Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 35

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Nadiyah Roseine

The party was in full swing by the time the girls and I had arrived.

As I lazily hold the red solo cup in my hand I scan the slight empty kitchen looking for another drink.

As I tug down on the sleeves of my black long sleeve shirt.

Of course the two goddesses I had arrived with ditched me the moment they found their boyfriends leaving me to fend for myself.

However I had surprisingly not found myself uncomfortable with the mass of strangers surrounding me.

That could also be argued by the slight buzz I had acquired in my system from the liquid courage I had so eagerly drowned myself in.

Maybe my willingness to drink came from the not so nice message I had received from my "brother" before coming here.

Maybe all I wanted was to forget it for a little while, a need to escape reality.

Although my route to escape had lead me to another problem, Mason.

I just can't seem to get him off my mind lately, I'm not so sure why.

Yes I understand that him and I have only known each other for a little over 5 months but I've grown so attached to him.

I might even have feelings for him? I don't know I'm not so sure anymore.

All this thinking is making me dizzy and my head hurt.

Soon enough my feet carried me outside in a fluid motion. Dodging the never ending bodies of drunk and high teens.

As the cold breeze nipped my skin I mindlessly scanned the neighborhood, relishing in the familiarity of it.

Soon enough before my mind could process, my feet began to move in the direction of my hearts desire.

Mason's home.


Mason Harper

"Are you sure you guys are good Mason? I could cancel if you need me to " I hear my fathers worried voice ask through the phone.

I had been sitting on the bar stool when he called, munching on a bowl of Cheerios.

That was almost twenty minutes ago, he's been asking me the same thing. 'If we're fine' or 'do I need help' etc etc.

"Yeah dad we're good don't stress"I answer back lazily twirling my fork in the bowl of now soggy cereal.

"Is your sister asleep yet? Did she give you any trouble?"he questions.

"Nope and yes she's asleep, went to bed by 9pm." I reply finally getting up to throw away my cereal.

Sigh guess we're going to have to find something else to eat.

"Okay just stay safe okay Mason? I love you guys." He says as concern still laces his voice.

I don't understand why he's still worried, I can hold my own for a little while I won't die, we're not toddlers anymore.

Parents are seriously wayyy too overprotective sometimes, the need to loosen the hold a bit you know?

"Yeah, Okay dad I will, love you too good night." I tell him as a quickly hang up.

Finally, peace and quiet.

It is then I notice the slight pitter patter of rain coming down on the roof top.

I loved rain especially at night, the sleep that come's when its raining is on a different level of amazing.

As the rain begins to get heavier and thunder roars across the sky , I decided to pack up and call it quits for the night.

Suddenly a loud sharp knock echo's through the silent home.

Who's knocking at my door at 1:30am?

I cautiously head towards the door debating if I should ask who it is before opening.

However the answer is given to me when a familiar soft voice calls my name.

"Maseeeeeee! I know you're not sleeping I can hear you moving pleaseeee open the door I'm colddd" Nadiyha's voice whines through the wooden door.

Immediately I fling the door open. Only to be meet with a body crashing into me.

"Princess what are you-"

"Maseyyyyy I missed youu so muchhhh!" I hear her voice slur as she attempts to get up on her own, failing miserably might I add.

It is only then that the strong scent of cheap alcohol and juice hits me as I realize that she must be drunk.

"Princess how much have you had to drink?" I ask her as I slowly and steadily get us both off the ground.

My hand gripping her waist tightly as I pull her towards me to look at her coffee eyes.

"Three?" She answers unsure raising her hand up to show my four fingers.

"Three?" I repeat not believing her as a sly smile creeps onto her blush pink lips, slightly bruised by all the tugging she does to them.

"Or thirty three I don't know I stopped counting after two" she giggles swaying slightly in my arms.

There is no way she can go home like this.

Coming to the conclusion I tug on her hand and lead her to the kitchen. She begins to say something stumbling upon her words then giggling at her mistake.

Yup definitely wasted.

"Princess I need you to drink this while I go find you some clothes you can sleep in, okay?" I say while handing her two water bottles , as she receives them nodding her head eagerly.

walking upstairs I can't help but think,

What lead her here in the first place?



Nadiyah's POV

It has been nearly thirty minutes since Mason left the kitchen and my mind is racing a mile a minute.

As I chug down the second water bottle I feel my body begin to calm down as I start to think a bit more clearly.

I shouldn't have come here, he obviously was heading to bed when I arrived and now I have burdened him with the responsibility of taking care of me.

I can't stay her any longer, when mason comes back I'll thank him for the water and take my leave.

Yes that's what I'll do.

"sorry I took some time, Sofie woke up and I had to put her back to bed." I hear Mason's voice say as he enters the kitchen.

"No its not an issue" I reply, as he takes my empty bottles and heads for the trash.

I take this time to admire the way his muscles flex as he walks noticing the lack of T-shirt.

My eye's begin to train on his surprisingly toned chest as a nice set of abs decorates the toffee colored skin.

Realizing I've been staring too long I look up to meet strong eyes that hold an amused glint in them.

"Um thanks for the water, but I have to go now" I say getting up from the bar stool I had been seated at.

"Princess you're drunk there's no way you're going home like this" He swiftly answers as his steel eyes shooting daggers at me.

"I didn't say I was going home" I answer, trying to move around him only to be blocked.

Suddenly Mason moves forward causing me to take a step back only to be met with that hard surface of the counter.

He places two arms beside me successfully trapping me in front of him.

My heart begins to thud against my frail chest as Mason slowly dips his head closer.

I begin to stare at his plump pink lips, as the urge to crash them with mine overwhelms me.

Looking up I am once again met with the same hard eyes, a storm brewing within them as a flash of emotions runs through.

I notice the same conflicted gaze I had worn just a few seconds ago grace his strong features.

His eyes begin to slowly trial down my face, landing their ways onto my mocha colored lips.

What's happening? Wait is he going to kiss me!?

My thoughts come to a halt as I suddenly feel his hot breath fan the side of my face.

He moves graceful to my ear, making sure that I feel the gentle caress of his lips upon my skin.

What is this boy doing to me?

"Nadiyah, its nearly 2 am there is no way I'd let you walk in the streets alone." He whispers in my ear.

"B-but I can t-take care of myself" my voice shakily replies.

"Princess" I begin to feel his teeth gently nibble on my ear as I draw in a shaky breath "tell me why I would let you go out so late, alone"

His soft hand begins to softly trace the exposed skin on my waist.

The one day I decided to wear a very revealing top, that leaves very little to the imagination.

Making his act of assault easier than it should be.

"Why would I let you do that knowing you could potentially get hurt, huh Princess?"He continues to say.

My mind pas no attention to his words as his hands now begins to slowly descend down my body, leaving a hot trail behind.

"I u-uh " my brain fails to formulate a sentence as heat begins to pool between my legs.

Suddenly Mason roughly grabs my ass, squeezing it firmly before sternly whispering "Use your words Nadiyah"

"Stop" the words come out before I can even register what i said, before I can even register what just happened.

As quick as the words leave my lips, Mason pushed himself off me taking a step back.

I try to catch my breath as the scene of what happened merely seconds ago replays in my head like a broken record.

I look towards Mason to see him run a hand through his thick mane, as he blows out a frustrated breath.

"Shit, I'm sorry Princess i-I don't know what came over me you just looked so perfect and I-"

I don't know if it was his inviting pink lips or the scene we had shared before.

All I knew is that in that moment I had the most overwhelming urge to kiss Mason,

And I did.

Crashing my lips with his, it took him by surprise,heck it took me by surprise too but soon enough Mason recovered from the shock and took full control.

Mason's hands begin to roam my body freely as mine get tangled in his golden brown locks.

Tugging them ever so slightly I earn a grunt of approval from him. Causing me to smile within the kiss

I feel him swipe his tongue against my lips, asking for my approval as I teasingly deny him access.

Then Mason bites my lip, causing a small audible gasp to fall from my mouth, as he snakes his tongue into my mouth deepening the kiss.

Lifting me up to the counter, my bare ass makes contact with the cold hard surface, as my skirt has ridden up.

I pull away from Mason as the need for air falls upon me, but that doesn't stop him trailing butterfly kisses down my neck.

I move my head to give him more access as he begins his handy work.

Sucking, biting and tugging at the tender skin above my collar bone, claiming me as his for the world to see.

The heat between my legs becomes increasingly hotter, unable to contain myself I let a soft low moan slip out.

"You like that don't you?" He states rather than asks, his voice low and gutteral shaking me to the core.

"W-we should s-stop" I say weakly as be trails his lips down my collar bone all the way to the crease of my breasts.

"Do you want me to stop princess?" He asks teasingly as he pull my body flush against him allowing me to feel every inch of him.

"I-I no?" I answer unsure of myself, I had never experienced anything like this it felt so wrong yet so right.

"I'll stop if you want me to stop princess" He whispers grinding his hips into mine causing a surge of emotions to flow through me.

"Don't stop, p-please" I utter, a faint but passion filled sound ever so slightly, signaling my arousal.

We shouldn't be doing this, yet I wanted too.

I don't know if it was the slight buzz still rushing through my system but I wanted this to happen.

Needed this to happen.

Tugging at the light material of Mason's gray sweat pants, I'm stopped by a large hand.

"Nadiyah, you don't want to do that." I hear him say.

Looking up into his gray orbs, I am met with a swarm of emotions, two standing out the most.

Apprehension and lust.

"I know what I want Mason, trust me" I tell him as I see the hesitant look on his face.

"Yeah? And what is it that you want Princess?" He asks quietly his voice barely above a whisper.

I place my hand on his rock hard chest, to feel the erratic thumping of his heart as I bring the other to his face.

Gently caressing his cheek I take a deep breathe, to utter words that would seal my fate.


"I want you, all of you"

And with that caution was thrown to the wind, our clothes following soon after.

As we spent the night wrapped in utter bliss, falling in love with one another over and over again. Little did I know this was only the calm,

Before the storm.

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