Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 17

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Mason Harper

The loud ear splitting beat of Blueberry Faygo by lil Mosey pumped through the medium sized house as a mass of bodies sloppily swayed to the music.

" Aye! QB is in the house!"I hear one of my teammates, i think his name is Ryan shout.

A mass of hoots and hollers sounds through out the threshold as multiple people give me handshakes and back slaps, one pushing a cup of questionable contents into my hand.

Spotting my best friend, Eleanor, i make my way towards her not before giving a few hello's and hand shakes, to some of my teammates. I guess everyone's surprised that i actually came to a party.

"Mason what took you so long?" Eleanor asks me obviously annoyed by something, as her arms are crossed across the dark red material of her dress.

"Madison, kept trying to do everything but our assignment. remind me to ask my English teacher to never pair me up with her again." I answer, remembering how Madison tried to grope me in her living room. To say i was far from turned on was an understatement.

"Ooo little miss she devil tried to make a pass at you and you didn't accept? i'm impressed young one" Ellie chuckles to herself as i take a sip of what i'm guessing to be beer.

"Hey Ell, where's Jason?" I ask now realizing that i have not seen the blonde since my arrival which is weird cause he would usually be the center of attention, with his life of the party habits.

I then notice the brief look of annoyance cross Eleanor's features but as soon as i see it its gone, almost like it never even happened.

"Jason said he's going to get something, but that was over twenty minutes ago, i'm starting to think he left me to go get laid by some cheap b-" Ellie begins to explain but is suddenly cut off, by Jason, Speak of the devil.

"Okay i'm back! sorry i took long i had to find them" Jason explains as he approaches us, as both Eleanor and i shoot him a look of confusion.

"Jason who are you tal-" I begin to ask, but my mind goes blank as i spot, Nadiyah's small frame from behind Jason.

She was dressed in a baby pink jumpsuit that showed her shoulders, allowing a bit of cleavage to show but not too much, just enough to keep the mind guessing.

The Jumpsuit hugged her curves perfectly, outlining her slim waist and wide hips. Her hair was slickly gelled up into a bun with a few strand left out to frame her face.

Noticing she had just a bit of make up on, opting for lip gloss than lipstick which in my option did her soft plump pink lips justice.

Nadiyah looked absolutely breathtaking, to say the least, no words could really describe how gorgeous she looked right in that moment.

"Mason stop staring at the girl like you're two seconds away from ripping her clothes off!" i suddenly hear Jason's voice tease me as Eleanor and another female i had not noticed before erupt into a fit of laughter. Causing Nadiyah to shy away at the comment.

"I just might" I mumble to myself still not looking away from Nadiyah, gosh i could stare at her all day.

"And you call me the horn dog?" Jason say's with a chuckle.

"Anyways guys this is Melody, Nadiyah's best friend and my soon to be girlfriend" Jason introduces, while earning a slap upside the head from the Hispanic girl i'm guessing is Melody.

"You are a fool you know that?" Melody's angry voice tells Jason as he smiles at her as if nothing is wrong.

"I'm your fool though" Jason smoothly replies with a loop sided grin, causing Melody to attack him again.

This time hitting his chest while repeatedly saying ' i'm not your girlfriend!' but weirdly enough Jason just laughs at her antics.

"Hmph, anyways Hi i'm Melody Nadiyah's best friend, so don't hurt her." The chocolate haired girl threatens waving her finger at me, earning a glare from Nadiyah.

"Now kitten that's not how we talk to people we just met" Jason scold Melody lightly

"I told you to stop calling me that!" Melody shouts, as the two begin to bicker, well more like Melody angry ranting at Jason and him throwing flirty lines at her.

"I'm going to get a drink" i hear Eleanor say while getting up, leaving without a second glance.

Noticing the change in her demeanor, i look over to see Melody and Jason talking, as he has his hand comfortably around her waist. Hmm, interesting.

Taking a few short strides towards Nadiyah, i stand right in front of her, relishing her sweet scent, taking in her appearance, gosh she looks even better up close.

"So Jason and Melody huh" I hear her sweet melodic voice say as i look down at her, meeting her brown orbs as we lean against a wall.

"Yeah i guess so, who would have thought" I reply, taking another sip of my drink, looking around the crowded living room before settling my gaze on her.

Noticing how her body is softly swaying to the beat of the music, as she takes sips out of her cup. Hopefully oblivious to my obvious staring.

I faintly hear the Dj's voice say that they're beginning the karaoke performances, without thinking much of it, i push my body off the wall and stand right in front of her, stretching out my hand for her to take.

She immediately shoots me a confused stare, looking at my outstretched had as if unusual as i give her a wide grin, chuckling at her reaction.

"Would you like to sing with me?"


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