

"Please lets just stop the arguing today, we haven't even been here a full day. This is a new beginning again, for all of us. Lets just cut it all out and put it behind us." Evan says as he rubs his hand up Caleb's arm.

Caleb's head falls and he eventually agrees, I loved the fact Evan was Caleb's weakness. He always helped him come around to his anger and annoying opinions. "Fine," he says. "No more arguing."

Depending on the vet bill, we'll see about that.
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