Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 29

Warning Mature language and verbal abuse ahead

Mason Harper

"Nadiyah!" I exclaim as I weave my way through the mass of bodies to reach the raven haired girl.

It was currently the end of the school day, and surprisingly enough i had not gotten to speak to Nadiayh since yesterday evening, when i had dropped her off at her house.

"Oh, Hey Mase i haven't seen you all day!" Nadiyah says as she glances towards me, a bit shocked by my sudden appearance.

Catching my breath, we fall into a comfortable walk towards the school exit.

"Aw did somebody miss me" I reply with a teasing tone, making sure to rub my shoulder against hers to get my point across.

"Not even in the slightest Harper" Nadiyah answers, glancing at me with a playful glare, noticing the small smile she is trying to hold back.

" I know you did Princess, who wouldn't miss all of this?" i question her as i begin to fake flex in front of her.

This causes a bubble of laughter to erupt from Nadiyah's lips, as a soft smile graces her lips.

I missed this.

"Aside from my good looks, i actually wanted to talk to you about something" I say as we, reach the huge fire hydrant red doors. Pulling it open i allow gesture for Nadiayh to go first, earning a small thank you from her.

Walking out of the building, she turns towards me with a confused face.

"Oh? Um talk to me about what?" she questions, nervously biting down on her lip.

Upon her seemingly worried expression i let out a small chuckle, "Nothing bad Princess relax, i wanted to ask if we could work on the project today?"

I watch her face contort from one of confusion to realization, it was kind of amusing.

To be completely honest, i didn't really want to do the project. I could care less if i failed one English project.

Like i speak English, I write in English and I read in English. What exactly am I learning?

I just wanted to spend a bit of time with Naddie, i liked her company.

You mean you like her

Potato potatoe, same difference.

"Oh yeah sure! should we do it your house?" Nadiyah asks bringing me out of my train of thought.

I am about to answer yes but then i'm stopped by a thought that pops into my head, today's Wednesday and that means Dads day.

For those of you who are confused let me break it down for you.

Ever since my mum was hospitalized, my dad created Dads day.

What is that you may question? Well my father is a busy man constantly doing work and on top of that raising Sophie and I all by himself.

This every Wednesday, since it's his only free day off he literally ban's Sophie and I from the house until after dinner.

Sophie Usually goes to her best friends house while, hang out with Jason and Ellie but today Jason is with Melody * que the eye roll* and Eleanor is... Um jeez God knows where Ellie honestly is.

"Sorry Princess, My dad has basically kicked me out of the house till eight. Why don't we do it at your place?" I reason with her.

However i pay attention to how her face, slightly grimaces at the mention of working at her house.

" Um yeah sure lets go" with that Nadiyah and I head for my car, the new tense atmosphere not going unnoticed, huh strange.

One quiet drive and a series of awful pop songs later, we reach Nadiyah's Home.

I park next to the curb as i notice a Ruby Toyota Senna parked in her driveway, turning my head towards Naddie's petite frame i notice how she's now fidgeting with her fingers while biting down on her lip. Hard.

"Okay Princess i've known you long enough to know when somethings wrong, tell me whats up?" I ask her placing my hand over hers to stop her motions.

Nadiyah quietly stares at our hand for a bit before sighing and lifting up her head, letting her honey golden eyes to meet mine.

"Just- whatever they say in there don't react okay?" She says quietly, as her words fail to make sense to me.

" What do you mean 'don't react?'" I question in pure confusion, what does she mean?

"Just trust me Mason okay, please" Naddie pleads as she grips my hand tightly, without thinking about it i nod my head, letting her breath a sigh of relief.

"Come on lets go inside" She says, opening her door, motioning for me to follow her.

Without a fight i let her drag me towards her door, letting go of my hand she opens it and leads us inside.

Upon entering the front door, we were in the living room, the dinning room being was towards the left of the the sitting area and a kitchen was towards your right and a hallway just to the side of it leading up to a set of stairs.

Nadiyah quickly grabs my hand and starts power walking towards the stairs only for a voice to stop us in our tracks.

" Nadiyah dear, you're home early." A middle aged chocolate skinned woman says as she emerges from the kitchen. " Oh and you brought a boy."

oddly enough Nadiyah doesn't say anything, instead she simply keeps her head down not making any eye contact.

Feeling the immense awkwardness of the situation, i stick my hand out to shake the woman who should be Nadiyah's mother's hand.

"Good afternoon Mrs Roseine I'm Mason Harper, Nadiyah's friend." I say with a small smile.

Her Mother enthusiastically shakes my hand " Oh very nice to meet you Mason, I'm Nadiyah's Mum, Oh let me call the rest of the family so you can meet them."

"Mother, it's fine we really need to do our school projec_" Nadiyah begins to object frantically, which raises my suspicion as to what exactly is happening.

"NONSENSE NATALIE!" Her voice exclaims, making Naiyah flinch back in fear, " the rest of the family needs to meet him, since you decided to bring home someone, a boy for that matter."

Nadiyah puts her head down in shame as her family emerges from the hallway, "look what Naddie brought for us today" her mum spits out

Nadiyah's brother, looks at me in surprise before scoffing at Nadiyah

"So you decided to bring one of your little whores home today, figures. How much is he paying you?" He questions her with a look of disgust crossing his face. The rest of her family laughing as if someone had said something funny.

Was this what Naddie was referring to in the car?

"I- t-that's not what-" Naddie's voice beings but is cut off Immediately.

"Just go to your room, your annoying me" Her mum spits out, as she disappears into the dark hallway.

Nadiyah quickly grabs my hand as she pulls me up the stairs in a frantic rush, muttering incorrect sentences.

Finally entering the small room, Naddie locks the door behind us as she closes her eye's leaning her head against it.

"come here" I say towards her, as she opens her glassy eye's and looks at me pleadingly.

"Mase please just don't." Nadiyah's soft velvety voice begs, cracking at the end.

"Princess i won't ask this again, come here."

Reluctantly i watch her, slowly walk towards me and once she's close enough i stretch my hand out grasping her's and pulling her frame towards my body.

Effectively enveloping her in my arms, her body radiating a comforting warmth. As if a second nature i place my hand in her unruly curls and begin to play with them, earning a quiet sigh from Nadiyah.

"I'm sorry for my family. If it helps their my adoptive family. I'll totally understand if you want to leave." Naddie sigh's out as she hold me closer.

"Their behavior is not your fault Nadiyah, plus i'm not going anywhere Princess, can't get rid of me that easily." I try to joke, giving me the quiet laugh i was hoping for from Nadiyah.

"Pinky promise?" Nadiyah questions, as she lifts her head to look at me.

"Yes Princess i pinky promise"


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