Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 31

Hey guys this was just a filler chapter but thought you guys deserved a bit of Mason and Nadiyah time, so enjoy!

Mason Harper

As I pull into Nadiyah's drive way I slowly start to get anxious about our date.

No Mason! It's a friendly outing

Right is that what you've been telling yourself?

Jeez I can't just have one moment alone?

Nope, and I'm pretty sure that's not how this works

Pushing my inner thoughts to the back of my mind.

I take a deep breath in to calm my nerves however that doesn't prove effective.

As the moment I look up my breath is caught in my throat at the sight of Nadiyah.

She's the definition of a goddess.

Her normally ruly curls, have been replaced for pin straight waist length, silky black hair; that has been slicked into a high pony tail.

A red and black checkered dress, graces her chocolate smooth skin.

Fashionably accompanied by a dark black Jean jacket with angle high black boots.

And to put the icing on the cake the only makeup visible on her face is the lip gloss lathered on her plump pink lips.

Gosh what I would love to do to those lips.

I quickly jump out of my silver Jeep to open the door for her.

"Thanks Mason" Nadiyah says to me with a small smile as I shoot her one back.

"No problem my lady" I reply in a faux British accent.

After making sure she's settled into the vehicle, I close the car door.

Quickly rushing towards my side of the car, once I'm in I turn it on and pull out of the drive way. The drive is silent at first, apart from the soft hum of the radio.

Nadiyah is the first to break the seemingly comfortable silence.

"So where are we going?" she asks turning her face towards me, as I take a quick glacé at her.

Smiling I reply " That's top secret princess"

A visible frown sets on her face upon hearing my words.

She looks so adorable!

"Come on Mase, just tell me" she says in faux agitation.

"okay how about this if you guess it right ill let you do anything to me for the next twenty four hours." I tell her as i steal a glance to look at her grinning face.

" Okay but what if I fail? then what happens?" she asks with a bit of hesitation lacing her voice.

"Well then you'll just have to wait and see princess" I reply cheekily

Not you sounding perv-ish at all

What? No That did not sound perv-ish!

Mm and I'm Kim Kardashian

Jeez! Leave me alone will ya?

Zoning back into the situation at hand I glance over to Nadiyah

"Okay deal, Have fun being my slave Harper" she says with a determined face.

" Don't get too cocky now princess" I answer back with a chuckle as she laughs along

" Mmm Okay judging by the route we're taking we're going a bit out of town right? so the carnival?" Nadiyah asks looking towards me for confirmation .

"Maybe next time princess but no not today, try again." I say to her with a small chuckle

"Mmm Lets see We're going to the beach?"Nadiyah asks with a hint in excitement in her voice.

Noting the way her eye's lit up at the thought of the beach makes me mentally make a note to take her there next time we go on a friendly outing.

Yeah keep telling yourself that that's what this is

"Wrong again Princess, you sure you don't wanna just give up now" I tease earning the most adorable glare to be thrown my way by the raven haired beauty. "Last try."

"Okay I got this, you got this Nadiyah, come on think." I hear her mumble under her breath, she just keeps getting cuter. "I've got it! We are going out of town!"

"Oh wow Princess i didn't realize" I sarcastically reply

"Ugh Mase this isn't funny! I actually can't figure t where we are heading to!" she says exasperatedly, as a pout sets itself upon her plump pink lips

" Come on princess, thin harder, what place could we go a bit out of town around this time of the year?" i question her.

Silently watching as her face contorts into one of confusion, The way her brows slightly turn and her nose scrunching up as a cute little frown is placed on her lips.

Just as turn into the destination Nadiyah's eyes light up as she quickly turns to me "The Autumn Fair!"

"That's right sweetheart."

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