Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 27

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Nadiyah's Pov

Reaching the door to his BMW I stick out my hand, as he looks down at it confused.

"Keys." I say looking towards him.

Mason scoffs and tries to walk around me, but I simply push his chest back and stick my hand in his face.

"Keys Harper, I'm not repeating myself again" I bite out a bit more firmly this time.

Gosh why won't he just listen to me!

Mason eye's my hand before dropping his keys inside my palm.

Smiling to myself I walk towards the drivers door and get in, waiting for a grumbling Mason to follow.

Quickly pulling out of the parking lot I begin to drive as Mason gives me the directions.

I'll drop him off and catch a bus home, there should still be running by 5pm going to Herrington.

Reaching The Harper's drive way both Mason and I step out.

Walking towards Mason I hand him his keys and turn to walk away from his driveway.

"Wait!" I hear Mason's gruff voice call out to me.

Halting in my tracks I step back, Turing to look at the devilishly handsome chocolate haired boy.

"Yes Harper?" I question in a monotone voice trying not to give away how confused I actually am.

Why am I here?

I should be at school with Collin helping him.

Not in Mason's driveway.

" Can you help me with my knuckles?" He asks a bit of nervousness in his voice as he lifts up his busted and bruised fists.

Sighing I walk past him and towards his front door.

I'll just wrap him up and be on my way home.

Mason opens the door and leads us straight up the stairs, not giving me the chance to look around.

We soon enter a room with a bunch of football and music band posters stuck to the dark grey walls.

As i walk further inside I notice the messy unmaid bed in the center of the room as a large tv mounted to the wall across it.

Under the television sat two huge speakers separted by a table that had different decoders, Games and movies stacked.

Towards my right were two doors, one probably leading to the bathroom as the other was a walk-in closet.

Other than the messy bed and a few random articles of clothing on the floor the room was fairly clean. Not to mention it was slightly bigger than our living room at home.

I realize that Mason had left me alone in hear as I was too busy looking around. I sit on the edge of his bed and wait for him to come back.

Not long after his tall figure approaches, closing the door behind us. Then I notice the first aid box he is carrying.

Standing I walk towards him and grab the small box, opening it to check it's contents.

Walking towards the bathroom I feel Mason follow behind me, as I sit on the counter.

"Lightly wash your hands with warm water, then come over here." I say as I check the time on my old busted down phone.

Noticing I have two notifications from my brother, saying he came and didn't find me.

And the other saying I should be home by six pm

It was currently four twenty, I have time to catch the bus.

Mason does as I told him and comes in front of me causing me to switch off my phone.

Getting a bottle of spirt, I dab a bit on a cotton swab. Gently grabbing his hand in mine I begin to clean the cuts.

I can feel Mason's intense gaze burning holes into my scalp but I don't dare look up.

I proceed to clean both hands for ten minutes then take some ointment and apply it to the wounds. Finally I wrap his knuckles up nicely.

Looking up I meet his intense gaze. Noticing a cut above his eyebrow and one on his lip.

Taking another swab I start to clean his eyebrow cut.

"Nadiyah? Nadiyah" I hear Mason ask, not taking my email eyes off the cut I hum in response.

"Nadiyah look at me" he says this time griping my chin and forcing us to make sure eye contact.

"What do you want Mason?" I ask tiredly as I stare at his grey orbs.

"Look, I'm sorry for yelling at yo-" he begins to apologise only for me to cut him off.

"It's fine, I need to go" I say as I hop off the counter.

Only for his hands to lift me back up.

"No. Talk to me Naddie, what's wrong? Let me make it right" he tells me as he holds a sad expression.

" Mason don't do this" I say to him as he stares at me in confusion.

"Don't do what Princess?" He asks me as sigh with irritation.

"This! One second your calling me Princess and making me feel all mushy and loved then the next? Treat me like I don't even exist! Honestly Mason if you're going to keep playing hot and cold with my feelings I suggest you stop! Cause I like you I really do but if you don't you need to tell me that you don't feel the same not mess with my emo-"

"Nadiyah I know! Okay I know! And I'm honestly sorry! I'm not trying to play hot and cold with your feelings, shit half the time I don't even know what I'm feeling. Look I wasn't meant to pop off on you like that it's just when I saw him, with you, and he was out here calling you love? Princess I got jealous" Mason tells me as he looks towards me.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, I bring my forehead to touch his as I stare into his cloudy eye's.

"Mason, you need to tell me exactly how you feel, when you feel some type of way. I'm new to this emotions thing too I barely know what I'm doing half the time. However this whole bottling things up then taking it out on people isn't going to help anyone. You need to learn to communicate with us" I explain to Mason.

"I know princess,I'm sorry that I make it seem like I'm playing with you cause that's not my intention at all Nadiyah." Mason sighs.

As he holds my body closer to his, allowing me to wrap my legs around his waist.

"It's okay Mase" I reply, laying my head on his shoulder as he rubs circles with his thumb on my waist.

After a few moments of silence I hear Mason's voice fill the room.

"So we're good?"

"Yeah Mase, we're good."


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