Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 13

Nadiyah's Pov

His Steal eyes gazed at me as my mouth opened and closed like a fish, letting it sink in that Mason is here to 'talk' with me, at least not after what I learned.

His hand was still loosely clasped around my wrist, yet I made no move to yank it out of his hand as I had done earlier this afternoon.

I notice from the corner of my eye my co-worker Penny begin to walk towards us, she smiles at Mason,before turning to me to whisper.

"I'll cover you, it's almost your break time either way. Talk to him" she says then turns her back to leave, not before giving Mason another friendly smile.

I now begin to regret telling, Penny about today's early activities as to why I walked in as she said 'looking like I lost Nemo.'

To be honest i would have told her about what had happened today even if she had not asked me because Penny was the closest thing i had to a big sister.

Don't get me wrong, Melody is like my family but there just some things that i can not talk to her about because she wouldn't understand, while with Penny she would.

Plus most people already think we're related as we have the same plump pink lips, button nose and almond shaped eyes.

Why Penny and i got along so well was because we bonded on our parents, or the lack of. Unlike me Penny is a 19 year old orphan, lost her dad when she was six and her mum committed suicide when she was ten.

She's lived in the orphanage ever since.

We met on my second day of working here in a way she became the sister i never had vice versa.

"Nadiyah please, lets talk" Mason's voice breaks me out of my trance, looking towards him i begin to debate with myself as to why i should even talk to him to begin with.

"Mason i told you to leave me al-" i begin to say as i remove my arm from his but his hold only tightens on my wrist.

"Prin- Nadiyah just hear me out okay? if you still want me to leave you alone after i will, but just hear me out at least."

The stubborn part of me wants to yank my hand out of his grasp and sashay back into the kitchen where i shall proceed to cry my eyes out, but the love struck side of me just had to look into those beautiful stormy grey eyes.

before i realized it my head began to nod as i took a seat across him, putting on my best intense glare, because i apparently look like an angry puppy when i'm mad, i huff in defeat as i cross my arms across my chest," you have seven minutes Harper."

"Okay Nadiyah i'm sorry for whatever i did to cause you to act like this towards me" he begins to say as i roll my eyes at his half ass apology, i mean how is this how you apologize after what you said?

" Nadiyah, i actually am sorry but you have to believe me when i say that i don't actually know what Madison told you nor do i know why you're mad."

I look across the table to meet his very handsome face, my eyes landing directly on his lips, one which he had tucked between he's teeth, i definitely know what else i want tucked between those perfectly straight teeth.

Nadiyah! Focus! It's not the time to have one of your many Mason Harper fantasies.

"What do you mean, you don't know? You agreed with her when she walked up to you to tell you she told me" i ask in slight shock, if Mason actually doesn't know it means i pushed him away for nothing.

"I was talking to her about our English project, i literary have no idea of what you're talking about"

"So you didn't tell her that i'm a dumb ugly b word who you're only giving attention to so that i can leave you alone? That best case scenario you bang me and leave?" I ask him as i watch his facial expression slowly morph into one of shock.

"What? No way! Nadiyah I've never and will never say that to you or anyone else, i can't believe you actually believed her" his words begin to sting as i see a small flash of hurt cross his eyes.

Oh sweet baby Jesus! I'm so stupid! of course she made that up and i fell for it.

Oh gosh i treated Mason so badly for nothing.

"Mason I'm so sorry! I should have asked instead of just jumping to conclusions" I rush out as he sits there quietly staring at me, unable to decipher the thoughts running through his mind. Groaning in frustration with myself i lay my head on the table, "oh dear god you probably hate me now."

"Princess i could never hate you" I hear Mason's gentle voice tell me, as ignore the butterflies that burst in my stomach at the sound of him calling me princess.

Lifting my head up a bit, I am met with his clear grey orbs, "really?" i ask in a meek voice, as my insecurities begin to surface

"No, i actually hate you now" he replies with a completely serious face, as my heart breaks at his words, i knew he would hate me gosh who wouldn't.

As tears begin to brim the corners of my eye's, i can feel the lump forming in my throat. Mason notices the single that rolls down my cheek even though i make and effort to quickly remove it's existence. Oh shoot now he hates me and thinks i'm a cry baby.

You kinda are

Not helping!

"Oh fuc-, Nadiyah don't cry, i was kidding"I hear Mason say to me but my head is buried far too deep in my thoughts to hear him, or notice how he changed seats to sit next to me. Next thing i feel are a pair of muscular arms embrace me in a sort of side hug and i pathetically try to stop the tears from falling.

"Princess I'm sorry it was supposed to be a joke, okay? I don't hate you, I meant what I said, I could never hate you"Masons velvet voice coo's in my ear as i begin to calm down, he continue's to whisper how ' it was a joke' and 'he doesn't hate me' which helped.

In a quick sudden motion i wack him upside the head, "ouch! what was that for?" I hear Mason complain as i look at him with a glare.

"You don't play such jokes on people, some of us are very emotional" I tell him as he rubs that back of his head trying to sooth the dull ache.

"Yeah, clearly" i hear him mutter under his breath, which makes me hit him again, "stop assaulting me woman!" I break out into a fit of laughter which sounds more like a walrus with a flu choking, Mason slightly pulls away from me so that he can raise an eyebrow towards me in a very questioning manner.

"Why are you laughing?" he questions me teasingly as he pulls me closer by the side.

"Oh Nothing you need to worry about Harper"I respond with a small smile playing on my lips as a grin breaks on to his.

We stare at each other in silence like weirdos just smiling at each other and slowly his gaze moves from my eyes to my lips, the small motion has my breath quicken, not really thinking i push my body closer to his as my eyes land on his lips. He follows my actions until we're a breath apart, closing my eyes i feel him lean in to me until

"Okay Love birds! Your breaks over!" I hear Penny's voice shout from the other end of the cafe, yanking us out of whatever bubble we were in.

Awkwardly coughing i get out of the booth with my head low, not bothering to look at Mason as I'm slightly embarrassed by by what had almost happened. " Uh i have to get back to work, see you on Monday Mason."

"Okay bye Princess" just as I'm about to walk away i feel him grab my wrist," and Nadiyah?"

"Yeah?" i answer as my brown eyes meet his.

"Don't push me away again." With that he get up and walks straight for the door, leaving me to let his words sink in.

Oh Mason, if you only knew the real reason why i pushed you away.


This is by far the longest chapter I've written so far, hope you guys like it!

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