Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 25

Nadiyah's Pov

Sighing to myself I look at the two fuming boys, why the heck are they so mad at each other?

What honestly happened?

People don't just hate people without a reason right?

Wait nope, internet trolls do never mind.

"Look that's not important, what's important is that we leave before the bell ri-" I begin to say, trying to defuse the situation.

However the loud shrill of the bell interrupts me, amplifying my point further.

"See? Now let's just all go to class and act like this never happened" I annouce to the boy's hoping my sad attempt at helping them out works.

Non of them move an inch, still standing there staring at each other as if sizing the other up.

"Come on Mason let's go to English" I sigh in defeat as I reach out to grab Mason's hand only for him to shrug it off, and storm in the direction of our classroom.

What did I do?

Giving everyone a small reassuring smile, they begin to walk to their respective classes.

However Collin still stands there looking a bit more irritated than before.

"He shouldn't have been so rude to you Love" He day's shifting his gaze on me.

"It's okay Collin, he's just still a bit mad. I'll be fine just go to class" I reply as I turn to walk to English before the late bell sounds.

Suddenly I feel his hand grasp my wrist tightly, I turn to look at him in confusion.

"You're sitting with me at lunch right?" Collin asks me with a small grin playing on his lips.

"Yeah don't worry I'll sit with you at lunch Collin" I find myself answering with my own smile

With that he releases my hand, and begins walking backwards.

"Great! Bye love see you at lunch!" He exclaims

I simply laugh and start walking to my First language English class.

Not long after I begin to walk the late bell rings.

Ah Skittles.

Pushing myself to go faster I semi run to class, to only to find the door closed shut.

Ah double Skittles

Gathering up all my courage which is approximately a three on the scale of one to ten.

I knock on the door, however I doubt she hears it with how quiet it was. Holding my hand up I knock for a second time a bit louder.

Still nothing, as I'm about to knock the third time, the door swings open. Leaving me standing there in shock with my fist up.

Miss Hunter impatiently waiting for me to enter sighs "Miss Rosesine are you just going to stand here like a statue all day?"

"Um I'm sorry" I mutter in embarrassment, walking in with my head facing the ground.

Quickly i power walk to my seat near the back of the room ignoring the snickers of my class mates.

"Now that we're all settled in" Miss Hunter says, shooting me a pointed look. Causing me to shrink back into my seat, she continues.

"We we'll be working on a creative piece since most of you didn't hand in your pair work for last week. Thus I'll be putting you into new pai-" Miss Hunters voice is cut off by the sudden bag of the door.

"Sorry I'm late" I hear Mason gruffly mutter, towards our teacher.

"No problem Mr Harper, you'll be our first pair with Miss Rosesine since you both like coming in late" she saying in a faux cheerful voice.

" I'm already partners with Madison."Mason answers as his eyes show a hint of annoyance.

From the corner of my eye I see Maddie's shoot her friends a wide smile, typical.

"Well now I'm saying you're not." Miss Harper tells Mason in frustration to his defiance.

"I don't want to work with her." I hear him angrily say, as everyone's attention lands on me.

Lord why can't the floor just open up and swallow me right now.

"Mason you're working with Nadiyah, that's final and since you want to argue so much she's your partner for the rest of the year. Now sit down your delaying my class." Miss Harper Huff's

Mason simply looks towards my seat with a chilling glare.

Honestly what did I do?

Walking to my space in the back I scoot over and make space for him.

As he sits I look towards him "Mason why are you mad at me?" I ask in confusion.

"I'm not in the mood Nadiyah" he growls out, lowly.

Nadiyah? What the heck? My name is princess!

"Mason I-" I begin to say quitely only to be cut off by his stern voice.

"I said I'm not in the mood Nadiyah! Gosh stop talking" he exclaims a bit too loudly causing everyone to look at us.

"Is there a problem Miss Rosesine?" Miss Hunter asks in concern.

"No sorry" I meekly reply, scooting to the wall even further.

I feel a familiar burning sensation grace my throat, as the sting in my eyes begins to make an appearance.


I won't cry.

I won't cry.

A single tear rolls down my cheek as I quickly wipe it away.

Gosh Mase what did I do.

Hey guys, sorry this is late. You know how I've been lately but thanks for understanding also a huge thanks you to those who went out of their way to text me. I appreciate the concern. We're back so don't worry.

Also just wanted to give a shout-out to @SkyBlueAreas guys please check out her book it's amazing! It's called Loretti make sure you check it out, it's worth it!

Hope you enjoy this chapter!
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