Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 2

Mason Harper

For my last three lessons, I have not been able to get the sight of the, little pink envelope out of my mind.

Like what is it? Who's it from?Are Jace and Ellie playing a prank on me?

Now I'm currently in my English literature class and I'm definitely not paying attention.

The only thing I have heard since I came into this lesson almost thirty minutes ago was something to do with a class project.

I'm guessing we are going to have to do group work, I'm not sure I'll just ask Eleanor at lunch.

But maybe I could read the letter at lunch time instead and finally find out what exactly was in it.

Gosh why I'm I even stressing so much it's not like I have a secret admirer or something.

"Mr Harper!" The loud sherik of Miss Hunter's voice jolted me out of my cycle of thoughts.

"Can you please tell me what I just said?" Her perfectly manicured hand had been placed on her hip, as I could feel her cold glare on me.

Snapping my head towards her I could only manage a sheepish grin as I attempted to answer.

"Um? Projects?"

"Not even close. I said that miss Montez is your partner, and please pay attention next time Mr Harper." Miss Sighed as she continues to call out project partners.

"Hey Mason! I can't believe that we're partners for the project! what do you want to do?" I hear Madison's high pitched voice rush out.

You see Madison is what I'd like to call the stereotypical 'it' girl but can be a bitch when she wants to be.

She's sort of also had a crush on me since elementary I think? I used to think she was kidding until I heard her scare this one chick last year for asking me for biology help.

Poor girl only wanted to know how inheritance works.

It's not that she's not pretty or anything, I mean she has a slim tan body with the right curves and legs for days, vibrant blue eyes and long silky brown hair.

She's literally like walking sex appeal every guy wants her and ever girl wants to be her but would I date her? No.

Maybe because the whole school expects us to be together'the golden boy and the golden girl.'

But personally I just don't think we vibe like that, you know?

"What are we even doing?"I ask dumbly due to my lack of attention to the class.

"Oh we need to come up with an idea for a poem that addresses a problem or situation we're facing"She animatedly answers

" Oh cool"I lazily reply with no real interest in the task at hand.

"Do you want to maybe come over at my place to work on it?"Madison asks as she twirls her honey brown locks between her fingers.

"Um yeah sure Madison I'm cool with that" I answer her right after the bell rings signaling the end of the period.

"Great! Oh and call me Maddie instead!" She chirps back

This girl is way too hyper for me, packing up my books I sling my red and black Vans bag over my shoulder.

As I exit the door, someone grabs my wrist.

"Don't forget to come over for the project" Maddie reminds me as I tug my had out of her grip.

" Don't worry about it" I reply as I simultaneously check my phone for the time.

"Well okay! Bye Mase!" She beams as she flashes me her perfectly straight teeth, then in a quick fluid motion she kisses my cheek.

" Um bye?"I answer or more like question to myself.

As I stare at her retreating figure that's heading over to a bunch of cheerleader's that squill in excitement.

Um okay that just happened.

"Woah dude! I didn't know you were hitting Maddie!" Jace exclaims when we head towards the cafeteria.

As we get inside I answer him"Nah I'm not"

trying to not make a big deal out of the situation as i know how Jace will react, him being a Playboy and everything.

"Well then what was that?"He interrogates as I place my tray on the table we usually sit on.

Most people would call it the popular table as it's situated right in the middle of the cafeteria. Plus the neighboring tables consits of the cheerleaders, the delinquits and the jocks.

Then on our table you have the hottest girl in school, Eleanor and the hottest boy in school which is Jace.

And me? Oh I fall under the Badboy radar all because I got into one fight with the bully and dated this one cheerleader in juinor year.

I do also somehow understand where their coming from as I do tend to come of as intimidating but hey it's not my fault!

"We're just partners Jace chill you can still hit her at the party"I sigh and try to explain to my thick headed best friend.

"Who's Your partner and Jace can still hit?" Eleanor's voice cuts through our conversation

"Madison"Jace and I Simultaneously answer.

"Oh wait aren't you dating Maddie or something?"Ellie asks confused as she picks up her bag of lays popping one in her mouth

"Wait what!? Hell no!" I shout as her face morphs into confusion

"What makes you think that their dating?" Jace asks also in confusion

" Cause she said she kissed you"Ellie elaborates

Second chapter everyone!

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