Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 30

Nadiyah's Pov

"Hey girlie I haven't seen you in a while!" The loud voice of Penelope shout out.

As I grab my apron from my locker, putting it on along with the polo shirt we are given and the orange cap.

"Hey penny" I say in a soft chuckle

"Oh no you don't! How can you just 'HeY pEnNY' me when your ass has been missing for damn near a week!" Penny exclaims as she throws a pile of serviettes at me.

As I try and fail to block the range of things thrown my way I begin to reply " I didn't think it would be a big deal!"

"Oh but it is! I thought you were dead or something! But no the only reason you failed to call or text me was because you were too busy getting d*ck!" Penelope shouts now throwing aprons.

"What? P-penny I wasn't! I-i w-was-" I begin to explain only to be cut off by the amused voice of the dark haired beauty

"Oh don't lie to me Roseine I know you better than you think" She says to me as she realizes she's run out of things to throw at me.

"Penny i'm sorry i didn't call or text i was wrong please forgive me" I apologize realizing how worried she may have been with my disappearance.

I mean last time this happened... lets just say it didn't end well.

"It's fine babe just, text me once in a while so i know you aren't dead lol" she answers coming round the steal table that had separated us before.

Penny engulfs me in a heart warming hug "Come on Naddie lets get to work before boss figures out I've been throwing things at you again"

Laughing at the thought of Liam coming out to find yet another mess made by Penny and I would be hilarious.

At least this time there was no Mustards and Ketchup in the mix, because last time was a catastrophe.

Walking out of the kitchen I make my way to the cash register, as I walk to stand behind it I accidentally drop my phone.

Oh Skittles

Kneeling down I begin to look for my phone under the counter just as the bell above the door rings, signaling that a customer has arrived.

"Hold on I'll be with you in just a second! imagine I dropped my phone under the counter like the clumsy person I am, but I've got it now"

I ramble on to the customer as I begin to dust myself off and get up from the floor

"Okay now what can i get you to- Collin? Eleanor?" I ask in confusion as I look at the pair in front of me as they look back as if deer caught in headlights.

"Um Uh I Nadiyah" Collin speaks as Eleanor offers me an awkward wave

"What are you guys doing here?" I ask still astonished " I mean obviously to get food but like what are you doing here like together. I don't mean it like its a bad thing I mean you guys can go where ever you want together-"

"Nadiyah we-"

"-I just didn't think I'd ever see the two of you here, together. Not that there's anything wrong with that I mean you probably go out plenty of times together alone just the two of you!-"

"Nadiyah it's-"

"Plus judging by the way that you're holding hands it may not be the first, it could even be a date! There's nothing wrong with you guys dating-"

Nadiyah calm down its not-"

"-I just thought that with Ellie liking Jace and Collin being arch enemies with your best friend i just assumed that, but it's fine you know! Of course you know I-"

"Nadiyah!"Eleanor, Penny and Collin all scream my name snapping me out of my panicked rambling.

It's now that i notice all six pairs of eyes staring at me with worry.

"Is us being together that shocking?" Eleanor asks with a hint of sadness in her voice that quickly snaps me out of my shocked state.

"Oh my gosh no! That's not what I meant at i just freaked out when i saw you two together its my fault oh my gosh i'm sooooooo sorry_"

"Look Ellie she's gone into shock again" Collin says in a worried tone as Ellie begins to spew out apologies.

"Nadiyah jeez they get it! stop talking will ya!" Penny tells me as she walks back into the kitchen

Taking a deep calming breath I turn back towards Ellie and Collin. Just don't talk okay i can do that .

"Look love i get that this is a bit much to take in at once-" Collin begins to say slowly " But we understand what you mean, no need to apologize okay love?"

Collin finishes as he holds my hand in a comforting manner, not trusting my words i simply nod my head in understanding.

"Just please don't tell Mason we want it to at least come from us" Ellie asks me

"Of course Ellie! My lips are sealed" I answer straight away earning an unimpressed look from penny who had just entered the room.

"Are you sure about that? Cause they seem pretty un sealed to me." Penny sassily replies, as a round of laughter fills the seemingly empty diner.

"What! I can keep a secret!" I childishly exclaim as i cross my arms across my chest, pouting at the thought of me being a chatter box.

"Yes you can keep a secret" Penny says letting a smile find its way to my lips only to be crushed seconds later. "Until you're nervous , then its a downwards spiral from there" She finishes.

"Just try not to get nervous around Mason okay?" Collin says as everyone nods in agreement, i mutter a small okay.

Finally getting to their order but i could not fully concentrate on the task as I thought over what Collin said.

How do i not get nervous around Mason when even the mention of his name gets me all jittery


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