Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 24

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Nadiyah Roseine

" So i heard that there's this super hot new guy starting today" Melody excitedly squeals, as i shut my locker and we begin our journey down the hall.

"If this super hot new guy isn't me we're going to have a problem sweetheart" Jason's voice says from behind us.

Turning to see a overly energetic Jason approaching us with Eleanor who is sporting a scowl on her face.

"Last i'm i checked i was single McCarthy, thus i'm allowed to find any non-fictional boy, super hot." Mello answers sassily and Jason walks and puts his arms around her waist, proceeding to whisper something in her ear.

"Ugh if you guys don't stop i'm going to puke at how cringey this is"Eleanor groans out, causing us all to burst into a fit of laughter.

"Don't worry Eleanor maybe this 'super hot new guy' will be your 'super hot boyfriend" I reply in hopes of cheering her up.

It was clear to see although we laughed, Eleanor seeing Jason and Mello all lovey dovey must have been hard. I mean she's probably liked him for a while now.

I can imagine.

"Firstly call me Ellie because we're practically family now that Mason's head over heels for you, secondly i'm not about to trust Mello's taste in men i mean have you seen Jason?"Eleanor lists off lazily as we slow down.

"Yes i have seen myself and i think she did a pretty good job if i do say so myself" Jason shoot's back as both Mello and i begin to laugh, Jason and Eleanor to both open their lockers as they were locker neighbors, swapping out their books.

Wait where is my locker neighbor?

" Speaking of Mason do you know where he is? I have not seen him this morning"I ask trying to sound unbothered when in actuality i was a bit worried.

"Yeah same, we were actually hoping you had seen him" Jason explains as Eleanor nods her head agreeing.

That's strange.

"Guy's isn't that Mason?" Melody asks as we all look at her in confusion.

" Where?" I ask as i look around scanning the crowd.

"Over there by the vending Machine, oh he's actually talking to the new guy"Melody say's as i turn to the direction she is pointing in.

Sure enough Mason is standing there in all his glory, however that is not what catches my eye, it's the person next to him who i soon realize to be, the guy from the park.

"No way is he talking to him?!" Eleanor exclaims in disbelief

"Shit, what's he doing back?" Jason agrees as he begins to quickly walk towards the two.

"Oh my gosh that's why he looked so familiar" Melody says in realization as i stand there still confused by the situation.

"Oh the new guy is Collin? Huh he did not tell me he was going here yesterday" I say absent minded as all six pairs of eyes turn to me.

"What? Did i say something wrong" I ask now confused at their shocked stare's.

" Please tell me that the hot ice cream guy you met yesterday was not Collin Rivers?" Melody ask's dread clear on her face, as i simply give a small nod to confirm that hot ice cream guy was indeed Collin.

"What's wrong with it being Collin?" I ask still not understanding what exactly the vendetta against Collin is.

"Everything Naddie! Everything! Jeez out of all guys on this planet you had to attract him? out of all people! Why Nadiyah? Why?"Melody dramatically exclaims, throwing her arms around in the process.

"I still don't understand why you don't like him, he's a nice guy" I try to defend him as Jason shoots me a pointed glare.

Sighing deeply Eleanor puts a hand on Jason's shoulder as if silently telling him to calm down.

"Look Nadiyah, i'll explain everything later. Right now we need to get Mason and Collin away from each other before a fight breaks out now come on guys" Eleanor say's as she leads the way to where Collin and Mason stood, and it is only then that i begin to feel the hostile air around them, as well as realize the crowd that had gathered.

As we reach them i notice how close they are to one another almost as if they are about to attack each other, without a second thought I push my way into the crowd, ignoring the calls of my friends behind me.

"Guys what the heck are you doing?!"I shout to them which causes them to break their intense staring contest, both boys turning to look at me, as i feel Ellie, Jace and Mello stand behind me.

"Princess I-"

"Love I-"

Collin and Mason say at the same time, as the both take a step to approach me,halting in their tracks as they realize what the other had called me.

"Love?"Mason spits out in disbelief.

"Princess?"Collins asks back in distaste as both boys begin to glare at each other again

Then simultaneously turning towards me, the glare at me with intent.

"How the hell do you know him!" They both yell, as now all focus shifts towards me.

Well this just got a whole lot more interesting.


Hey guys, felt a bit better today so i wrote you a quick Chapter to make up for yesterday, Thank you for the comments i love you guys.

Anyways please don't forget to vote and comment.

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