Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 21

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Mason's Pov

A loud banging at my door jolts me out of my sleep.

"Mason get up or daddy said he's going to leave you!"

Leave me? leave me for what it's Sunday morning what could be so important on a Sunday mo-

Goodness Jam and biscuits!

It's Sunday morning and i forgot!

Quickly jumping up from my bed, i rush towards my bathroom and take a super quick shower, without even bothering for a towel i hop out and head straight for my closet.

Picking out a White graphic T-shirt with some faded blue jean's and some white socks with black Nike slides.

Checking the time i see the bright red numbers on my digital clock display a bold eight o one, letting out a sigh of relief i scramble to get the chest tucked between my bed side table and my bed.

"Mason let's go!" I hear Sophie's voice shout from the bottom of the stairs as a loud car horn blares indicating that my dad is already in the car.

"Coming Soph!" Garbing my iPhone 11 pro, and yes my father got me a new phone the day after the accident.

I quickly jog down the stairs, making sure that i have my wallet before grabbing an apple and rushing into the car.

"Good Morning Pop's and Morning squirt" I greet as we begin our journey.

"Morning Mase, why are you so late today, usually you are the first one up." My Dad comment's as i hear Sophie's giggles erupt.

"I was just super tired that's all" I reply as my father gives me an unconvinced look

"More like came back home super late cause of Naddie"Sophie comments as my dad begin's to wiggle his brows.

"Who told you that Sophie!" Turning my body to face the front seat to see a smug looking Sophie, staring right at me.

"Walls are thin Mason, you really shouldn't forget that my room is right next to yours and i can practically hear you talking to yourself" She explains, as i slightly facepalm myself at the important piece of information i forgot.

"Wait Soph i came home around one am, what where you doing up to begin with" Now it was my turn to look smug as Sophie glared at me and dad now glanced back with a curious expression.

"I was tending to important business" Sophie answers as she tries to go back to playing with her doll.

"Soph you're like six whats so important to do at one in the morning?" I question, only to have her send a smirk my way.

"Hey Mase what were those magazines you kept under your bed about?" I hear her chirpily ask

wait what was she playing at here

"Honey what magazine's?" My dad asks confused at Sophie's random change in topic.

Yeah what magazi- oh ohh ohhhhhh wait how does she even know about those? shiz!

"The one that said Se-"Sophie begins to say as i quickly cut her off

"Alright Soph you win Jeez!"I exclaim as she simply smiles at me, picking up a colouring book from her bag and starting to colour.

This child is going to be the death of me i swear.

Looking at the time and noticing that we still have 10 more minutes until we arrive, i pull out my phone and go to the Jason, Eleanor and I's group chat.

(A/N: Ellie= Eleanor and Jay= Jason just to clarify)

Mase: Eleanor why did you tell my little sister that i was with Nadiyah last night?

Jay: Wait? Ell slept at your house?

Ellie: Why the hell are you two blowing up my phone at eight am on a Sunday

Mase: Because you ratted me out to Soph

Ellie: Firstly No i did not Mason

Ellie: And secondly why do you care Jason

Jason: Because you never sleep at Mason's place if you're drunk, you come to mine

Mase: Bro i know for a fact i did not say anything about Nadiyah last night and the only other person in my room was you

Ellie: Welllll maybe i may have said something when soph came looking for you

Ellie: You seemed busy and Mason didn't mind right Mase?

Mase: Ellieeeee did you also tell her about the magazines?

Mase: No don't add me in this figure that out yourselves

Ellie: You were added the moment i tried to kiss you

Ellie: Maybe....

Jay: Wait hold up you and Mason kissed?!

Jay: When were you planning to tell me this!

Jay: I thought you liked Nadiyah?!

Mase: No we didn't kiss

Ellie: i said almost douche bag

Jay: Still!

Mase: Jay i do like Nadiyah and Ellie and i didn't kiss for the details you have to ask her.

Jay: someone better explain exactly whats going on right now!

Ellie: NOOO

Ellie: Maseee don't leave me!

Ellie: I can't do this without you!

Mase: Ellie i have to go, and you can i believe in you.

Jay: i'm legit so confused right now

Exiting the group chat i look up to see that we have arrived, seeing the familiar sign hanged above the building ' Welcome to Saint Peter's Mental Hospital.'

"Come on kids get out we're already late enough as it is" My Dad tells us as Sophie and I jump out of the car, upon entering the hospital the strong scent of bleach and medicine sweeps through the air.

Walking up to the reception desk that i shave become accustomed to i greet the chocolate haired nurse.

"Good Morning how may i help you today?" Her monotone voice says, as she glances up at us from behind the computer.

"We're here to see a patient" I tell her as she punches something into the desktop, probably looking for information.

"They're all in the common room" She replies, not sparing me a second glace, nodding n return we head towards the common room.

walking my eye's glue to the familiar spot, next to the window, it has the perfect view of the garden. Slowly approaching it i see a figure hunched over looking outside, as if sensing my presence they turn around as their grey eyes meet mine.

"Hi Mum"

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