Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 8

Mason Harper

Walking through the school I feel an arm sling around my shoulder, before I can turn to look who it is I hear Eleanor's voice to my other side.

"Morning Mase!"her overly energetic voice greets me as she hugs my side.

"Morning Ellie" I lazily greet back uncomfortable by the two bodies squishing my organs.

"Why didn't you wait for us to pick you up this morning" Jace asks me, as I realize it was his arm that was slung around my shoulder.

Every week since I can't remember Jace, Eleanor and I carpool three times a week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

At first it was so we could save gas money then over the years it sort of just became a thing.

However today's Thursday and I came alone. To be honest I just wanted some time alone to think about the letter and who may have sent it.

Maybe get a head start on figuring it out.

Turning a corner I finally find an answer casual but believable enough to tell Jay.

"I just didn't feel like carpooling today." I shrug trying to attempt to give an explanation.

Jace stops at his locker as he removes his backpack and puts in his combination, opening it up to fill it with his books.

"That's not a believable excuse bro" Jace tells me as Ellie laughs at my lying skills.

"Hey maybe I just didn't feel comfortable riding in your car after the story you told me yesterday"I try to justify Knowing that that wasn't the case.

Although the thought of sitting in the same spot where Jace had one of his escapades did not settle well with me.

"He's probably scared that his virgin ass will catch something from your car seat" Ellie comments as she snickers to herself.

"Well you're probably the one who put it there Ellie, cause let's not forget you used my car on Monday"Jace fires back as he smirks to himself.

"Why you son of a bi-" Ellie shouts while trying to lung for Jace ad I quickly intervene and cut her off.

"Nope we aren't going down this road again, Ellie back down and both of you are nasty." I say holding Ellie's hands up as she glares daggers at Jace.

"Whatever man next time just give us a heads up bro" Jace answers.

"Alright Jay, sorry. Now come on Ellie let's go to our locker's."I say while waving to Jace, guiding Ellie away from him.

We walk further into the corridors of John Quincy highschool, earning a not so subtle stares from the student body and the occasional parting of students.

"Oh! Mase did I leave my history book in your locker yesterday at lunch?" Eleanor asks me as we stop by my locker.

"Yeah i took it home with me, here."I reply as I rummage through the maroon colored bag in search for the AP history text book.

"That makes so much sense!" She slightly exclaims in realization "Because I checked your locker after class and didn't find it and started panicking cause Mr Parker was going to kill my a-"

My head snaps up quickly giving her a bewildered look as my hand freezes from looking for the book.

"You know my locker combination?" I ask in curiousity as my mind begins to go a mile a minute with thoughts and conspiracies.

"Um yeah?" Eleanor answers looking at me in confusion.

"How?" I ask as my mind keeps replaying the letter in my head.

Could it actually be Eleanor who wrote the letter? It could explain how I 'see through her' plus she knows my locker combination.

It only makes sense that it's her as we've known each other since dipper days. Her possibly having a crush on me for the last ten years could be possible.

"You've done it a thousand times in front of me, I guess I just sorta unconsciously memorized it. Why? does it bother you?" She explains.

Does it bother me? Does It bother me that you know my locker combination?


Does it bother me that you might be my secret admirer?

I don't know.


How would I react if she was? Would I be happy?

I mean do I even love her back?
Of course I love Eleanor I've known her since I was born she's like a sister to me.

But could I love her as more than a sister?

"Mason!" Eleanor's voice jolts me out of my thoughts as my grey eyes meet her sky blue ones.

"Sorry El what were you saying?"I ask a bit dazed from my sudden pull back into reality.

"I said if it creeps you out that much I can ask the den to give you a new combination." She explains a bit warily still looking at me skeptically.

"It doesn't bother me Ellie" I say trying to shrug off the thoughts creeping into my mind.

"Okay sweetie whatever rocks your boat." I hear her say as she walks away towards her own locker but my mind is only focused on one thing.

Sweetie, she called me sweetie.
No Mason you're freaking out over nothing friends call each other pet names all the time right, right?

No need to freak out over nothing Mase everything is fine nothing is going on. Eleanor can doesn't like you like that.

Little did I know that little pet name was only the beginning of my problems this weekend.


Sorry for the short chapter a lot has been going on, I promise to upload a longer chapter next time.

A special thank you to all those who have so far read my book as well all the ten people who have voted on my story.

You guys honestly don't know how much that means to me, I appreciate you so much.

Please don't be shy to share your thoughts and comments on the story, constructive criticism as well as any story ideas are welcomed and I'd love to hear from my audience.

Thank you again, hope you had a good Easter.

Stay safe!


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