Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 23: Letter

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Dear, Mason

How was your weekend?


I'm trying to be civil but let's face it this weekend was sooooooo dramatic.

To say the least the party was very.... eventful?

Firstly Jason and Melody we're downstairs making out like woah who saw that coming??

Plus the little spin off of Eleanor being in love with him[Jason] was honestly very surprising.

Plus i heard she almost kissed you?

like talk about awkawrdddddddddddddddd momenttttttttttt,but we don't judge

the girl had to do what she had to do and if it meant Kissing you then welp, pucker up prince charming.

Oh and let's not forget Maddie's little episode on the kitchen floor, she was passed out on the floor half naked covered in vomit... remind me never to get drunk.

Sadly I didn't poor my drink on you because I was a bit pre-occupied, you see a guy who I had a crush on talked to me at the party.

Yes Masey you're not the only man in my books (;

I'm kidding it was more of I couldn't approach you cause I didn't know how to, let's be honest I've embarrassed myself enough.

From writing you a very cringy love letter that I'm going to try and forget exists, practically breaking into your locker to leave more cringy letters.

Oh let's also ignore the fact I've basically been binge watching your life events as if it's a movie or a book or something.

I could put Joe's stalking tendencies to shame, lol nah that dude is the king of stalking. High-key hope you watch YOU or that will sound lame.

Anyways, the list goes on, so for now I think I'd rather stay in the shadows you know?

Invisibility is the key to success lol I just made that up.

Anyways enough about Saturday night.

I saw you on Sunday morning, at the hospital?

Before you think I'm spying on you or stalking you, I will clear it up by saying I have a part time job there, yes Mason you're secret admirer works at St Patrick hospital.

A clue as to who I am no? (;

Anyways I was kinda shocked, to see you there so bright and early, until I realized why.

It took me back to when my Nana was sick, I used to visit her a lot. It was hard seeing her confined to the bed with a bunch of tubes sticking out.

Some days I would walk in and cry my eyes out, others didn't want to see her face.

But what I kept telling myself is she's not gone, just a little lost right now.

So Mason I know it's hard but she's not gone, just a little lost right now.

she'll be fine, Don't worry.

Have a great Monday Mase!

P.S keep a look out for the new boy, He's pretty hot.(;

~ Anonymous

Mason Harper

Closing my locker and tucking the letter back into my backpack i begin to think over the words they wrote.

The new guy?

" Mason Harper, long time no see" I hear a voice i knew all too well spit out.

Turning my body to meet the one person i never wanted to see again.

"Welcome back Rivers."


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