Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 28: Letter

Hey guys! really sorry i went M.I.A i was studying so i shut out all my social media. But i'm back so don't worry sorry for not giving you a heads up anyways here's chapter 28

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P. s it's a super short Chapter sorry!

Dear Mason,

I legit feel like this is getting old innit?

Lol, i don't really care if it is, do i?

I mean when was the last time i cared about what you thought of me?

*Only like every single day of my life*

pfft no biggie. *physically cringes*

Okay, no more dilly dallying.

Lets get down to the real reason i wrote this letter, apart from the fact that i'm a complete coward and can't express my feelings to you.

I'd like to say that i totally understand why, you beat Collin Rivers to pulp yesterday.

But i don't Mase.

I would also love to say i understand why you shouted at that poor girl in class.

But i sadly also don't know why.

What i do know is that what you did was wrong Mase, if i'm speaking from my point of view.

Like almost killing a student and humiliating someone, that's not the Mase i know and love.

That was a whole different side of you that i didn't know even existed and now that i do i just want to ask.

Was it worth it Mason?

Like were you happy after it happened?

I really hope the answer is No.

And i really hope you apologize.

However if the answer was yes, then i only have one word for you,



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