Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 15

Nadiyah's Pov

"Nadiyah Natalie Roseine get your butt out of bed right this instant!" I hear a voice call out to me.

What the hell, it's Saturday morning who is trying to wake me up so early? I definitely can not be my 'family' because they went to spend the weekend in LA, without me, not that i mind, nothing beats going on a 'vacation' with them and having to feel like the maid the whole time.

"Nadiyah!" I hear the same voice shout from behind my door.

"Shut up!" letting out a loud throaty groan, grabbing a sneaker that was carelessly discarded by the side of my bed, i throw it towards the voice as it hits the door with a loud bang.

"Did you just try and throw a shoe at me?"I hear the very famine voice question in disbelief, " I swear to god!"

Next thing i realized was a a body being thrown on me as a pillow smacked my head repeatedly, what the actual hell?

"Goddamn Melody get your heavy ass off me!" I exclaim as i manage to successfully push her off of my bed.

"This would have not happened if you had just peacefully cooperated with me." She shouts in annoyance, rubbing her bum as i did kind of push her off very hard.

Reaching for my old iPhone 6, i click the power button to see the time is eight am, "Melody why the actual hell are you waking me up on a Saturday especially at eight in the morning!?"

"Because we need to go shopping " she tells me as if it's the most obvious reason in the world.

What the heck are we even going shopping for at eight am, it should be illegal to be up at this time on a weekend, yet alone a weekday

"Shopping for what exactly?" i question still not understanding why i'm, like i could be dreaming of having a burger with Liam Hemsworth but no i'm up like a normal person.

Really? A burger with a Hemsworth twin? Wow how could you still be boring in your dreams

Hey aren't you supposed to be telling me nice things like 'that's a great dream Nadiyah'

sweetie I'm your subconscious, i'm not about to start lying to you, that's your hearts job.

"We are going to shop for outfits for the party!" Melodies voice jolts me out of my thoughts as the weight of her words begin to sink in.

"What the hell? No i'm not going to a party with you!" The thoughts of every scenario of what could go wrong quickly begin to play through my mind.

"What! Why?!" Melodies voice questions me as if she is not my best friend and does not know exactly why i do not want to go to a party, let's just say i have a bad history with parties.

"Melody you know exactly why i do not want to go" I say in a very stern voice as i give her a pointed look.

"Oh come on Naddie it was one time!" She whine's knowing very well that it was not just'one time.'

"Melody! i'm not getting puked on by a random stranger for the fifth time in a row!" I yell in exasperation, as i recall the many times I've gone to a party and come back home smelling like a sewer because some random person decided to use me as a puking bag, that did not sound right but anyways.

"Come on Naddie ill buy you IHOP if you agree, pretty pretty please best friend" Melody says as he bats her eyelashes at me, damn her Bambi eyes

Letting out a loud defeated groan i hop out of bed and go take a shower as i hear melody singing thank you as she exits my room. I swear the things i do for my best friend.

After taking a nice long relaxing shower, i lotion myself out and pick out a simple outfit that compromises of a white My chemical romance t-shirt and some light blue denim washed jeans with my white converse. Hmm i could say i look sorta cute, pulling my long unruly curls into a high messy bun i slap on some lip gloss and i'm ready to go. Making sure to put my Phone and wallet in my back pocket.

"Yay! You are ready lets go!" Melody cheers as i walk down the stair, she rushes to usher me out of the house and into the car, not before remembering to lock the front door.

Please lord do not make me regret this.

This chapter took me so long to write i does not even make sense,

like i did not have writers block, surprisingly. i guess i was just simply procrastinating writing this horrid chapter, okay its not bad i just hate it cause it was the only because it took me six days to write.

But i can't blame anyone but my procrastination so... enjoy

i'm done with this chapter! Finally!

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