Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 12

Mason Harper

My mind race's as i stare at Nadiyah and her friend, i think her name's Michelle or something, i knew she could feel me looking at her, she just didn't want to acknowledge me.

It was the end of the school day and i couldn't get our conversation from earlier out of my mind.

What did Madison say that made her shut me out like this or was she just mad at me in general?

"Mason whats up with you?"Jace asks me, bring me out of my thoughts.

Peeling away from Nadiyah, to settle on my two best friends who are staring at me with concern.

"Yeah Mase you haven't been the same since you went back to your locker after lunch" Eleanor says towards me.

"I sort of had a fight with Nadiyah" I tell them in frustration.

"Damn dude what did you do?" Eleanor asks as Jace shoots her a weird look.

"Hey! Why not ask what Nadiyah did?" Jason inquiries.

"Cause it's usually always the guys fault"Eleanor I deadpans. "Anyways tell Mama Ell what you did child."

"I actually don't know" I answer.

Turning towards my locker I put in the combination and open it up, as I put in my books I notice a familiar pink envelope sticking out between my picture.

Another letter?

Quickly I put it in my bag, hoping that Jason and Eleanor don't see it.

"What do you mean you don't know Mase?"Jason asks in confusion as a nod off agreement comes from Ellie.

"I saw her talking to Madison, then she came up to me to remind me about the project. I wanted to talk to Nadiyah so I went up to her and she legit blotted!" I explain to the two.

"Woah she actually like took off and ran from you?" Eleanor asks in disbelief.

"More like speed walked away, anyways I caught up and pulled her into Mr Romero's classroom, I tried asking what's wrong and she kept telling me to leave her alone, eventually the bell rang and she had to leave" I conclude as a deep sigh leaves my lips.

"Wow dude that's really messed up" Jason says still slightly shocked as Eleanor has a look of concentration on her face, I wonder what she's thinking.

"I think the worst part was when I tried to hold her and she was on the verge of tears, It sort of broke me a little." I confess to Jason and Ellie because it's the one thing that threw me completely off guard.

"It's probably not your fault, whatever Madison told her must have really gotten to her, she did the same thing with some girl named Veronica when she liked Jace."Ellie explains to me which clears up a few of my anxieties.

I watch as Nadiyah and her friend exit the building, she looks sad and it doesn't sit right with me that I could be the cause.

Why do i even care if she's sad I mean she's just a girl you met a few days ago

Because you may have feelings for her dummy

"Yeah just talk to her, I overheard someone saying she works at that diner down the street, maybe she'll be in today." Jason tells me.

" But what if talking to her doesn't work? What do I do then?"I ask still a bit anxious of Nadiyah not accepting my apology.

"Look she's probably going to forgive you, plus if you don't go and clear it up whatever it is she was told is going to sound true. Now go!" Eleanor says while pushing me towards the schools exit.

Getting in my car I drive out of the school grounds towards the dinner.

Shortly arriving I pull into the parking lot of Macy's, a small retro looking diner owned by a 65 year old Hispanic woman.

Still sitting in my I look through the windshield towards the large windows of the diner.

Spotting Nadiyah's petite body from across the room, I watch her skillfully maneuver through way through the tables.

How she greets a couple in a booth with a smile, quickly writing down their orders. I notice how she frequently tucks a loose strand of her curly Raven colored hair behind her ear, only for it to get out again and although she's wearing an old light blue checkered dress with a white apron, as a messy bun sits on the top of her head, I can't help but admire how beautiful she is.

Grabbing my green antisocial club hoodie from the back seat I wear it as I exit the car.

Walking into the diner I'm immediately hit with the strong smell if coffee and baked goods.

Heading straight towards a booth in the back of the diner I wait as she serves another customer, patiently waiting for her to come towards my table.

As she heads over towards me I make sure keep my head down.

"Good afternoon and welcome to Macy's diner, what can I get you today?" Her soft smooth voice grace's my ears.

Like the fool i am i just sit there, idol, as if her voice had completely paralyzed me. I just sat there, savoring the softness of her voice, how close she was to me that i could almost feel the heat radiating off her body . As the sweet scent of honey mixed with a bit of coffee surrounded me. (A/N i honestly didn't know what to make her smell like, might change it later)

"Sir? I can come back if you're still undecided" she says as she notices my lack of response, still debating weather this is a good idea or not, i do not offer her a response slightly afraid of how she'll react.

" Sir?" She asks warily.

Slowly lifting my head up I watch her take in a short sharp breath, holding her wrist i look into her eyes.

"We need to talk."


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