Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 11

Mason Harper

Walking down the crowed hallway i make my way towards my locker, slightly more exited than usual.

Its cause you want so see Nadiyah

Shut up, i just feel happier than usual today.

Unfortunately my conscious was right, i wanted to see Nadyiah, especially after the little stunt i pulled during lunch; poor girl had her mouth open in disbelief, it was kind of cute.

Approaching my locker i am met with a scene that slightly baffles me, completely halting me in my tracks.

Why was Madison out of all people in this entire universe talking to Nadiyah, i mean i'm not trying to stereotype them but Madison is practically the schools it girl and Nadiyah well not many people know her.

I mean she sat behind Jason for four years in Biology and he did not know she existed until last year, then again Jace has a few screws missing he probably just wasn't paying attention.

I do not thing he ever pays attention to be honest, anyways, your best friend is your best friend, mistakes and all.

Focusing my attention back at the scene in front of me i see Maddie lean down and whisper something in Nadiyah's ear, right before she smiles at her and heads my way.

"Hey Mase" Maddie's overly happy voice beams at me.

"Hey Madison, what where you talking to Nadiyah about?" I ask still shocked that they interacted.

"Oh nothing important just some girl talk"she replies as a Cheshire grin forms on her face.

"I did not know you guys were friends" i say to her as i take a glance at Nadiyah only to catch her watching us from the corner of her eye.

"Oh we just talk, anyways you didn't come to my house yesterday." she says pouting at me, awkwardly scratching the back of my neck i answer her.

"Oh um i got a bit busy, i had to pick up my sister."

"Well it's okay Mase just come over tomorrow since its's Saturday" Madison tells me.

"Yeah sure, tomorrows great"i mindlessly answer as i glance at my watch, before i can react i feel her lips press against the side of my face, shocked i look towards her very happy demeanor.

"Perfect! see you tomorrow!" she says loud enough for those around us to hear, which is weird cause why are you suddenly raising your voice but okay.

As Madison walks away, i turn to stare at Nadiyah to find her eyes already looking at me.

walking towards her , i see her quickly begin to shove her books into her bag before hurriedly trying to walk off.

At this i run after her calling her name only to be ignored, finally i catch up and grab her wrist to stop her from going any further only for her to yank her hand away, as if my touch burnt her.

Wait is she mad at me? what did i do?

Realizing that shes's walking away, i snap out my thoughts, skillfully waving my way through the sea of students, this time i grab onto her wrist a bit more firmly, but not enough to hurt her.

"Mason what the hell i told you to leave me alone!"her voice angrily shouts at me." where are you even taking me? i'm going to be late for class! Mason stop pulling me!"

ignoring her protests i continue to drag her, finally finding an empty classroom, i proceed to walk us in, locking the door behind us.

"Mason unlock the door." Nadiyah's huffs in annoyance as she crosses her hands across her chest, which was a bit distracting. Not to mention it was already hard enough taking her seriously as she looked like a little puppy.

"Nadiyah we need to talk, why were you running away from me?" I say to her as i take a few cautious steps towards her, you can never be too careful with an angry black woman.

Nadiyah simply glares at me, it was so intense i was shocked.

Dang Mason what did you do?

This isn't the time to mock me.

"Princess why are you running away from me?"I gently ask her, curious as to why shes acting this way.

"Leave me alone Mason, and stop calling me princess." she replies her back towards me, refusing to show me her face.

My hand tries to turn her but she doesn't budge, letting out a deep sigh i say "can you please just look at me prin-"

"For Gods sake Mason stop calling me that!" My words are cut off by Nadiyah's outburst, but what really catches me off guard is the tears that glisten her eyes.

"Nadiya-" i begin to say but i'm again interrupted by Nadiyah's voice

"Just leave me alone Mason." her pleading tone begs me as my eyes stare into her tear filled ones. "Please" her usually soft voice cracks at the end as a tear escapes her eye, my mouth opens to say something,anything but my brain fails to find the right words to say.

the loud shrill of the bell, cuts through the heavy silence between us, " i have to get to class"

with that I quietly watch Nadiyah walk out of the small room, leaving me in it, wondering to my self i ponder on one thought.

What exactly did Madison say to Nadiyah?


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