Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 19

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Nadiyah Roseine

"Mason i don't think that a good ide-" I begin to ramble as the many possibilities of what could happen upstairs run through my mind, causing heat to run up my cheeks.

My obvious worrying is cut off by Mason's deep rich laugh, which only leaves a look of confusion on my face.

Why is he laughing?

This is a very serious matter!

Does he even know what happens upstairs? Especially at a party! scratch that a high school party!

Shut up you dim wit, he probably knows more about high school parties than you do

Yeah but i-

Remember who always gets puked on, trust me the answers not him

Deciding not to argue with my conscious anymore, yes i argued with myself and no i am not weird.

Okay maybe the last part is a lie but anyways!

I focus my attention back on the chocolate haired grey eyed boy, now noticing the small specks of green in them.

"Princess, i just want to sit by the balcony not bed you or something" Mason tells me with a little chuckle at my now understanding expression.

"I mean it's not like i would mind you bedding me- wait no that's not what i meant! i was supposed to say that being alone in a room with you make my hormones go all foggy, actually that sounds worse i'm just going to stop talking now" I say in embarrassment, way to go Nadiyah practically sounds like you're ready to jump his bones

Oh but you are

Shut up! No one asked for your opinion!

" I mean if you want us to go to an empty room where 'your hormones can go foggy' i'm more than happy to" Mason replies teasingly while laughing at my obvious distress.

"ugh! lets just go to the balcony" I answer in frustration at how dumb i sound, like honestly out of all the things i could have said!

"Princess balcony's the other way" He tells me trying to sniffle a laugh but horribly failing

"I knew that" I pathetically grumble in embarrassment, turning myself round to start walking the opposite way.

Leave it to Nadiyah Roseine to make a complete fool out of herself in front of her long time crush.

"I thought it was cute" I hear Mason's voice say behind me while laughing, at my grumpy state, as we make our way up the spiraling marble white stair case

"Oh shut up Harper" I let out in a faux angry voice.

With that Mason makes a zipping up motion with his hands over his mouth, as if to indicate he won't say another word. This small childish action causes me to bite back a smile.

Reaching the top of the staircase we are met with a less packed group of people, before i can ask Mason which way we are going, he simply grabs my hand and intertwines his fingers with mine.

Leading us towards the left side of the hall, only stopping at the last door. Knocking to make sure no one is inside, he twists the nob to reveal a dark room.

The moonlight traveled through the glass door at the end of the room that led to the balcony, the room itself had a Victorian vibe to it, as a neatly made bad stood in the middle of it all.

finally stepping out the glass door, the cold breeze brushes past my arm, as if noticing the goose bumps on my arms, Mason suddenly pulls my body towards his, holding me in a tight embrace from behind.

Gently rocking our bodies side to side, we look towards the glowing city, as the noise of drunken teenagers disappears leaving us in a bubble of solitude.

"I used to do this all the time with my mom when i was younger." I hear Masons voice whisper, causing me to look up at him.

"She used to hold me just like this, and tell me stories about the stars" Mason continues, clearly reminiscing.

"Why did you guys stop?" I find myself asking the boy, as a look of pain crosses his face at my question.

"She couldn't do it anymore."

A long minute of unbearable silence passes by, as i constantly beat myself up for even asking the question in the first place, i find myself opening and closing my mouth like a fish, unable to come up with something to say.

"But when she could, she told me that one day when the galaxies Aline and two unlikely stars cross paths, i'd meet the love of my life. Maybe not face to face, but i would. She loved to say that she hope's my soulmate is kind, funny, loving and most importantly completely honest with me." Mason said with a chuckle at the end as he remembered moments with is mom, sending me a soft grin.

"That's adorable" I reply with a small laugh.

"The funny thing is that last week, the day i actually met you i got a love letter i suppose?" He begins to explain as i hum in response urging him to continue.

"Well they said a couple of interesting things, and kept sending the letters,it's not like i mind but i sorta feel like i know this person you know? I feel like I've known them my whole life but at the same time, don't." A deep sigh escapes his lips "To make it worse i think i have feelings for someone else, i don't even know why i'm telling you this, maybe its cause i can trust you, i'm sorry i shouldn't have weighed my issues on you like that, i get a little in my feels sometimes" he laughs

I sent him a smile of my own, however i was silently freaking out on the inside. I've been lying to Mason for the past week and he legit just said he feels like he can trust me, taking in a deep breath i turn my body towards him still in his embrace.

"Look Mason about the letters I-" My voice i cut off by the loud banging of the door that is now, wide open to reveal a very distressed looking Eleanor.

"Mason! I've been looking all over for you mason!" Eleanor drunkenly slurs, as she almost fall over her own two feet.

"Ellie are you good?" Mason questions with a look of concern as he slowly pulls away from me, to walk towards the drunk blonde.

"No! Mason i need you to kiss me! Kiss me Masey kiss me!" With that she lunges herself towards Mason.

Wait, i thought she liked Jason?

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