Sweet Dreaming: Book 4

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Oakley was officially mine, he had no microchip and there were no lost cat flyers in the foyer of the vets. So now he was officially mine.

Caleb tried his best to cover his disappointment but I could see through him, his face never looked inviting and right now he looked like he wanted to murder the cat. Evan had convinced him to let Oakley stay in the house whilst we built him a shelter outside, I was afraid he would run off and I'd never see him again.

"You best believe you're going to need to get a job if you want to fund that cat," Caleb says as he watches Evan dump the keys onto the counter.

"I will," I shoot back sourly. Oakley was firmly in my hands, resting gently with his paws on my shoulders. "Like you said, I'm the adult now."

"Put that thing in the living room before it starts snooping round our stuff," Caleb grumbles. "And shut the door whilst you're at it."

"God," I let out as I pass Evan. "How the fuck did you marry him?"

Evan shoots me a glare but it was about the swearing and not my comment. "Just be glad he's agreed to this, yeah?" He whispers as I stop by his shoulder.

"I guess," I sigh before taking Oakley to the living room. Letting him down gently onto the floor and watching as he jumps up onto the couch and curling into a ball in the corner.

My heart wanted to melt just looking at him, he was so fucking cute and I just wanted to squish him. Evan slips his head around the door and enters the room, his eyes instantly finding Oakley. "Hey," he says.

"Hi," I say as I sit down on the opposite couch.

"So I know your dad mentioned about getting a job and I know that it will be a good idea for you to get about the town," he continues gently. "I saw an advertisement outside the bowling alley on the way home, maybe you should apply. It says that they are urgently requiring someone."

"I didn't even see a bowling alley on the way home," I say as I furrow my eyebrows towards him.

"Werewolf vision," Evan says instantly and I nod towards him. "But anyway, then you can get some time away from us and earn a bit of your own money."

"Yeah I know dad," I agree with him. "I don't want to sponge off you guys forever."

"Well I was thinking that if you printed out your resume, we could drop it over there this afternoon and whilst we are at it pop into the pet shop." He says as he eventually perches on the arm of the couch next to Oakley.

"Really?" My voice perks up.

He nods quickly. "Yeah, just don't tell your father because he might just hit the roof,"

A grin stretches out onto my face. "You're the best," I say as I stand up and rush to wrap my arms around his shoulders tightly.

Evan laughs and attempts to hug me back. "I know you need an extra bit of comfort right now, especially moving so far from everything."

"Thanks for understanding dad, I appreciate it,"

He hugs me a little bit tighter and a burst of gratefulness spreads throughout my body, feeling warm that I had someone who understood me.

. . .

"See I told you it said they were urgent for staff," Evan says as he points at the advertisement in the window. My eyes take a quick glance at it and notice the words 'NEEDED' written in bright red text.

"Probably because they underpay employees and make sexist or racist comments to them," I mumble and Evan shoots me a glare. "No one is this desperate for employees unless they're treating them bad."

"Please for once in your life be optimistic," he sighs before pushing open the bowling alley door.

Walking in with my resume glued to my hand and attempting to find someone who worked here. "Excuse me," I say towards a girl wearing uniform. God awful uniform at that. "I saw the advertisement in the window and was wondering who I need to give this to?"

The girl glances down at the paper between my fingers and eventually she nods. "Yeah one second, I'll grab the manager,"

"Okay, thanks," I say as she quickly walks off.

"That went well," Evan says positively from beside me.

My eyes widen at him. "Dad, nothing has happened yet,"

"I know, I know but I have a good feeling," he says as he places a hand onto my shoulder.

"Please go stand over there," I motion towards the arcade. Evan's eyes follow my lead and he soon agrees, he asks far too many questions. When he thinks he is helping, he's really just sabotaging everything.

A few minutes tick past and I find myself glancing around the room, rocking back and forth on my feet. "Hi," I hear from beside me.

Turning around to a woman with golden blonde hair, she was into her forties but she knew how to put on red lipstick. "Hi," I smile. "I came about the job advertisement in your window,"

"Amazing," she grins back at me. "Is that your resume?"

I hum and hand it to her gently. Her eyes scan over the pages and suddenly I start to feel a bit nervous. An alien feeling as nerves don't normally control any part of my life, I bite the bullet and jump head first into things. I didn't have time to be afraid or scared.

"Sorry," the woman says as she snaps her eyes up to me. "It's just we're so desperate for staff as a lot of people left for the summer before they go to college and we really are struggling."

She glances back down at the resume again and nods as her eyes scan across the words. "Do you live far from here?" She questions.

"No," I breathe out. "Twenty-five minute walk or a five minute car journey,"

"Can you drive?"

"No, not yet but I am learning,"

"You volunteered at a homeless shelter?" She asks as she flexes an eyebrow towards me, unsure whether she was impressed or not.

I nod enthusiastically. "Yeah I did," I explain. "Whilst I was in high school I struggled to find a job where I lived so instead I volunteered."

The woman smiles back at me, a glint of success in her eyes. "I'm Kirsty," she holds out her hand and her perfectly painted red nails.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Myla," I say back as I take her hand in mine.

"Nice to meet you too Myla," she grins. "You've got the job."

My eyes almost bulge out of my head at her words, my hand almost falling limp. "Are you serious?" I ask in disbelief. "What about an interview?"

"I sure am," she says as she takes her hand back and folds it across her chest. "Volunteering just gets me every time, no need for an interview."

"Thank you," I say after a few moments, having no idea what else to say.

"You will have to work hard and I want to see that in every shift," Kirsty nods towards me sternly.

"Of course,"

"On Monday at noon, please bring a form of ID and we can do all the paperwork and training." She says as she folds my resume between her hands.

"I'll see you there," I smile towards her brightly.

My feet turn harshly and speed-walk towards Evan who is stood staring at a pac-man game, his eyes watching the demo move round and round in circles. Catching me out of the corner of his eye, his face automatically lights up.

"Before you say anything, I was not eavesdropping okay? I purposely ignored all sounds around me," he holds his hands up in defence.

"I don't care," I grin. "Because she gave me the fucking job!"

Evan gasps. "Already?" He asks.

My head nods at him aggressively. "I know but she said they need people to start as soon as because people left for the summer and she said she liked my resume and wants me to come back on Monday!"

"Oh Myla, this is fantastic!" Evan replicates my grin and brings me into a tight hug.

"I can't wait to rub this in dads face,"

Evan chuckles in my ear before pulling me away so I'm at arms length. "He's going to be happy for you, you know?"

"I know, I just like getting one up on him," I shrug as I guide us out of the building.

"It doesn't always have to be a competition between you two," Evan says as he holds the door open for me.

"He starts it," I shoot back.

Evan rubs his eyes and sighs at my words. "How did I end up with two children?"

"Not sure," I say as I turn to look at him in the eye. "How did you?"

"I'm clearly the one who managed to grow up," he replies sarcastically.

"Are we still okay to go to the pet shop?" I question as my eyes find the paw sign hanging off a wall in front of us.

Evan laughs softly from beside me before wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling me into him. "My daughter just got herself her first job and I wouldn't go back on my word,"

"So if they rejected me, you wouldn't have allowed me to go?" I narrow my eyebrows at him.

"You know full well we would have gone regardless of what happened today," he tells me as he gives my shoulder one last squeeze before letting me go. "But we spend no more than $60."

"Deal," I grin up to him.
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