Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 32: Letter

Dear Mason,

I've been watching you a little more closely lately.

Oof i sound like a stalker, well i mean at this point i might as well be.

Though i didn't have the guts to follow you all the way, i saw you drive off with her.


She's beautiful isnt she? Stunning Mocha skin that seems to glisten in the sun, her dark curly black hair, gorgeous coffee colored eyes.

Let's not forget she's a sweetheart, plus she has beauty and brains. Perfection at it's finest, any man would be stupid to not see how amazing she is.

Thus it comes as no surprise that you my dear Mason have fallen for her charm, but i mean how could you not?

Sometimes i wish that i held as much pose and beauty to enchant you as she has.

I've spent ten years of my life trying to catch you eye the way she does, trying to be as close to you as she is but every single time you pushed me away.

Our relationship remains purely plutonic.

Doesn't it Mason?

I've known you for way longer but i've never ever spent as much time as you have with her.

To make it worse you've only known her for roughly two months, but it's fine Mase, I'll take the L.

I always take the L, when it comes to you don't I?

However soon enough i think the tables might turn, the odds just might be in my favor.

Don't you think Mase?



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