Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 22

Nadiyah Roseine

I'm so confused.

These past few days have felt like a literal dream, Mason yes my totally hot and very popular locker neighbor Mason has been super...nice?

I do not know the right words for it, i mean some days, i feel like he likes me, calling me Princess and complimenting me.

However other days i feel like it's all just a little prank, that the whole school is in on and i know it's wrong to assume but why else would someone like Mason be nice to me, yet alone my friend?

I don't know, today is just one of those days, where i'm sad for no apparent reason, and constantly feel like the world is against me. Even though i know deep in the back of my head that non of that is true.

i just can't help but feel like it is.

I wish Mason was here, he'd know how to cheer me up.

At that thought a small smile spreads across my lips, as i feel the small subtle breeze brush past my arm. Effectively reminding me of exactly where i was, as the distant shouts and squeals of families fill my ears.

The park.

A soft ray of sun had laid upon my caramel skin, giving it a gentle glow, almost as if it was golden. I had sat myself under a large cherry blossom tree, a copy of 'Eleanor and Park' by Rainbow Rowell tucked between my fingers.

My eyes glance over the scene before me; children playing, parents chasing after them, couples sitting by benches, people walking, jogging, just enjoying their Sunday afternoon.

Just being happy.

"Is this seat taken?" A deep voice questions, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Um no not really" I answer, shifting myself over as the stranger places himself beside me.

I take this as a chance to take him in without seeming like a creep; chiseled jaw, athletic build, dark chocolate eyes complimenting his rich mocha skin. To say he wasn't attractive would be an understatement.

"What are you reading?" i hear him question as i snap out of my thoughts, lifting my head up to look at him only to be met with his alluring honey eyes.

"Eleanor and Park , it's my thirtieth time reading the book and it's actually my favorite book, you should read it. I mean the plot itself is simply amazing, following these two teenagers who meet on a school bus, and although most would say it's very cliche i would beg to differ. Like firstly it deals with a few very important issues that a lot of teens are going through and oh my goodness i'm rambling aren't i? Gosh now i seem like a dweeb you can just forget i even said anything, and i should probably stop talking wait why are you smiling at me?" I ask confused.

Now baffled to be met with the mystery man's smiling face, this should not be a strangers reaction.

"I'm smiling because of how beautiful you look, especially when talking about something you are clearly in love with." He explains with a chuckle.

"Oh um thank you" I answer, now beginning to get very shy, as i feel the heat rise up my neck and creep on to my cheeks.

"Oh did i make you blush love?" he asks in a joking manner, as i nearly choke on my own sliver at the term of endearment.

"Um- I-I um you-" i effectively try to form a sentence but as more heat fills my cheeks, earning a loud melodic laugh to erupt from the gorgeous strangers lips.

"It's alright love i found it adorable" He tells me after his laughter dies down, as i look up at him still tainted bright red, only to see the amused glint in his eyes.

"Where are you from Mr it's adorable, i have not ever seen you around here before." I try to change the topic and luckily he catches my attempt.

"No i actually just moved down from Santa Monica with my family, because trust me if i had always lived here, you and i would be together" He says as i turn my body to face him completely.

" What do you mean we would be together" i ask a little confused at what that's supposed to mean.

"It means love that you're a beautiful, kind, smart loving person and i'd wife you if i got the chance" He explains casually as if he did not just tell me he would marry me.

"Hold on there buddy, firstly we just met so everything you said could be completely wrong and secondly even if it was true, which i'm not saying it is, how can you say you want to marry me? like i don't even know you're name." I rant very frustrated at his whole cute gentleman but likes me off the bat aura.

"Well to answer you, i just know. People who are genuinely amazing aren't hard to spot, because they're rare." The handsome stranger replies as i simply smile at him.

Turning back around i pick up my book and begin to pack it in my bag, noticing how i still have an hour to kill but now i'm not in the mood to read. Maybe i could just go home and binge watch a show on Netflix.

"Collin." I suddenly hear him say, turning to see him standing up and casually leaning against the tree.

"Huh?" i sort of question a bit confused at his sudden words.

"You said you didn't know my name right? Well it's Collin, Collin Rivers" He explains as he walks over to me, holding out his hand.

Without a second thought i reach out and grab it allowing him to pull me off the hard grassy ground, as soon as he pulls me up i'm met face to chest as his sweet minty scent surround me.

"Well Collin, it's nice to meet you, I'm Nadiyah, Nadiyah Roseine" I reply still a bit dazed from our close proximity.

Looking up, i my dirt brown eyes meet his honey gold ones, as he shoots a small smile at me.

"Well Miss Roseine, would you like to grab some ice cream with me?" He questions as a goofy smile forms on my lips.

"I would love to Mr Rivers"


And they lived happlily ever after...the End

i'm kidding guys don't kill me lol, so what do you think about Collin?

How do you think this will affect Naddie and Mason?

Welp you'll just have to read to find out lol

Anyways hope you liked it!

Hello my Gummies!, i know shocked? i am too! Welcome to the official third update of this week, yeah you heard me right third update, in a row! Guys come on like woahhhhhhh who knew this was possible? *realizing how lazy i actually am to write on a daily basis* anyways more of Nadiyah and Mason up ahead, an i know most of you were sooooo confused about the last chapter but trust me its going to be gooooooood. So grab a seat, a big ole pack of Cheetos and some really hot tea cause we about to get littty!

lol i'm super hyped for no reason, don't mind my little rant, here's the chapter, Enjoy!

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