His Innocent Mate

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Hayley Carrington was adopted into the Blue Lake pack when she shifted for the first time when she was 14 (most werewolf's shift for the first time when they are 12). She hadn't known she was a werewolf until she shifted and was abandoned by her father. The Black moon pack were known for being the most feared as powerful pack in all of America. Alpha Andrew had almost given up on finding his mate, the person he was destined to be with , until he found Hayley. At Hayley's 18th birthday party she meets her other half Andrew Smith. She seems innocent and pure but is she really *Mature content and sexual scenes throughout*

Romance / Erotica
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The Full Moon

Hayley's POV :

It had been almost 5 years since I was adopted by the blue lake pack, after my dad abandoned me when he found out I was a werewolf, when I first shifted at 14. My birthday was a few days away and my alpha, adoptive parents and the rest of pack insisted they throw me a big party. These past years have been the happiest and most amazing in my life and I'm so glad I have a pack that treats me like family.

My mom would always try and get me to talk about the boys in the pack and about mates, but I only ever told her that the boys acted younger and it was the truth, but it also finished the conversation quickly. The truth is I was never really interested in having a mate when I was younger but now I'm craving him and I don't even know who he is but my wolf Amber loved him already.

My older sister Carla came into my room with her mate Daniel kissing and being all lovey dovey.
"Hey do you guys mind being cute somewhere else" I say to them
Carla gave me a glare then went back to kissing or eating Daniel "Aw come on lighten up a bit Hayley, it's not like we're fucking in front of you" Daniel says and I glare dagger at him.

"God I wish we had a mate to be all cute and romantic with"
Amber whimpers in my head.
"Me too Amber but we will find him" I say in my head to calm her, but Amber just whines and cries in response "I want him now" Ambers voice fills my head again as Daniel and Carla continue talking to each other and kissing "I want him too but we don't even know who he is"Amber doesn't respond.

I huff a bit too loudly and Clara and her mate turn to look at me with confused and slightly annoyed faces "ugh Amber cut me off again" I say pissed off and Clara giggles "Were you going on about not wanting a mate again" I start giggling "No but that reminds me I actually need to you" Clara gives me a "is it a private thing" look and I nod. "Baby I need to talk to Hayley can you go wait in our room ?" Daniel nods and leaves my room. Clara stares at me until I start "I actually want a mate" Clara was smilingly me with a "I knew that already". "Ok so is that all. You know if you could mind link to people other than Amber you could've just told me through that" I was shocked she wasn't more excited but I dropped it and moved on.

A few hours went by and I had helped my parents pick out party decorations and other things. I was up in my room watching a horror movie when Amber started talking to me "I wish our mate was here he would protect us if this happened to us" I was surprised she hadn't cut me off for longer "Oh so your not mad at me now ?" I ask but she just huffs. Once the movie was finished I went to sleep.

An: just to let you all know this is on Wattpad but I’m gonna post it here as well. Ps this is the shortest the chapters will be.
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