His Getaway (bxb): Book 3

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Chapter Ten

I hadn’t seen Caleb in a few days, I physically couldn’t bring myself to train with him. So I told Ava that I was feeling down and she convinced Jaxon to give me some time off as I had worked myself hard these last few weeks. Never in a million years would I think that he would he agree but he did and I was grateful.

It was now the weekend meaning that we had some time off, I had spent the majority of my morning in bed. Running my thumb up and down the scab markings on my forearm, my eyes couldn’t stop looking at them. I gave in so easily, so easily to that piece of shit.

When you’re in a bad headspace it’s almost impossible to talk yourself out of doing something, the voices become too loud, the need to feel something increases. The desire to be punished was too much for me. I was so messed up.

Feeling anger bubble inside me, I yank down my jumper sleeve and begin to make my way downstairs. I can hear talking in the kitchen and it’s not until I enter the room that I realise someone is crying.

Ava is sat hugging Kayleigh who is in complete hysterics, her cries sounded painful and it made my heart hurt.

Ava’s eyes find mine and she gives me a sympathetic look, I was unsure whether I should just leave and pretend I didn’t see anything but I couldn’t.

So instead I walk towards them both and perch on the stool next to Kayleigh, gently placing my hand flat to her back.

Ava nods at me and smiles.

After a few moments Kayleigh raises her head from Ava’s shoulder and looks at me, her eyes are damp and red. She struggles to catch her breath and I begin to slowly rub her back supportively.

“What’s happened?” I ask softly.

My words make her clench her eyes tightly, like she didn’t ever want to think about why she was upset.

Her face finds her hands and she cries again. So Ava and I just give her a little bit of time, hearing her in such distress sent a chill down my spine. There was nothing I hated more than other people being upset. I had heard so many girls cry and plead in my life that it is the last thing I’d ever want to hear again.

Kayleigh raises her head once more and wipes away blonde strands of hair that have stuck to her face. “My life is so shit,” she mumbles. “So fucking shit.”

“What has happened Kay? You’re scaring me,” Ava tucks her blonde hair behind her ears. I watch Ava’s eyes and they look towards Kayleigh with sheer worry.

Kayleigh takes a few deep breaths before choking on her sobs. “I went to the hospital because I missed a few periods, thinking I could have been pre-pregnant even though I took tests and it said negative.”

Her voice shakes and she pauses before carrying on. “Turns out I have polycystic ovaries and I’m—” Kayleigh’s lip wobbles as she breathes out harshly. “I’m infertile.”

The second the words leave her lips she cries again and Ava instantly hugs her into her chest.

“I’m so sorry Kayleigh,” Ava’s eyes fall sad and she doesn’t look at me. One of her hands rub her back and Kayleigh’s hand clutches onto Ava’s top.

Kayleigh pulls away to wipe her nose with the back of her hand. “Kayden and I will never be able to have children, to have our children.” The words sting her as she closes her eyes and looks up to the ceiling.

“We were talking about what we would name our children only a few days ago, Kayden told me he couldn’t wait to see me be a mom.” Kayleigh’s head finds her hands again and she shakes her head in hysterics.

“I know,” Kayleigh starts. “I know there is adoption but the thought of having a mini person that’s half you and half the person you love.” Tears leak out of her eyes and they don’t stop. She was hurting so much that it was making my eyes water.

“Does Kayden know?” I ask.

She instantly shakes her head. “I’m so scared to tell him, it’s going to destroy him.”

“You guys love each other so much, you’ll be able to support each other and get through this,” Ava voice projects honesty.

“I know,” Kayleigh’s voice struggles. “But I just know how much he has always wanted a family.”

“I’m sorry,” Ava says again.

“I just need to go do something, take my mind off this because it is destroying me inside,” Kayleigh pokes her eyes with her fingers. “I can’t sit here in my own thoughts, I just can’t.”

“Why don’t we go into town?” Ava suggests instantly. “Get some late lunch, maybe go to that retro arcade.”

“You know where you never took me?” I say towards Kayleigh.

Her blue eyes instantly snap to mine, she studies me for a moment before smiling and nodding. “To get your nose pierced,”

I nod and smile back. “Bingo,”

“You still want to get it done?” She asks as she wipes the last of her tears.

“Of course and you said you know the best place in town,” I shrug gently as I bash her shoulder.

She smiles again. “They also have the best pizza place across the street,”

Ava’s eyes beam at us. “Let’s go do that then,”

“It’s a date,” I confirm.

The sound of the front door being opened and loud laughter filters into the house.

Kayleigh turns to Ava suddenly, her face turns sour. “I thought you said they’d be gone for a while!” She exclaims quietly. I watch as more tears sprout out of her eyes and Ava rushes to wipe them away.

“I’m sorry, I thought they were going back to Caleb’s,” Ava whispers back.

“Oh God,” Kayleigh cries. “Fuck,”

My eyes gravitate to Jaxon, Kayden, Caleb and Felix who stroll through the kitchen.

My eyes find Caleb’s for a split second before we both look away instantly. My body shudders at his presence.

When I turn back to Kayleigh she’s facing Ava away from everyone else.

“Hey baby,” Jaxon greets Ava and she returns a smile.

Kayden loops round the kitchen island, he’s walking straight towards Kayleigh. He knew that something was up and his determination to get to her straight away made my heart pang.

Kayleigh keeps her eyes on the floor as Kayden cups her face with his hands. His eyes scan her face and notice the tears that stained her cheeks.

“What’s wrong Kayleigh?” He asks quickly.

She doesn’t say anything.

I back away from the island attempting to give them space. When I turn around Jaxon has his arm wrapped around Ava as she speaks quietly to him.

When I move to the back of the kitchen I don’t even realise that I’m standing right next to Caleb until his body shifts beside me, his tall frame completely hovering over me.

Kayleigh cries which only turns my attention back to her. I watch Kayden’s eyes as he analyses her, the care and the worry. “Whatever it is Kay you can tell me,” his eyes soften as he talks.

There was something about the way he was looking at her that made my stomach churn with jealousy. Kayleigh was Kayden’s absolute world and I wish that I had what they had, it wasn’t forced by a bond or the fact they were mates. They love each other because they got together naturally and that’s what makes me jealous.

“Kay please,” Kayden forces her to look at him. “You’re scaring the shit out of me.” The strain of worry in Kayden’s voice made me want to cry.

I avert my gaze away and peek up at Caleb who is staring at them so intently. The look on his face was soft but observing, I know that he was seeing and thinking the same thing as me.

I almost laugh to myself. They’re not even mates, they don’t have a bond and you’d never look at me like that. I mindlink Caleb.

His green eyes look down to me and we just stare at each other for a few moments.

I walk away from him and follow Jaxon and Ava out of the kitchen to give Kayleigh and Kayden some time alone.

Pups. Caleb’s voice enters my head and it makes the hairs on my arms stand on end. Pups wait...

I don’t wait, I take myself upstairs and away from him.

Why would I stop and wait? So everyone in that room could become suspicious about us? That would be your worst nightmare. I shoot back.

I just wanted to ask you something. He replies.

I stand in front of my mirror and look at myself. What? I ask bluntly.

Why haven’t you been at training?

Why do you care?

Because of what happened the other night, I know I upset you. His voice in my head goes soft and I hate how much it sounded like he was actually annoyed at himself.

I just wasn’t feeling good, that’s all. Nothing to worry about.

Okay, if that’s all it is.

I laugh to myself and grip onto my forearm. My body begins to shake with all sorts of emotions.

I felt guilty for hurting myself over him when there are real life problems going on, like Kayleigh and Kayden finding out they can’t have kids. That’s a real reason to be upset, not my stupid pathetic mind overthinking nothing.

I lower my eyes from my reflection, only now have I just ended up hating myself more.

. . .

There is a soft knock at my bedroom door.

“Come in,” I say as I lower the book I am reading from my eyesight.

Ava steps into the room. “Hey,” she smiles. “So Kayleigh was wondering if you was still up for going to that piercing shop?”

Sitting up quickly from the bed, I begin to nod. “Yeah definitely,”

Ava grins back. “Great, I was thinking take Kayden and Jax and we have a little afternoon out together?”

I nod at her words. “I’ll meet you downstairs in five,” I tell her and she smiles exiting my room.

Taking less than five minutes to get myself ready, everyone is already waiting in the kitchen.

Kayleigh’s eyes are still puffy but she’s no longer crying, Kayden is still at her side and when I look in his face I can tell the news has hurt him deeply too.

But a distraction with good company is what they needed right now.

. . .

The five of us sit round a booth in the pizzeria place that Kayleigh said was amazing and opposite the piercing shop.

“So did it hurt as much as you expected?” Ava asks me as she looks at my nose stud.

I shrug. “Yeah if not less,” my nose was throbbing from the pain slightly but I was pleased I finally had it done.

“When it’s been like six weeks then you can change it into a ring, just need to let it heal with a straight bar not a curved one.” Kayleigh tells me.

My eyes flick to her small silver hoop and I couldn’t wait to have a ring rather than a stud. “How come you put yours back in?” I question curiously.

She smiles and turns to Kayden next to her. “Well I took it out because I was being stubborn towards Kayden cause I know that he loved it on me, but then I realised it was part of me and I couldn’t not put it back in.”

“Best decision ever,” Kayden tells her as he looks from her eyes to her lips.

Kayleigh grins and Kayden kisses her lips quickly. Their hands are entwined between them and he pulls her closer.

I look at Jaxon and Ava who are smiling adoringly towards them.

They were too cute for their own good.

Ava starts talking towards Jaxon and I but my eyes trail back to Kayden and Kayleigh.

Kayden places his thumb gently on her chin, “I love you, you know that?” He whispers, I couldn’t hear him but I read his lips.

Kayleigh purses her lips and nods, her eyes rimming with tears again. “Of course I do,” she breathes out quietly.

“Then that’s what matters, we have each other and that’s all we’ll ever need.” He tells her confidently.

“I know,” Kayleigh nods her head, a single tear escaping her eye.

Kayden is quick to wipe it away and he cups her face in his hands.

It takes me a few moments to tear my eyes away from them, I was absolutely mesmerised. If anyone needed proof that love existed, they were the perfect example.

This is the kind of love you read about, dream about.

Something that I will never ever experience.

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