Love, Nadiyah

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Chapter 9

Mason Harper

Checking my phone I see that I have at least 10 minutes to kill before the bell rings.

Huh that's new, I'm usually always almost on time.

Deciding not to test my luck I begin to make my way towards my Ap Chemistry class, not really paying attention to where I'm heading I end up bumping into something or should I say someone.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! I zoned out I shouldn't have, oh gosh oh gosh I'm so f-"

" It okay Nadiyah, don't stress" I say while chuckling at her frantic state.

The beautiful Raven haired goddess snaps her head up allowing the panic in her eyes to slowly subdue, however leaving a new emotion behind.

"Oh um hey Mason" Nadiyah's soft voice whispers as her gaze falls to the ground only for her eyes to widen.

"Mother of biscuits! I dropped your phone!? I- I I'll get you a new one, it may take a while because I'll have to ask for more hours at my job, but maybe I can lend you my old ph-" she begins to rant as she scrambles to the floor to pick up the broken pieces of the phone.

"Look it's not a big deal it was an accident" I try to say to calm her down but it seems to work her up even more.

"But it's my fault, I should have paid more attention now I have to suffer the consequences."Nadiyah says as she puts the broken pieces of the phone back together as best as she can.

A deep sigh escapes her plump lips as she runs a fingers through her wild curls.

"Nadiyah" I call out to her but my voice falls upon deaf ears.

"Oh fruit my mom's gonna kill me" she mutters to herself a look of dread crosses along her beautiful features.

Grabbing a hold of her chin I gently tug her closer to me lifting her head up to meet my gaze.

"Nadiyah look at me" I softly command her as she had turned her eyes away from mine.
Slowly she complys letting her chocolate brown orbs land on my steel ones.

"It's not a big deal, my dad was mentioned to get me a new phone anyway okay? It's not your fault princess it was an accident, I'm not mad do I want you to pay for it. Understood?"

A long minute passes by with her and I just looking at each other, I can feel the stares of those around us drilling holes into the back of my head but I don't mind.

All I'm focused on is the gorgeous girl in front of me.

Reluctantly Nadiyah nods her head which earns her a wide smile from me, a grin of her own forming.

For a split second my eyes travel towards her lip's but before I can think anything of it the loud ear splitting ring of the bell cuts us out of our bubble.

Forcing us back into reality, quickly Nadiyah pulls away, reorganizing her lavender colored back pack as her eyes shift to look at everything else but me.

"Well uh I've got to go to class" Nadiyah says as her shyness creeps back in.

How I wish she wasn't shy around me.

"Alright Nadiyah, I'll see you at lunch right?"I ask hopeful that she'll take my offer but not wanting to come off as too desperate.

We've got to play it smooth.

"Um yeah I'll see you at lunch"she replies as a soft smile grace's her lips

with that she scurries off into the mass of people, swept away by the sea of students.

With a small smile tugging my lips I continue my journey towards Chemistry.

Maybe today's going to be a good day after all.

Finally making it to my class on time just two minutes before the late bell rings I quickly head over to sit with Jace at the back of the room.

"Ayo man how can you be cheating on Maddie with the nerd?" Jace asks me as soon an I sit down which causes my neck to turn so fast I'm surprised I don't get whip lash.

" Cheating on Maddie? Jace what are you talking about?" I ask confused as to what he's saying.

Don't you have to be dating someone for you to even cheat on them?

" Word on the street is that people saw you and that quiet girl getting all cosy in the hallway, now they're saying you guys are dating." He explains to me causing me to pinch the bridge if my nose in annoyance.

"Okay firstly I'm not dating anyone, secondly Nadiyah was freaking out and I was trying to calm her down." I try to explain to him.

"You don't got to explain yourself to me Mase, I'm just telling what's up so that you ain't surprised." Jace tells me as he casually twirls a pencil in his had.

"Thanks man" I reply to him greatfull for the fact that Jace has my back.

That's how we always work, i don't really indulge myself in his business unless he wants me to and the same goes to him.

However we both know we got each other through thick and thin.

"Wait Mase did you go to Maddie's house for the project yesterday?" Jace randomly asks me

"No I forgot, I had to drop Nadiyah home and get my Sofie from her school, why?"I answer him

"Explains why Maddie's been staring at you like she's about to kill you" Jason laughs out loud as I scrunch my brows up in confusion.

"Jace what's funny about that?" I ask still not seeing the humor in the situation.

"I think she's still shocked you choose chocolate over vanilla." He says laughing at his own joke.

Chocolate over vanilla?

Ohhhhhhh, Right.

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