Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 14: Letter

Dear Mason,

I'm guessing you already know who it is, but for the fun of it yes, it's me again, Anonymous.

Firstly i would like to give you a round of applause for taking my advise and wearing a green hoodie today in first period, i was about to come up and compliment you but you took it off by third period so...

But no wearing green again will not make me come up and compliment you because then it would just be a dead giveaway, i mean i'm stupid but i'm not that stupid.

Now to the real reason i wrote another letter. In all honesty i did not think that i would write you another letter after the last one, that was very cringe[y] and i do regret writing it all together.

However i do not regret sending it to you, because i gave myself a chance of finding a way i could communicate to you.

I mean my letter has not circulated around the school or is not posted on a social media platform ( well to my knowledge at least) which means you actually not the douche bag my best friend( lets call her Kathy) pegged you for.

Today must have been rough for you, i sorta overheard your conversation, you should really stop talking to yourself out loud. What if Bryce Cosby walked in on your little i made her cry rant? you're very lucky it was me who heard you, but then again it may be a problem.

Cause now i know you're crushing on a girl with black hair? not very discriptive since there's a total of two hundred and eighty seven girls with black hair at John Quincy high school.

Anyways that's definitely non of my business, you can peruse whoever you choose, i'm just a random person who's practically been in love with you since second grade, not weird at all.

I sound very petty right now and it's not cute :/

Just keep a close eye on a certain wicked witch of the west, I've had my share of run in's with her and trust me if you have feelings for someone who is not her, she will do everything in her power to drive them away, especially with your dating fiasco running around.

Which i was meant to ask you about earlier, Mason really? Madison Montez? How do you go around kissing the she devil? I am very disappointed in your choice of women Harper. Hell I could have been okay with you dating smelly Quinton(Which says a lot.)

And i know you're probably tugging your hair in frustration saying 'I'm not dating Maddie' and ' i did not even kiss her' and it was just a peck on the cheek' but sadly Harper the school newspaper says otherwise.

Oops? haven't seen it? I suggest you check it out. Please don't punch a wall, last time you did that you had a cast for a month and i was forced into typing your notes...oh i just gave myself away didn't i?

I have to cut my ties with you now Mr Harper, just kidding... maybe.

Anyways keep a look out for the she devil, she has enough power to push whoever you want far away even if you do not deserve it.

It's just how insecurities work, especially when someone amplifies them

Take care fellow Mortal


P.s :Maybe i might 'accidentally' spill my drink on you at Saturday nights party. Oh how do i know you are going to a party? Because i'm way closer than you realize Mason, you just have to pay more attention.


Hey guys!

I decided to do a letter cause we haven't had a letter in a while which completely defies the whole propose of this book, anyways hope you like it!

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