Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 20

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Mason Harper

Quickly dodging Eleanor's sloppy attack, i catch her body as it falls limp against mine.

Now realizing that she's passed out I lift my eyes from the blonde to look at the goddess in front of me.

However her eyes seem to be already set on mine, letting out a deep sigh I shift on my feet.

Jeez this is awkward, I mean my best friend just tried to kiss me.

"Look I'm sorry to cut our night short but I have to take her home" I say apologetically, towards Nadiyah. Wishing there would have been a bit more time.

"It's okay Mason I understand, Friends come first. Plus I think getting her home would be the best thing to do" Nadiyah replies with a small smile, but I notice how it doesn't completely reach her eyes.

Hosting up a semi unconscious Eleanor, I hear small footsteps begin to approach the door.

"Hey I can drop you off if you need a ride" I offer, mostly just wanting to spend a bit more time with her.

Gosh I sound like a chick.

"Um I don't think I should leave Melody alone like that it would be so mean of m-" Nadiyah begins to explain only to be cut off by the Melodies loud overly excited voice.

"NADDIE! There you are! I've been looking all over for you, I'm staying at Jason's tonight so find someone else to leave with" Melody says to a pouting Nadiyah, as her face crumbles into one of annoyance.

"But Mello who am I supposed to leave with then? You have the car keys." Nadiyah's apparent frustration sits on her face as she puts her hand on her waist.

"I don't know, ask Mason he'll be more than happy to take you home, Byeeee" Melody says giggling away as she slips through the door probably to go meet Jason.

"Looks like you're stuck with me princess" I smirk as I begin the short but victorious journey towards my car.


(A/N I'm too lazy to write the whole walk sooooo five minute time skip😂🙃)

Finally successfully reaching the car, after having to weave our way out of the Mass of bodies I set Eleanor in the back seat, watching her curl into a ball as she softly snores.

Nadiyah hesitantly walks to the door, now noticing that Eleanor is spread across the whole backseat, she approaches the passengers side.

"Don't be shy Princess, you've been in my car before" I tell her sending a quick wink after.

As a beautiful blush rises up her cheeks, with that Nadiyah quickly shuffles into my car as I laugh at how adorable she's being.

Really Mason? Adorable?

Bro what wrong with that?

I didn't peg you as the adorable type

Aye Our princess is Cute as hell and Adorable af Period.

Starting the car, I pull out and being our journey home.

A few pregnant minutes pass before I reach down to switch on the radio in hopes of filling the silence.

Immediately the sound of You by Jacquees begins to fill the car and soon after the low hum of Nadiyah's voice follow's.

"Did I tell you that you have a very beautiful voice?" I find myself saying as i watch a smile creep onto her face.

"You're just saying that Mason, plus you are the one between us who has a beautiful voice." Naddie, says trying to hide the soft blush that had found it's way to her chocolate cheeks.

"No princess your voice is fit for a goddess" I reply in a fake accent, causing her to laugh out loud.

"Well thank you my good sir" She giggles in attempt to play along

"You are most welcome my lady" I answer while tipping my imaginary hat, watching her break out into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

Slowly pulling into her neighborhood, we begin to approach her flat suburban house.

"Well this is my stop" Nadiyah say's as she turns towards me, allowing me to take in all her beautiful features.

"I know Princess" I reply with a small chuckle watching her blush again,

" I had fun tonight" She say's towards me, as she shows no signs of moving, not that i mind.

"Me too Princess"I reply again as we settle into a comfortable silence, moving my hand out to tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear, as i clearly hear her breath hitch, causing a satisfied smirk to arise.

"Oh for fucks sake! kiss her already!" Eleanor's drunk voice exclaims causing us to pull apart, i look at her to find that she has settled back into the fetal position and is snoring away as if nothing happened.

"I have to go now Mason" Nadiyah's soft voice tells me as she rushes to unlock the car door and step out, quickly i grab her wrist in order to stop her, slowly she turns back towards me.

"Yes Mason?" Nadiyah asks a bit confused by my gesture as i simply pull her closer, and kiss her cheek.

"Goodnight Princess"

With that Nadiyah sprints towards her home not even saying goodbye to me, as i laugh at her clearly flustered figure.

Turning my attention back to the road, i begin to drive towards my home.

"Mason?" A less slurry voice asks as i quickly glace towards the back seat to see Eleanor half awake.

"Yes Eleanor?" i reply as i quietly hum to the music playing through the radio.

"I'm sorry for trying to kiss you" I hear Eleanor say, so she wasn't as drunk as i thought.

"I'm not mad at you, just a little confused as why you tried to Ellie" I respond to the blonde, suddenly i hear a small sniffle escape her lips, glancing back i notice her tear streaked face.

"I just that thought that maybe if Jason saw you and i kissing he would finally realize how much he loves me" Eleanor's voice say's as it cracks at the end.

"Eleanor i..." I begin to say but i'm cut of by the sobs that surface.

" It's okay Mason, i'll get over it eventually"


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