Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 6

Nadiyah's Pov

Quitely listening to Mason's car drift far off into the distance, until I can't hear the soft hum of the engine any longer.

Sighing to myself, I quit playing with my keys and actually open the door. Trying my best to not to make a sound I slowly close the door trying to make my way for the stair case as quickly as possible.

However I'm frozen in my place by the very voice I dreaded to hear.

"Oh sweetie you're back!" The sickly sweet voice fills the room, causing me to shudder in disgust.

"Hey mom" I lowly reply towards her, hanging my head down low in attempt of not making eye contact.

"Come come I made dinner."she usher's me into our small dinning room where I'm met with the rest of my family.

To the normal eye we seem like the perfect family, my mom's overly happy attitude, my brothers kind smile, my grandparents sweet innocent looks, except i'm adopted.

When in reality that's not it, growing up I never had a 'normal' childhood my father used to abuse my mom and I a lot. We used to have little to nothing to eat on most days but to me it was enough cause I had a loving mother and that's what mattered, at least then.

Everything changed when mum got the chance to go on a vacation to hawii, I was allowed to live with my Aunt and Uncle and they spoiled me rotten, a few years later my brother followed mum. To me they were making money, living the dream and making a better life for them and me.

I don't exactly know what happened but when mother came back 7 years later my brother not to far behind they weren't the same.

I became the problem of the house, I wasn't dressed proper, my English wasn't up to par, I slouched too much, I looked too skinny,I was dumb, I cost a lot of money etc etc etc

What hurt the most was my Aunt and Uncle just watched from the sidelines sometimes even adding a bit of input, a bit of gasoline to the fire.

It became very clear that to them I wasn't enough anymore. To all of them, I was an inconvenience in their lives and they were just waiting for me to fail to find a reason to cut me off.

" How was school honey?" My mother's voice asked in fake interest, I could see it in her eyes.

"It was fine" my voice whispered back, loud enough for them to hear.

"Are those kids still bullying you about your weight? You know their right." She began speaking, I already knew this conversation.

At an early age I had made the mistake of trusting her with my problems at the time only for her to throw them back in my face in high school.

Believe it or not when she first adopted me, she was as sweet at candy and was the best person i could ask for. Now? id rather be in foster care than in a house full of strangers that don't care.

"No one makes fun of me anymo-" I began saying before being rudely cut off by the same vile voice.

"The should start, you're too skinny for your age, are you sure you're not bulimic?" She whims as if it's a joke, my brother begins to chuckle.

"Or maybe they tease her about how dull she is? Did you see her last report card? Total bullshit for the money we're paying. To thing you're not even properly part of this family and still trying tho bleed us dry" he replies to mother as she full on laughs.

A small knot forms in the middle at of my throat, a sob trying to force it's way out of my mouth, but I can't let it happen.

"Oh dear remember she wants to do that singing career thing? As if she can sing to begin with." Aunt Heather intervenes in the 'joke' slyly smiling towards her husband.

A stinging sensation develops in my eyes, making it harder to keep them from unleashing all my with held emotions.

My vision begins to blur, as tears threaten to fall, this time with or without my permission.

I was slowing loosing my grip on my emotions as the only thing I could hear is their sickening laughs.

"She's just a lazy, dull little bi-" mum says only for her to be interrupted the loud screeching of the wooden chair.

Getting up I swiftly take my plate heading straight for the kitchen, placon my things into the dish washer quickly I scurry off to my room.

Not before hearing their laughs in the distance, probably another weight joke.

Walking into my room I lock the door shut before letting a single tear roll down my cheek.

Clamping my hands around my mouth I let out a muffled sob, my legs weaken, causing me to slowly slide down my door.

My body tries to fight all the emotions coming out, it tries to contain them but it's too late.

The damage was already done, it was too late to go back now. My body fell to the floor cradling my legs as if a baby, as the strong muffled sobs kept coming and coming.

My mind is running a mile per minute, things of why I couldn't just end it all, help my family out by getting out of their way.

Slowing crawling towards my bedside table I pick up my pack of pain killers, that I had stored for my periods.

Looking down at it I pop the cap off and drown myself in the pills, not caring how much I took.

My eyes droop downwards as sleep begs to overcome me, finally a release, I can fall asleep and never wake up, never wake up to this cruel world again, it could all end once and for all.

My body slowly begin to shut down, my tears seem to begin to stop only leaving a soft hicup behind. I' m going to be free, finally free.

And as I welcome the darkness a single thought slowly creeps in from the back if my mind one that I hadn't thought to think of all this time.

What about Mason?

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