Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 26

. Mondays Update

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Nadiyah's Pov

Just as the bell rings for my third class and I bolt out of the room just as I had in the last two classes.

I hadn't paid any attention to what my teachers had been saying which was a little odd of me to do.

However how could I not?

When the image of Mase shouting at me in English kept playing in my head.

Lunch wasn't that bad though, I sat with Collins as I had promised him in the morning.

He served as a good distraction, seeing the mess I called my day.

Although Melody, Jason and Eleanor all shot him a nasty glare throughout the entire lunch period.

I was greatful that that was all that happened.

To make things better Mason was no where to be found.

And surprisingly enough I had not seen Mason Since this mornings incident.

And I was aiming to keep it that way until I deemed it necessary.

It was currently the end of the school day and I couldn't have been happier.

It was only a Monday but I was already ready to get this week over and done with as soon as possible.

Walking down the hallway, I begin to think of all the Netflix shows I can finish once I get home.

Noting to pick up some Chipotle for my mini movie night.

As I turn into the main hallway, I begin to notice the amount of students gathered in the center.

Making it impossible to leave without having to confront the crowd.

I can hear them chanting something but I'm not exactly sure what.

Walking a bit faster I try to listen closer, finally hearing the one word everyone was screaming.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!"

What's going on?

Finally reaching the mass of students I peer over a few shoulders, cursing my 5'1 height for not being able to get a good view.

Finally I catch a glimpse of the two opponents and my mind goes into overdrive.

There in the middle of the crowd once again was Mason and Collin.

However unlike this mornings altercation the two boys were actually fighting.

Well more like Mason was beating the crap out of Collin.

Why wasn't anyone stopping this?

Fighting my way through the crowd I rush into the middle, hurriedly I grab onto Mason's back arms, restraining him from punching any further and in one quick motion rip him away from Collin.

"What the hell Nadiyah! Let me go!" Mason's furiously shouts, thrashing against my hold.

"No! You're going to kill the poor kid! Gosh Mason he's already unconscious!" I exclaim as I drag him further away from Collin.

Mason stops struggling to look at the unconscious Collin, who is laying in a pool of his own blood.

Looking around I spot Eleanor's terrified figure in the crowd, making eye contact with her.

"Ellie, get Collin to the nurses office or some type of medical help, I'll take Mason away from here to cool off before he does something even more drastic. Hurry before the principal gets here." I tell her, as she simply nods her head. Rushing towards Collin.

"Aye! Scram!" I shout towards the crowd, which gets the idea and begins to disperse.

Pulling Mason outside I immediately spot his car at the far end and drag him towards it.

"Jeez! Nadiyah stop pulling on my hand like I'm some little kid!" Mason says as he Yanks his arm out of my grip.

"Maybe if you wouldn't act like a kid, I wouldn't have to treat you like one Harper!" I shout back towards him.


Where did this Nadiyah come from?

Yass queen we like the sass we like the fiesty un leash the mean.

Okay we're dorks.

Reaching for his arm against for him to move back.

Letting out a groan of frustration I glare towards Mason.

"Mason why won't you just cooperate! Can't you see im trying to help you?" I exclaim in pure frustration, pinching the bridge of my nose.

"I didn't ask for your help nor do I need it, so leave me alone Nadiyah" Mason shouts as he makes a step to go back towards the school.

But quickly my hand goes to connect with his left cheek.

Leave a prominent bright red hand print.


Welp let's bring it home Naddie, your on a roll now.

"Listen hear Harper, I'm sick and tired of your piss attitude today, shouting and bossing me around like a rag doll, when I'm being nothing but nice to you." I bite out as I glare towards Mason walking to stand only inches away from him.

"So you have two options, either you stop complain and acting like a little kid, and get your ass into that car or you go back inside and get your ass expelled for nearly killing a kid." I harshly say towards him, surprising both of us.

Damn wow this was a new.

Hearing silence I grin triumphantly grabbing his wrist and continuing to drag him to his car.

One for Nadiyah, zero for Mason.


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