Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 34

Nadiyah Roseline

The days passed by quickly and soon enough I was seated on Melody's bedroom floor painting my face.

"Guy's is this really necessary? Can't I just wear the jersey and call it a night." I whine out as Ellie yanks my hair back trying to get it into a pony tail.

"Girl please there is no way I'm letting you out of this house not looking like the school mascot threw up on you"Mel answers as she continues to apply a layer of mascara.

"I think what Mel is trying to say is that, by doing this you'll be showing how much you support him." Ellie elaborates further pulling more on my scalp.

"Chika its just what good girlfriends do" Melly says earning a blush to grace my caramel colored cheeks.

"Stop I'm not his girlfriend" I say trying to hide my face in my hands as Melody laughs her lungs out.

"Yet" She replies with a wink and suggestive look my way.

This causes the red tint in my cheeks to darken further.

Out of nowhere Ellie let's out an annoyed sound as I feel her harshly tug at my scalp.
Causing a small yelp to escape my lips.

"Jeez Ellie stop trying to pull the girls head off!" Melody says as Ellie only mumbles out a sorry in response.

After a few more painful minutes we wrap it up and get on the move to the game.

The school parking lot is packed with cars as the sea of people all struggle to get to the benches.

" Mel and I will go secure us a spot, Naddie you go and get the snacks before the line gets too long" Ellie says as I nod in understanding.

Walking towards the food stands I accidentally bump into someone. Only to realize it's Madison.

"Oh girls look what the cat dragged in" Maddie says with a hint of disgust in her voice.

I try to move around her to but one of her goons blocks my path.

"Where are you going Nadiyah? We only just want to talk." Maddie chimes as the two airheads beside her laugh.

"Look Madison I'm not looking for trouble, just let me get my food and go." I reply proud of myself for not stuttering.

You go girl!

"Look Natalie, I'm gonna make this quick so you better listen. Mason is mine, so you better get your slutty hands off my man or else life won't be all cute fair dates and princess treatment anymore. Got it?" Madison seethes as I begin to process her words.

"Wait how do you know about the fair?" I ask dumbfounded, not even Melody knew about the fair.

"you know Princess I'm way closer than you think." She says and she motions for her friends to follow her.

"Madison what do you mean!" I question again a bit confused with the new revelation.

"Better clean your shirt you have something on it right-" Maddie takes her drink and proceeds to spill it onto Mason's jersey "here."

And with that she struts off.

Well lord help me.

Trying my best to wipe it off with serviettes I proceed to buy the snacks and make a mental note to put the shirt in the washing machine as soon as I get 'home'

"Girl what took you so long we thought- woah what happened to your shirt?" Ellie asks immediately.

"Just a little altercation with Madison not a big deal" I say as Mel gets up and starts ranting.

"You mean plastic barbie did this? Oh hell no I'm about to go show her a thing or two!" Melody says as she begins taking her ear rings off.

"No Mel its fine, I'm good don't stress. Let's just watch the game." I wave it off.

"okay but I'm keeping my hoops off just in case I see her " she replies.

Ninety minutes and two broken eardrums later our team the Jack rabbits wins 3-2

As I walk through the over joyed crowd I look for my friends having already lost both Melody and Eleanor.

Suddenly I feel a pair of strong arms wrap themselves around me, causing panic to rise with in my chest before a familiar velvet voice speaks.

"Hey princess you missed me?"

Turning around I am faced the a Greek god that I know as Mason Harper.

"Mase! Oh my gosh that was amazing! You did so good out there, I'm so proud of you" I say as I embrace him.

"Aw princess thank you very much that means a lot coming from you" Mason answers as he buries his nose in the crook of my neck.

"You're welcome Mase" I answer as heat begins to flood my cheeks.

"Plus I had to do a good job knowing that my princess was watching me" he explains further

This causes my already Rosie cheeks to beat up even further.

Walking hand in had we make our way to his car where we find the rest of the group.

"okay so we go grab some food before going to get ready for the party now right?" Ellie asks the group a chorus of agreements following through.

"Uh I actually can't make it" Mason's voice pipes in, causing us to all turn our heads towards him.

"For real? Why man?" Jason asks as Melody snuggles closer to him.

"My dad just texted me saying that he's been called in to work and Sofie's babysitter can't make it." He replies.

"Well I guess I'm no going either" I say as I look up at him in his arms.

"No princess go have fun I'll be fine" he says to me as I begin to shake my head in protest.

"Mason no I'll keep you company" I reply as he laughs at my sad attempt of trying to get out of this party thing.

"Nope I'm a big boy Princess, I'll be fine go have fun."

"Sigh okay fine. But I'll come over later to check on you okay?" I compromise as an award winning smile graces Mason's face.

"Okay, deal."

it was only later in my life that I realized that I should have fought harder to stay home that night.


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