Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 33

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Nadiyah Roseine

"Jason's throwing a party this weekend."

Those were the words I was treated with at seven am by the one and only, Melody.

"And you're telling me this why?" I ask a little confused, as we walk down the hallway to our first period, AP Chemistry.

"You should come, duh!" Melody's voice yells excitedly at the thought as I begin to get anxious.

All those people, in one room with me?

I'm good love, enjoy.

"No thank you Mel I think I'm quite alright" I quickly reject the offer.

Honestly I don't even understand why she asked me in the first place, it's not like I casually go to parties.

Last party I went to I ended up dancing with Mase and making a fool out of myself ugh not again.

"But Naddiee! It's going to be great. Plus! Mason's most likely coming cause its going to be after they win the game."

Melody says wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at me at the mention of Mason's name.

"And what if they don't win Mel?" I question her prior statement about the reason for the party.

"Then we go to cheer ourselves up!" She answers as if that doesn't sound a bit Looney.

"Ohh wow thats soooooo smart" I sarcastically reply. Earning me a sack on the arm from the Latino goddesses I call my best friend.

"Point is there's a party and you're coming period." Melody concludes as I stop to turn to my class.

She still has a bit of walking to do her class is further down the hall.

"I thought this was supposed to be you asking me to come Melody!" I yell after her

"Well not anymore little girly!" She yells back as her figure disappears into the mass of students ahead.

Walking into Chemistry class I sit down in the middle row placing my bag on the seat next to mine as I don't have a desk mate.

Placing my head on to the desk I take a little nap as I wait for the students to finish trickling in.

"Alright good Morning class! We have a lot of work to do today!" I hear the shrill voice of my Chemistry teacher Mr Charles exclaim .

Indicating the start of the lesson, forcing me to look up.

Mr Charles gives us a worksheet on the topic we learnt last week for us to complete before he starts teaching.

Just as I finish jolting down my final answers a loud knock is heard from the door.

"Come in Mr Harper!" Mr Charles says.

Harper? No no no!
There's no way it can actually be him. Nope it has to be someone else not-

"Mason, very nice of you to join us. Miss Ambell already informed me of your transfer. Just take a seat, we'll sort out the rest later."

Looking around the room I notice how there's only two seats left, one beside me and another at the back of the class.

Its not that I don't want him to sit beside me, because obviously I like him.

However if he does my dumb ass will probably do something super embarrassing and I can't risk my existence.

Oh yeah and I need to focus in class.

But of course as the universe has it he just has to sit next to my desk.

"Guess I'm you're new desk mate princess."

Lord help me



* Forty Minutes Later *




"However that's only in its oxidation state, okay class that's all for today see you next lesson!"

As soon as the words slip out of his mouth and the bell rings at the same time my butt is up and out of there.

The whole lesson Mason kept throwing notes at me and asking to lend my stuff cause he forgot his.

I needed to get out before I did something stupid.

"Hey! Princess wait up!" I hear Mason's voice call after me.

Darnit Mase can't you see I'm trying not to jump you?

"So what class do you have next princess?" Mase asks as he finally catches up and falls into a step with me.

"Calculus, you?" I answer back, as we weave our way through the people.

"I have a free, anyways I've been meaning to ask you something." Mason says as we stop right in front of my calc class.

"Oh? Um what is it?" I question anxiously as I slightly shift to the side to let students who are curiously looking at us enter class.

"Well you know how the game is this Friday right?" Mason says as I give him a small nod for him to continue.

"Well I wanted to ask if you could come." He finishes

"Oh? That's not hard I'd love to come support you Mase! You didn't even have to ask." I say a bit taken aback that he really thought I wouldn't come and cheer him on.

"No I know you'd come cheer for me Princess but um I should have worded this better" he replies

"There's more?" I ask a bit confused as he nods scratching the back of his head in nervousness.

"Yeah um I wanted you to wear my football jersey there" he explains.








"YES!" I shout in glee then realize how overly excited that sounded.

" I mean um yeah sure Mase" I try to reply in a cooler tone

"Okay great! See you at lunch princesses" with that he's off.

With a bright smile on my face I turn to enter my calc class but can't help the feeling of eyes burning holes into the back of my head.

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