Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 10

Nadiyah's POV

I stare hard at the lunch tray in front of me, as my mind fails to concentrate on the simple task of eating my burger.

This has been going on since morning, after Mason and I's little encounter I haven't been able to focus on anything else, but the way his voice called my name.


We were so close, I could feel his hot breath fanning my face.

Nadiyah look at me

I could still feel the way his hand had softly gripped my wrist as the other gently lifted my chin forcing me to get lost in his stormy eyes.


I can't believe Mason called me his princess, hell I can't believe he touched me.

Does that mean he likes me? Could I have been the only one who was so affected by our close proximity? Why did Mason call me princess in the first place?

"Okay that's it what's wrong with you, ever since I left you to go to your locker you've been spacing out all day"Melodies says her voice pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Nothing's wrong Mello"I try to discard only to meet her intense gaze from across the table.

You see normally we would have been sitting in the library or I'd have been at my locker. However for some mysterious reason today Melody wanted us to sit in the cafeteria.

To make matters worse she picked the table which had a direct view of the popular table, aka Mason Harper's table.

My eyes quickly shifted around looking at everything else anything to keep me from Melodies intense glare.

However I almost have a heart attack when my eyes land on a familiar chocolate haired boy only to find his cold eyes staring right at me.

Oh gosh! Oh gosh! Lord I don't want to die, what did I do to have such punishment?

Actually on second thought don't answer that.

He notices my panicked expression and smirks to add fuel to the fire he sends me a wink and smiply returns to his conversation with Jason Myers.

My mind goes blank, I think I'm imagining things. There's no way in hell Mason Harper just winked at me, nope my mind is playing tricks on me. I knew I should have eaten all those Oreos I'm having hallucinations yeah that's what it is I'm having ha-

"Did Mason just wink at you!?" Melodies voice whisper yells trying to not grab any attention.

Well butter my biscuits I wasn't hallucinating.

"I-uh-i-i he?" I pathetically fail to answer my mind's jumbled up with the new revelation.

Mason Harper just winked at me, he winked at me Nadiyah Natalie Rosesine, I'm shook.

"Yes you dummy! Why else would I be asking you!" Melody replies clearly still in disbelief of what happened.

"Oh" I answer also in shock of it I mean, it's not everyday your super hot and very popular crush winks at you.

"Okay you need to tell me exactlywhat happened this morning because that wink definitely was not random." Melody says as she pulls me closer now looking directly in my eyes.

"I can't tell you here let's go outside" I tell her.

Realising that she'll probably freak out and yell and I don't want the whole cafeteria knowing we are talking about him yet alone Mason.

"Okay let's go" Melody says already getting up and dumping her food in the trash next to the door.

I follow suit not before catching Mason's eyes watching me walk out.

Making it into the hallway we walk for a few minutes just for safety precautions before Melody wastes no time asking.

"Okay tell me what happened" she says as we stop in front of my locker.

"Well this morning after you left I was going to my locker when I bumped into Mason, like the idiot I am I made him drop his phone and it broke. I got like super worked up and he pulled me towards hi-"I begin to explain until Melodies voice cuts in

"He pulled you towards him?!" She looks at me and I simply nod starting to feel a little shy.

"Yeah he pulled me towards him then he held my chin and we were two inches away from kissin-" my voice is again interrupted by Melodies voice.

"Wait you almost kissed him and I'm hearing about this now?!" Melody asks me and I let out a frustrated groan.

"Firstly no and secondly let me finish the story"I tell her as she chuckles and holds her hands up in surrender.

"Okay okay continue" she replies.

"Thank you now as I was saying we were two inches from kissing he practically calmed me down and reassured me it's okay. He also sorta kinda called me princess but yeah that's basically what happened" I find off waiting for Melodies response.

"Oh my freaking goodness! I need to find you a wedding dress!" Melody screams as she starts doing a little happy dance" my ship is sailing, my ship is sailing"

I laugh at her craziness just as the bell rings cutting off her little dance session.

"Okay I have to go I have Mr Williams and I'm not about to get detention, but I'm happy for you chika, byee see you later!"Melody says as she gives me a quick hug and kiss running in the other direction as I faintly hear her shout my ship is sailing again as she runs off.

Laughing to myself I turn towards my locker to open it only for a perfectly manicured hand to slam it closed again.

My breathing gets harder as I try to think of all the possible reasons why they would decide to want to engage with me.

Mastering up the little courage I have my body slowly turns to meet dark blue eyes glaring at me.

Madison Montez


Might get a little bit slow at updating cause I'm starting online classes tomorrow however doesn't mean I'm going to stop just means I'll not post as many chapter's as I do.

Anyways thanks for reading my book, and voting and commenting I appreciate it a lot.

Happy Sunday,


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