Love, Nadiyah

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Mason Haper

"That's why the 1910's are an important aspect of our depth study as it-"


Hurriedly getting up from my desk I shot out of the class not even bothering to hear the rest of my History teacher's sentence.

Getting into the crowded hallway I let out a sigh of relief.

Finally it's the end of the day and I can't wait to go home.

Plus now I can finally read whatever's inside the little pink envelope.

Gosh I sound like a girl *que the eye roll*

As I reach my locker I noticed that firstly non of my friends were waiting for me and secondly my little locker buddy was o where to be seen.

Huh weird, anyway...

I put in my combination and open the locker to be met with the familiar sight of my books and a bunch of pictures.

Shoving the rest of my books inside, I look over to the side of my locker to find the small pink envelope still laying neatly between my picture and book.

Carefully taking it out I notice the soft feminine writing across the front of the paper.


I've never seen such beautiful penmanship in my life, if was neat, too neat and each letter was perfectly curled into it's well known cursive style.

I wonder who it's from.

Before I can even think of tearing the seal and reading it my phone beeps in the back of my pocket.

Taking out my iPhone 8+ I realize that my dad just texted me.

Dad: I'm working late at the office, please pick up your sister from school.

Mase: okay Dad, sure thing

Dad: Thanks Mase, please be safe. love you

Mase: don't stress Dad, we'll be okay. Love you too.

With that I place my phone back in my pocket.

Looking around I noticed how there's only a few students left and then realize that I need to hurry up.

Quickly grabbing the envelope and stuffing it into my bag I being my way towards the school entrance.

Just as I'm about to walk out I notice locker girl standing alone, her foot impatiently taps on the ground as she checks her phone every two seconds.

"Hey" I say as I walk towards her, her gaze immediately shits from her phone to look at me, her eyes growing wide.

"Um h-hey uh Mason"she manages to stutter out, which was quite honestly cute Ooo do I get her nervous?

"Who you waiting for?" I ask watching her awkwardly fiddle with a golden bracelet wrapped around her wrist.

"My brother, he was supposed to be here twenty minutes ago" I notice how how she sighs in irritation while scrunching up her brows.

"Where do you live?" I question as an idea pops up in my head.

"Um Herrington drive, why?"her voice replies in confusion, her beautiful brown orbs boring into mine.

"I'll drive you home"I say to her as she let's out a small gasp in shock.

"What? No i-i can't let you do that" she begins to refuse while shaking her head letting her revan locks wildly dance around.

"I've got to pick up my sister either way and it's in the same neighborhood, come on" I try to reason with her.

I see her bite her soft plump lips, gosh those lips will be the end of me. I wonder how they taste... honestly I wonder how a lot of things will taste once i-

"Fine I'll go with you" her voice snaps me out of my trance, why to go Mase you don't even know her name and you're already fantasizing.

Walking towards my slick black Porsche I hear her whisper a woah underneath her breath. I know sweetie my baby's a beauty.

Getting inside the car I quickly start it up backing out of the school parking lot.

"So I realized I never got you're name" I say after a long comfortable silence.

"Oh! Right! Silly me, it's uh Nadiyah"(A/N: pronounced as Na-die-ah not Na-di-a, thanks!)

" That's a beautiful name"I reply sounding out the name in my head replaying how beautiful it is.

"Oh thanks Mason" I see her bite her lip looking down at her hands in a shy manner. She so damn cute.

We go back to a silence with only the soft humming of the radio between us, occasionally I hear Nadiyah sing the lyrics to a song that's come up quietly.

Pulling into my sister's Elementary school I watch her wave her friends goodbye before running towards us.

"Hi Mase!" Sofie's voice chirps happily once she gets in.

"Hey Sofie how was school?" I ask her as we back out of her schools grounds.

"Oh Masey! It was horrible Justice spilt paint all over my lunch! But don't worry Mase I hit her so good she had to go home."Sofie says proudly.

I swear this child isn't going to grow up right, high school better be scared of her.

"Sofie what did we say about violence?"I try lightly scolding her

"It was an emergency Mase! It was paint in my tuna sandwich! Paint!" Sofie tries to justify.

I hear Nadiyah begin to giggle at my sister's comment.

"Oh! I'm sorry hi I'm Sofie!" Sofie turns to Nadiyah greeting her with a big smile.

"Hello I'm Nadiyah"Nadiyah turns to give Sofie one of her gorgeous smiles

"Nadiyah's such a pretty name! Are you Mason's girlfriend? I hope you are you're really pretty!" Sofie rants on as i feel heat rise to my cheeks at the metion of Nadiyah being my girlfriend.

"No I'm not I'm just a friend, and Sofie's a really pretty name too" she answers the child.

"Thanks Naddie! Can I call you Naddie?" Sofie asks

"Sure" she chuckles lightly as Sofie claps her hands in excitement.

The rest of the ride is filled with Sofie talking to Nadiyah very animatedly about her school festival next week.

We pull up to Nadiyah's house, a flat cute house in a suburban neighborhood.

"Thanks for the ride Mason" she turns to say to me before she gets out of the car not before waving at Sofie"bye Sofie it was nice to meet you"

"Bye!" Sofie shouts back as I just stare at her walking into her house.

"You Soo have a crush on her don't you?" Sofie laughs as I begin to drive off.

"Mind your own business twerp" I say with a huge grin plastered on my face.

Maybe I do.

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