Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 16

Nadiyah's Pov

It has been four hours and i think i'm two seconds away from dropping dead if Melody makes me try on another dress.

We found her a dress in the first hour but have spent the last three looking for a dress for me as each one i try out i 'not quite right' according the fashion expert aka Melody.

I knew i was so going to regret allowing her to bribe me to shop with her in exchange for food, which by the way was amazing.

"Okay Naddie lets go into this one!" Melody's overly eager voice snaps me out of my thoughts as i realize that we are standing in front of a cute retro looking shop called Blue's.

"Mello i do not understand why i can not just wear a shirt and a pair of jeans from my closest" I tell her as my feet dread walking into another shop only to try on a thousand dresses and not buy a thing.

"You are right!" Melody exclaims, sightly shocking me as i do not think i heard her correctly

"Wait you are actually agreeing with me?" i dumbfound as i look at her skeptically, Melody never agree's with me on a topic such as clothes, i swear if i allowed her to she would burn all my cloths and get me a whole new wardrobe of what she deems 'stylish'.

"Yes! We have been looking at this wrong you're body suites pants if we are trying to go for the more sexy look, so what we need to find you are pants!"she quickly explains as i realize she was not actually agreeing with me.

"To think i actually thought you agreed with what i was saying" i say towards her as she grabs my hand a quickly pulls me into the store.

"Oh shut up you big cry baby" Melody replies rolling her eyes in the process. Letting her get to work, knowing i do not want to be the one carrying all the cloths she is going to pull out i wonder through the store.

My eye's land on a soft baby pink jumpsuit, the top is strapless with a small sweet heart neckline as it has a soft ruffle shape to it, the bottom is a simple a line shape as the waist is fitted allowing the rest to flow, the sides of the jumpsuit have long slits running up till the top of my thigh. It was absolutely..

"Beautiful" A soft unfamiliar voice says causing me to swiftly turn round and meet with vibrant blue eyes.(A/N i actually can not remember if her eyes were blue or green so please forgive me if i have mixed it up i'll fix it when i edit the book)

Eleanor Parker (A/N anyone else a fan of Rainbow Rowells Eleanor and Park?)

She's one of Mason's closest friends, wait if she's here it means Mason's not far behind, oh fruit loops.

"Um hey uh Eleanor" I awkwardly say as her ocean blue orbs watch me intensely, causing me to shift under her gaze.

"Ell stop scaring the poor girl" A male voice that sadly does not belong to Mason says from behind her.

Looking up i notice that the voice belongs to the infamous play boy of John Quincy high school, Jason McCarthy. (A/N also can not remember if gave him a different surname)

"Hello Nadiyah, i hope Ellie here is not trying to scare you off with her demon eye's" Jason says which earns him a jab in the stomach from Eleanor, as a small chuckle escapes my lips at their exchange.

"No you Imbecile i was simply about to tell her to get the jumpsuit she was looking at as it would look amazing on her" Eleanor answers in a matter of fact tone.

As i am about to object to her compliment i hear Melodies voice ask from behind me "What jumpsuit?"

"Oh the baby pink one on the rack, but i do not think pink goes well with my complexion" I tell Melody trying to give off the hint that its okay not to buy the jumpsuit.

"Nonsense! that shade of pink looks absolutely amazing on your skin! we are totally buying it!" Melody exclaims causing Eleanor to agree with her in a laugh.

" I know what would look amazing on your skin Miss Castel" Jason shoot's towards melody , causing her to raise her eyebrow towards him in a questioning manner, "Me."

"Well Mr McCarthy we shall never know if that is true as i would never put your gross body next to me, i wouldn't want to catch something" Melody shoots back causing Jason to look slightly a bit taken back.

Quickly recovering from her rejection he puts on a smirk "Ooo feisty i like it, i wonder if you are like that in bed too"

"Jason quit flirting with her its rude" Eleanor scold him as i notice the small flash of hurt cross the face, but as quickly as i saw it it was gone.

"Quit stressing Ell, Melly over here knows i'm just joking is that not right sweetheart?" Jason inquires as she frustratedly stomps toward the cash register, Jason hot on her trail.

Leaving Eleanor and i in an awkward silence, "Um i don't want to sound weird or anything but where's Mason?" I ask feeling slightly weird.

" He's with Madison, they are working on a project, don't worry he doesn't like her like that" Eleanor tells me leaving me a bit shocked at her answer, was i that obvious?

"How did you know i-i" i stutter through in shock

" Because i'm 99.9% sure he like you too" She simply shrugs off letting it sink in, before i can ask her why Melody storms back with a laughing Jason, what happened?

"Let go Naddie i think i'm done interacting with a jerk for today" Melody says as she grabs my hand pulling me towards the exit.

"Bye Melody! See you at the party!" I hear Jason call out , as Melody simply flips him the bird causing a loud laughter to erupt from his lips

Once we get far enough i look at Melody questioningly "You like him don't you" i ask her slightly amused at the blush that rises up her cheeks

"Shut up!"


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