Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 36

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Nadiyah Roseine

Peeling my eye's open I wait for them to adjust to the light spilling from the windows.

Looking around the room I realize the unfamiliar look of it all.

Then just like a switch had gone off in my head, all of last nights memories come crashing in.

The party, the drinks, the walk and


A harsh blush finds itself to my my cheeks as all of the nights events begin to play out in mg head.

At the thought of Mase, I turn to look at the side of the bed only to find it empty.

Strange, maybe he had to get up early to tend to Sofie, they are home alone this weekend.

Getting up I make my way towards the bathroom, picking up the articles of clothing I had discarded during my stay last light.

Making it understandable as to why I had woken up wearing Masons graphic white T-shirt.

It had swallowed my entire frame looking more like a dress than a shirt.

Taking a look at myself in the mirror I am horrified at the person staring back at me.
My mascara had smeared and my lipstick was severally smudged.

I looked like a lost raccoon.

thankful that I had not had the privilege of seeing Mason this morning as I would have been mortified if he saw me like this.

Hoping into the shower I take a quick bath making sure to wash off all of last nights remains.

getting out I manage to find a clean towel and a new toothbrush, doing my hygiene I grab my under garments and wear them.

Then put on the skirt and Mason's shirt, yo at least look somewhat decent, making sure to tie it in the front.

Feeling a bit more presentable I make my way downstairs.

As I reach the bottom of the stair case I begin to feel my stomach fill with butterflies.

Oh gosh does this change thongs between us?

Do we ignore last night and go on as just friends or talk about maybe furthering our relationship?

I don't know I guess we'll find out.

My heart hoped it was the latter, as there was no denying that I had caught feelings for Mase.

Even with the short amount of time we have spent together.

Walking into the kitchen I am greeted with the aroma of eggs and bacon.

Walking further in I catch the sight of Mason placing a batch if freshly cooked bacon in a plate.

"Good morning Mase" I greet cheerily greet as I set myself down on the stool in front of him.

"Morning Nadiyah" he replies, moving to drop the pan in the sink.


"Why'd you call me that?" I ask puzzled

Mason never calls me Nadiyah unless he's being serious.

"Call you what Nadiyah" he asks his voice voice of any emotion.

"That! Nadiyah you never call me Nadiyah Mase" I question catching the shift in mood , this isn't like him.

"Its your Name isn't it? There's something wrong with me calling you by your name!" He burst out

"Mason you know exactly what I mean, you always call me princess." I tell him as I watch him grip the surface of the counter in frustration.

"What's wrong Mason, i this about last night?" I question further after realizing he won't answer my first statement

"Don't bring that up." He states menacingly as I get up to walk towards him.

" so it is about last night" I say causing him to look at me challengingly

"Nadiyah don't-"

"Is it what I did? Or maybe what I said?" I press him as I feel the stinging sensation in my eye.

No we are not about to cry

"Nadiyah I said I don't wanna talk about it" Mason's deep velvet voice tell me.

" But how am I supposed to know how to help you if you won't talk to me about it!" I Express to him in hopes of swaying him.

"I don't need help Nadiyah! Stop trying to help just leave me alone!" he shouts back at me emotion feeling his voice.

"But we help the people we love and-" I begin to explain trying to get him to understand

"LOVE???" he asks in shock

"Yes Mason love, I know its a little early but-" I try to get out my feelings beginning to go all over the place.

Did I love Mason?


No I couldn't could I?

"Nadiyah I can even wrap my head around the fact that I actually had sex with you, and you're here talk about love?!" He exclaims

Shocked is how I feel when says that, what does he actually mean?" Mason what are you trying to say?"

"it was a mistake." He utters, quietly.

Mistake? What was a mistake?

Does he regret last night?

The feeling of having to throw up overcomes me as there is a sick feeling in my gut about what's about to happen next.

My eyes begin to water as my throat begins to clog, also like a barbed wire has been wrapped around my neck.

"What was a mistake Mason? Last night? Meeting me? What!?" I choke out, tears spilling out of my eyes as I look at him with a shimmer of hope.

"This, us, all of it was a mistake!" My breathing comes to a halt, as my brain fails to process his words.

"Mason you don't mean that" My voice pleads with him, but it falls on deaf ears.

Taking a slow cautious step towards him, gently I try to place my hand over his shoulder, only for it to be pushed back in an instant.

"I will, never love you Nadiyah, you were a mistake."

"Mason how could you say that!"I scream not caring who hears me anymore as the ringing in my ears starts.

"Get out!" I hear him shout as I clutch my shirt tightly closing my eyes hoping to just disappear.

"Mason please just-"

"I SAID GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE NADIYAH!" he roars, as a plate flies to the wall furthest from me.

Rushing out I choke out another sob, as tears blur my vision.

Suddenly I bump into a body, not caring to stay and chat I mumble out a quick sorry before rushing home.

Never in a million years did I think this is how my morning would go

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