Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 7

Mason Harper

Sitting at my desk I fail to concentrate on the Geometry homework I've been given.

My mind keep drifting off to the soft baby pink envelope contrasted with my navy blue beddings.

Come on Mason get it out of your mind it's just a stupid letter, nothing spectacular.

However no matter how much I told myself that I couldn't stop thinking about it.

How could someone have been in love with me since second grade? How could I not notice it doesn't make sense.

Maybe Ellie and Jace were trying to play a trick on me, another in need of their infamous pranks.

Their just messing with my emotions, yeah that's what this is.

But what if it's not? What if there's someone out there who really does love me and I've just been too obvious to notice it.

Why do I care anyways? It's not like I love them back, I don't even know them.

But what if you do?

What if they have been right under your nose this whole time, closer than you think?

But who could it be, the only girls I talk to are Eleanor and Madison, and let's be honest Madison doesn't have half the brain to write a heart felt letter.

So Eleanor?

No Eleanor doesn't do relationship's or anything resulting in love it can't be her.

And how are you sure of that?

I don't really kno-

My thoughts are halted by the sound of a soft knock on my door.

Getting up I swiftly unlock the mahogany door to reveal Sofie's small frame.

"Daddy said you should come down for dinner" her soft voice says before running off downstairs.

Shaking my head to clear any thoughts about the letter, I jog my way down the stairs.

"Hey pop's" I say as I approach our medium sized kitchen.

"Wassup kiddo!" He replies while ruffling my hair, I grab a plate piling it up with Mac and cheese. "How was your day?"

"Fine, nothing interesting happened"I reply as I head over towards the counter, sitting on the bar stool as I being eating my food.

"You sure Mase?" My dad asks eyebrow raised as he begins eating his own food.

"What do you mean 'I'm I sure?' Dad?" I answer confused as to what he's implying.

"Well a little Birdy told me you have a new girlfriend" he says with an amused smile.

My head quickly snaps towards Sofie's as I see her trying to look everywhere else but me.

"Oh my gosh Sofie! Why would you tell Dad that" My voice groans loudly not believing she told Dad that Nadiyah's my girlfriend.

Don't act like you don't want her

"Daddy! You said you could keep a secret!" Sofie whines at our Dad as he just laughs at our reactions.

" I'm just curious as to who my son is dating!" He tries to justify his lack of promise keeping towards Sofie.

"I'm not dating her" I groan as I pinch the bridge of my nose in disbelief.

"That's not what it looked like when you were giving her googly eyes." Sofie whispers underneath her breath but I still catch it, quickly I fling a piece of macaroni at her head.

"Daddy!" Sofie screams

"Mason no throwing food at your sister"my dad's voice follows right after Sofie's scream.

"I'm leaving you guys are annoying" I announce as I get up and put my dish in the dishwasher.

"But we haven't even talked about protection!" My dad says as I groan going up the stairs.

"Dad Ew!" I reply trying to quickly get to my room to avoid this conversation.

"But I want you to be safe! I'm too young to be a grandpa!" He exclaims towards my retreating figure.

"Goodnight Dad!" I shout back as I open the door to my room quickly shutting it.

Only to hear my sister's voice ask " Daddy what does Mase need protection from?"

I snicker quietly to myself, serves him right.

Walking to my bed I grab the letter, while heading over towards my bedside table to grab the small chest my mom gave to me when I was seven.


"Mason honey can you please come here for a second!"

My small foot steps rush down the stairs to greet my mother's figure.

Her long golden locks had been put in a bun neatly at the top of her head with only a few strands falling out.

Her soft cream colored hand gestured for me to come sit next to her.

Quickly I jumped onto the chair pushing myself to sit closer to her.

"I have a little surprise for you baby" her velvety voice spoke to me.

Feeling exited I began to bounce up and down "what is it mommy!"

She reached towards the side of her to reveal a small wooden chest.

"It's a box?" I say confused as to why she was giving it to me.

"It's a chest honey"she corrected me gently while helping me open the small lach attached to it.

"Why are you giving me a chest mommy?" I ask her in the same confusion as before.

" I want you to keep all your special memories inside it baby so that in future when you're very old you can look back and remember all your favorite memories" she explained to me, as I nodded in understanding.

"Can I keep you in here mommy?" I asked her , her face growing into one of confusion her blue eyes gaze into mine intently as she asks her own question.

"Why would you want to do that baby?"

"Because I want to remember you forever mommy" I reply as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

Her eyes soften as they glaze over with un-shead tears.

"Oh sweetie" her arms quickly wrap themselves around me pulling me into a hug as she says" you'll always remember me okay, I'll always be with you."

End of flashback

Opening the chest to reveal a Polaroid picture of my mum and i, I quickly graze my had over her face as smile decorated her features.

Placing the letter over the picture I close the chest, shoving it back into the space between my bedside table and my bed.

Walking over towards my window I stare out to see the beautiful view of the city, in a deep sigh my thoughts invade my mind.

Who are you Anonymous?

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