Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 3

Mason Harper

" She kissed my cheek" I correct Eleanor

"Same difference" she replies as she puts another chip in her mouth

I swear this girl could live off lays if she wanted to, she eats them like she's going to die any second.

"Well not to me"I reply " I have to clear this up before it spreads"I say running my hand through my hair

"Too late I think everyone knows" Ellie comments

"Well I'm still going to bed her, weather you're dating her or not"Jace huffs as he takes a bite out of his Chicken sandwich.

"Firstly I'm not dating her and second go ahead" I answer annoyed at the fact they think I'm dating her.

" Man it's not that bad I mean at least she's not ugly plus any other guy would kill for a rumour like this to go around"Jason tries to cheer me up but fails.

" But she's like literally the devil I don't understand why guys like her" Ellie comments while picking up another bag of lays.

" She's not the devil Ellie" I try to defend knowing I'm about to get an earfull seeing how opinionated Ellie is.

"She trashed Kylie's car because she said she has a crush on Zack"Eleanor dumbfounded

"Maybe she was having a bad day"I try to reason fully aware of the fact that, that wasn't the case.

"She's borderline Crazy"Eleanor huffs.

"Hope she's crazy in bed too"Jace comments wiggling his eyebrows

" Of course your nasty head has to say that" Ellie remarks

"I'm intitled to a comment, I have freedom of speech" Jace pouts towards Ellie

" Not when you're a walking STD" she mutter's

Oh no. This is about to get ugly

" Mason can call me that cause he's a virgin but you sleep with just as many guys as I do girls so your one too" Jason shoots back

" I do not sleep with as many guys as you sleep with girls cause that would mean I'm a whore and I ain't. " Eleanor snaps at Jace

" Oh so I am? Funny well if it's so then your a slut." Jason replies folding his arms over his chest

" Take that back! "Ellie exclaims

"No." Jace says firmly

"Jason Carter take that back!"Eleanor practically screams

" Your a slut and a whore period" Jason Nolechently answers

Noticing that their gaining some attention I slowly back up and leave them to fight it out.

They'll be back to normal by Saturday, looking at my phone I realize I have a little over ten minutes before lunch ends.

Opting to go get my books early I head for my locker but as I start to reach it I notice the familiar petite figure of the girl I met this morning.

Except this time she had herself seated on the floor right infont of my locker.

Walking towards her I stopped right infont of her hunched frame as I realized she was reading a novel while biting an apple.

Letting her realize it was me I watched her face grow from confusion to realization to terrified all in one second.

Her beautiful dark brown eyes traveled up my body to meet my own greyish-green ones.

"What are you doing in front of my locker?" I ask the mistryious girl.

Her mouth opens and closes like a fish as she fails to explain herself. At the scene due to my amusement a smirk grace's my lips.

"Well do you mind moving so I can get my books" I ask again only this time my question seems to jolt her out of whatever trance she's in.

"Right! Oh my gosh sorry!" She quickly scrambles to her feet and ends up hitting her head in the process.

"Ugh" her voice comes out as a small whimper,as for me I try to keep in my laugher.

Which is providing to be a hard task as she tries to balance the apple in her mouth with a bunch of books in her hands as well as cradle her head.

"Are you okay?" I ask sniffling a laugh as she tries to manage herself.

"Mm hmm" she manages to get out as she's still holding the apple in her mouth.

"You sure?" I ask again trying to make sure

" Mm hmm! Bye! " And with that she bolts down the halls in a hurried mess.

Now that was interesting.


Mason has met a girl Ooo how do you feel about that?

How are you liking the book so far?

Anyways here's the third chapter hope you ejoyed it!

Stay tune for more chapters comingsoon!
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