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Love, Nadiyah

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"This, us, all of it was a mistake!" My breathing comes to a halt, as my brain fails to process his words. "Mason you don't mean that" My voice pleads with him, but it falls on deaf ears. Taking a slow cautious step towards him, gently I try to place my hand over his shoulder, only for it to be pushed back in an instant. "I will, never love you Nadiyah, you were a mistake." *** Highest rank: #3 in Bwwm ******Has some grammatical and spelling errors that will be corrected as soon as the book is finished so please bare with me******

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1


Mason Harper

"Why can't you come to Kevin's party with me again?" My best friend Eleanor whined for the tenth time this morning. All through the car ride to Quincy high school, Eleanor, has been going on about this party next Saturday.

Now i am definitely not the party type, which is exactly why she wants me to go, to make sure she does not end up stripping naked again and dancing on the pool table. Which as harsh as it may seem, serves her right for not being able to limit her alcohol intake.

I honestly wonder why I am still friends with her dumb ass, she is always trying to drag me to every possible event.

"That is because, I simply do not want to go with you Ellie" I answer lazily as we reach my locker.

"Come on! It's going to be fun Mase!" She attempts to persuade me once again, as i simply roll my eyes at her antics.

"What's going to be fun?" The voice of my male best friend questions as he approached us from behind, yes i have two best friends, deal with it.

As he approaches he swiftly swings his long arms around both of our shoulders, almost crushing us with his height of 6'2.

"Get your nasty hands off me, I don't know how many STD's your carrying" I tell the hurt looking blonde, as i roughly shove his arms off me, mimicking a disgusted facial expression.

"For your information I don't have any STD's", Jason answers with slight irritation to his voice, crossing his arms across his chest in a childish manner.

"You sure about that buddy?"I sarcastically reply.

" Why you little-" Jason begins to say while trying to lunge at me, causing a roar of laughter to erupt from my lips, but is soon cut off my Ellie's stern voice.

"Guys! You can flirt later but are you guys going to the party or not?", She asks the two of us, ignoring the sharp glare Jason is throwing my way.

" Yeah I'm down for a party" Jason unsurprisingly agree's, lets be honest Jason would have probably gone to the party regardless, our choices did not really affect his decision, but lets act like they do.

" Your down for anything Jason" I mumbled under my breath, still loud enough for Jason to pick up on my words.

"Well can you blame me? I heard Madison will be there" , he replies wiggling his eyebrows, making hand gestures, leaving the disturbing image of Madison and him doing god knows what.

"Plus I haven't had some action in a week" Ellie also adds, in reminding me that she's just as much of a horn dog as Jason, why am i friends with them again?

"I still do not understand how your lack of intercourse this week affects me." I dumbfound as I lean against my locker, looking at the two imbeciles i call my best friends.

"Well if we don't get laid this weekend, we'll probably annoy you a lot next week." Ellie begins to explain.

"However if you go to the party and we do get laid, then we are able to function to the best of our abilities" Jason simultaneously finishes. |" That and i'm tired of using the janitors closet."

"How did I become friends with the nastiest people In this school?"I rhetorically ask out loud, as a series of protests are shot my way. Ignoring them I turn to open my locker because I know if I'm late, I am most definitely dead.

However before I can put in the combination Ellie's hand stops me, making me groan in frustration as i know exactly what she's about to ask, definitely should reconsider my choices in the people i surround myself with.

"Please come Mase pretty please! I'll be extra good!" Eleanor pleads, batting her eyelashes at me, as well as using her puppy dog eyes. If someone did not know that Eleanor and I's relationship is totally platonic, they would have thought differently about the scene in front of me.

Turning my body towards the petite girl, noticing how my 6'1 height towers over her 5'8 one.

"If I say yes will you leave me alone?"I ask hoping her answer is yes because if I am correct I only have five more minutes before the bell rings for class.

"Of course! I'll never bother you for anything again Mase, promise!" Lies, straight lies, her and i both know that she would not last an hour without trying to bother me, one way or another.

"Fine I'll go to your stupid party but if you end up drunk and trying to strip me again I'll leave you in a ditch, I mean it Eleanor, you too Jason. I am not being dragged to your shenanigans to be your babysitter." I explain to them sternly, while giving them my infamous hard gaze.

"We would never do such a thing to you buddy"Jason dramatically says, making me roll my eyes at his words. If i keep rolling my eyes they may just roll off my head, then maybe i won't have to go to their party.

Eleanor rolls her sky blue eyes she answers" Yes dad I'll be good." Then she turns around and starts her journey to her own locker.

"Come on McCarthy we're going to be late for English!"

"Yeah Yeah I'm coming!" with that Jason is off running after her, sigh, finally.

"What am I going to do with them" I say to myself as I pinch the bridge of my nose in frustration.

Turning back towards my old beaten down locker I begin to put the combination, checking my watch to notice that there are two minutes left, till the bell rings, come on Mason you can make it.

Suddenly a long string of curses and a few quiet but audible grunts fill my ears, looking over to my right for a second, I notice a girl about 5'1 with chocolate brown skin and thick black hair. She seems to be attempting and failing to open her locker, which just so happens to be right nest to mine.

How come i have never noticed her?

"Do you need help?" I find myself asking her, cursing for doing so as i see her jump in fright at my words, seemingly frightened that some one else was here with her. You and me both sweetheart.

"Um, yeah" I hear her shyly whisper, her voice is soft but calming at the same time. That's the first, usually most girls at John Quincy High school sound like, off key sirens.

Moving my hand towards her locker i hold the handle, giving it a few forceful tugs then proceed to hit it twice with the front of my black and white vans, before forcefully jerking it forward again and as expected it opens.

"Thank you." The raven haired beauty, says as a small chuckle passes her lips, and to say it was the most melodic thing I've heard in my life would be an understatement.

Quickly swapping her books, the locker slams shut as she rushes past me to her next class.

Sigh I didn't even get her name.

Turning towards my own locker I open it, also swapping my books knowing that I need to get to my next class quickly, especially since Ellie took her sweat time getting to my locker in the first place.

However, before I close my locker my eyes land on a foreign, light pink envelope,that had been neatly tucked between; a photo of Eleanor, Jason and I last year at the carnival and my Rolling stone's CD.

Who would put a letter in my locker in the first place? Before I can reach out for it the late bell blares through the silence.

"Damn" I mumble under my breath, hurriedly shutting my locker door, I rush down the hall skillfully weaving my way around people, who, like me, are trying not to be too late for class.

Turing a corner, I can see my teacher slowly closing the door and I will myself to go faster, before Mr Johnson fully closes the door, my hand flies out to intercept it.

"Wait! I'm here! I'm here!"My voice shouts loud enough to stop him from closing the door.

Slowly re-opening the door further for me to enter.

"Just on time Mr Harper" Mr Johnson's voice says in a sarcastic tone.

Smiling to myself I walk in and take my seat in the middle of the room.

I can not afford to get detention this week, Coach Sanders will kill me.

"Okay class now that we're all settled" Mr Johnson's eyes land on me " I'd like us to open our books to page 353."

This is going to be fun.


First chapter of our journey and i am so exited!

Firstly i would like to thank you for choosing to read my book, i appreciate it a whole lot and i really hope you enjoy the book; hopefully this was not a mistake lol.

Please comment and vote! Would really enjoy to hear your thoughts and suggestions on the story.


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